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Man of more seasons

Man of more seasons

Jeff Stelling says City must stick with Roberto Mancini - even if they miss out on the Premier League title.

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Reno Diamonte (Manchester United fan) says...

Jeff you mentioned...the bad luck that Mancini had with a couple of injuries...those of Kompany and Lescott. With the millions Mancini had at his disposal, surely he could've had that well covered. And while we're on the "injuries" subject, as we all know, that at one stage Man Utd had 8 to 9 top players injured. That is what I call, bad luck. As for Mancini's management, he should take a leaf out of Sir Alex's book. Had Balotelli was at United he would've lasted just one week and out the door. Mancini has one rule for his beloved Balotelli and another rule for the rest of the squad.And of course, the farcical saga of the Tevez affair. It has almost been over two and half years since Mancini took over at the City club...and as for the FA cup, there is nothing else to show. With the kind of money that he spent on top players Mancini should've produced better results. I remember when City went out of the Champions League, and Mancini was told, that his job was pretty safe only if he won the PL. Well, there is a very great doubt about that reslut happening. Finally, I have to agree with you and hope that City will keep Mancini for another year, because that will be another failure for city, the same conclusion for Liverpool, keeping Dalglish for another year. If I was a Liverpool fan, I would certainly be very worried.

Posted 20:31 5th April 2012

John Bostock (Chelsea fan) says...

Money - The Mad March Hare...! Owners of the Mad March Hare have let it loose against Chelsea in April. Perhaps the Fixture Fixers are also trying to fix Mancini.

Posted 19:49 5th April 2012

D Aziz (Manchester United fan) says...

Good article Jeff. I am a United fan and City has played very well this season but I don¿t agree with your sympathies for City. Missing Lescott and Company for two weeks is not exactly same as missing Vidic and Fletcher for the entire season. Given we have played Michael Carrick and Valencia in defence for nearly a month shows what United has been through this season. When we played Blackburn at OT we were missing 12 first team players but SAF never once complained and he kept on saying that he has faith in his squad even when us fans doubted it and now the squad is repaying that faith. Sooner or later City will have their time but this year belongs to United and long/forever it may continue.

Posted 17:11 5th April 2012

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