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Hoop dreams

Hoop dreams

Jeff Stelling blogs on QPR's hopes of survival, Joey Barton's travails and why Spurs will finish third.

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Thomas bett Bett (Arsenal fan) says...

i will put my money on Arsenal finishing above spurs. Totenham have great players as well but their dip inform has come at the wrong time. Arsenal stands a better chance with its injury list growing shorter as the season comes to an end.

Posted 07:33 23rd March 2012

Güvr Stl (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

As a QPR fan you may say im bias, but on paper we got a half decent squad..! I just hope last nights result against that mob from the red side of Liverpool gives a big confidence boost..! Surely we have got to remain in the premier League... There's still alot of work to do and its plain for all to see. But the bigger picture has got to be survive this season and spend next? Not like we are a poor club, don't really want to brag but for a small club, we got "Loada Money" ! Saying that we could have all the money in the world and still not be in the premier league next season.. Survival is a must..! Well done last night Lads , finally something to smile about, havnt felt so good since beating chealsea .. !!!! Come on you R'sssssssss

Posted 20:11 22nd March 2012

Joel Kyereme (Arsenal fan) says...

Both Tottenham and Manchester City lack the experience to triumph in their respective quests. Man United and Arsenal both have the experience in this part of the season, and its showing with Spurs recent form. United will win the league and Arsenal should wrap up 3rd.

Posted 18:03 22nd March 2012

Ben Wells (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think Tottenham will finish above Arsenal. We have played some of the best football this season, we just have struggled to finish well lately. Arsenal have played well but have also ridden a lot of luck, which will no doubt end soon enough.

Posted 17:19 22nd March 2012

Paul Morgan (Arsenal fan) says...

No way will Tottenham finish third. Arsenal have worked their proverbial socks off for 3rd place and wont surrender again. The final table will be Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham. Whatever happens the football has been great this year - long may it remain so.

Posted 16:46 22nd March 2012

Zakarie Cochrane (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with Jeff that Arsenal do have a slightly more difficult run-in than Spurs but you can't beat experience and one thing I hope Arsenal have learnt over the years is just that. Arsenal have been in the position where Spurs are now where great football doesn't always equal maximum points or where you finish in the table. Sure they may deserve Champions League, and I agree they do, but let's not forget just what Arsenal have been through to get third. I don't know if it is just me but watching Arsenal through the season has been a roller-coaster but we've seen some players come into their own. Koscielny has always been a team player and at times he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time but this season we can all see why Arsene showed so much trust in him from the start. I would flip a coin to vote for him to be player of the season for Arsenal or the classy act of RVP.

Posted 14:53 22nd March 2012

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