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Home sweet home?

Home sweet home?

Do the so-called big clubs get favourable treatment on their own patch? Jeff Stelling doesn't think so...

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Julian Bradshaw (Manchester United fan) says...

I don't think big clubs don't get any beneficial treatment from officials at all, at home or in general, and the statistics back this up. Also, Mr Viera has made a few comments about United in the last couple of weeks, and we've seen before where a manager will make a comment about refereeing decisions to try and make refereees think 'hold on, if i give this it'll be all over the media that (insert club) get special treatment'. He's also called United desperate for bringing Scholesy back...if bringing a player like Scholesy back makes United desperate, what must City be to even consider letting that rat Tevez pull on their clubs shirt again? Mr Viera himself might get a game if they get any more desperate!

Posted 07:35 30th March 2012

John Verne (Everton fan) says...

I think teams do get preferential treatment often at home matches. The fans can be very intimidating during high intensity matches at the end of season and that can influence referees. Even top level refs like Webb give MUFC far too many penalties at home. I would like to see Gary Nevilles thoughts on the perceived preferential treatment Manchester have been given in recent years.

Posted 22:28 29th March 2012

Simon Coram (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

And i'm pretty sure as a wigan fan the good decisions do not balance out the bad ones, there is a bias towards the big teams as the referees (either conciously or sub-conciously) know which team they want to referee for next time and which club is most likely to still be in the league come next year. Its ridiculous to suggest big teams don't get more decisions, look at the parallels between Conor Sammons red card at old trafford this season (recinded) and Wayne Rooneys elbow on James Mccarthy the other season (not even a yellow). That wasn't even at old trafford!

Posted 18:49 29th March 2012

Gerald Cavaliere says...

Man United and Ferguson have had favourable treatment for years and now its begining to show, not for the first time I may add, bring back the Busbys,Revies, Shankleys, etc who thought any form of cheating and diving was unprincipled which led to natural respect not the media orientated false respect we have today.

Posted 17:46 29th March 2012

Ian Young says...

I remember the off side goal scored by Drogba that gave Chelsea the title a couple of years ago at Old Trafford, I also remembers this season Newcastle got a pen again at Old Trafford that was a great tackle by Ferdinand. my opinion is that most work out in the end but not all, the Drogba one will never work out as Chelsea won the prem with the help of that one directly.

Posted 17:42 29th March 2012

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