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Plaudits for Pards

Plaudits for Pards

Who is your Premier League manager of the season? Jeff Stelling nominates an honorary Geordie...

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Joe Cheetham (Newcastle United fan) says...

There is only one winner... Pardew. Cabaye Ba and Cisse are all amazing players and he got them for a incredibly cheap price each of hem are worth 3 times the amount. All he has do now is to get some experienced players for the european championships or even the champions league.Like i said Pardew is he one for me.

Posted 22:06 5th May 2012

Campbell Waddell (Newcastle United fan) says...

As regards manager of the year Jeff, there a few worthy candidates but in the end you have to come down on the side of Pardew he's been "unbelievable Jeff. In fact I think you say that from top to bottom Newcastle united could qualify for best run club of the year! In my opinion Jeff the title race is very far from over, 3-1 Toon over moneybags City, but even if City lose on Sunday I still think it isn't over because Man Utd still have to go to Sunderland. Martin O'neil will want to end the season on a high, so anything can happen still "belieable Jeff".

Posted 10:55 5th May 2012

Owen Parkes (Everton fan) says...

Although Pardew has done a great job, my manager of the year goes to Lambert. Beacause nowrich were odds on Favoriates to go down and look what he has done. 1. Lambert 2. Pardew 3. Rodgers/Martinez [ if Wigan stay up]

Posted 10:49 5th May 2012

Kathleen Hunt (Newcastle United fan) says...

alan pardew walking in geordie wonderland amazig season for the toon

Posted 10:08 5th May 2012

Jack Hunter (Newcastle United fan) says...

although Pardew has been absolutely fantastic, I think a certain Messr. John Carver has been a huge difference, hope he opens up the statue for Sir. Bobby, true hero, but back to Pardew, what can I say, he has signed, Ben Arfa (Chris Hughton signed him on loan but Pardew gave him contract proper so I like to think its a Pardiola signing), Ba, Cisse, Cabaye, and I think when they're fit and firing on all cylinders, Sylvain Marveaux and Gabriel Obertan can put in a good shift, looking at our team we have no "poor" players, 19 wins, 8 losses and 9 losses, above 50% win ratio this season if my Mathemications aren't flawed, Mr. Pardew, you have my total backing, you could sign a player from the Ithsmian Premier league and I would back you to the end of the earth, you have proven not only to North East supporters, but to football supporters in general, after all rotten apples have been chucked at you, losing Carrol, losing Nolan, Barton and Enrique, missing Colo and S.Taylor for parts of season, renaming of stadium, which is good business move but attitude of the fans discontent can and probably would have affected the team, 5-2, 5-0, 4-0 at Fulham, Tottenham and Wigan respectively, after all of these rotten apples, you've made a peach and reaped the rewards, had you have not ruled yourself out of the running, I reckon it may not be too premature to say you could've been considered a dark horse for England job, makes me wonder, who are these Entertainers everyones relating my team too, I mean they're good, but Ginola is no Ben Arfa, no matter how pretty he is!

Posted 00:18 5th May 2012

Harry Osei-tutu (Aston Villa fan) says...

You Guys are COMPLETELY LOST... its got to be none other than McLeish :o/

Posted 13:58 4th May 2012

Dale Lincoln (Newcastle United fan) says...

come onn the toon we will do this :) am happy where we are so no matter what happens we have been excellent tbh :) would be nice tho

Posted 13:46 4th May 2012

Alan Tompkins (Norwich City fan) says...

Surely it should go to the manager who has done the best with the lowest budget...Paul Lambert. He has taken a team of league 1 and Championship players and survived for another season beating the likes of Pardew and Rodgers and not forgetting Mr Redknapp. But we all know he will be overlooked as the press have a hatred of Norfolk based on the anti-Canary reporting over the past season.

Posted 12:55 4th May 2012

Carl Morris (Newcastle United fan) says...

terry conner please alan pardew all the way up the toooooonnnnnn arrrrmmyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Posted 12:36 4th May 2012

James Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

Manchester City do not "deserve" the title!! The team who finishes top at the END of the season deserve the title. If this is Manchester City then so be it. but let's just see what happens Anyway, Alan Pardew reluctantly gets my vote. I was horrified at what Newcastle did to Chris Hughton and to appoint "a manager with a proven track record" in Alan Pardew?! However, what Alan Pardew has done is nothing short of amazing given the resources available and the quality of his scouting network. It won't make a blind bit of difference but bravo Pardew, bravo!!

Posted 11:25 4th May 2012

Sam tintin Little (Newcastle United fan) says...

I think the whole of England would be shocked if Pards didn't get the manager of the season award ! Since when did a side get promoted from the Championship to go to battling for a top four finish ? Trully amazing work from all those involved, from Pards to Ashley to the backroom staff and the players. Suprised noone has yet mentioned Tim Krul's name in this comment section, how outstanding has that lad been !!! Bring on City !!

Posted 10:58 4th May 2012

Andrew Barker (Manchester United fan) says...

I couldnt agree more with Jeff's comments... Padew has done an amazing job this year and deserves all the credit he gets. Manager of the year in my opinion, closely followed by Brendon Rodgers and Paul Lambert.

Posted 10:38 4th May 2012

Josh Mcleod (Barcelona fan) says...

Pardew deserve's the manager of the year this season, the money he had to get new players during the summer and janurary transfer season wasn't the best, however he did a great job with the little amount, he has mounted him self into a serious chance to take a champions league place next year, the other managers in the manager of the year have done well, but no one expected this from newcastle, he got new players and got them working as a team within a few weeks and have done extremely well

Posted 10:30 4th May 2012

Dan Buckingham (Portsmouth fan) says...

easy choice Alan Pardew

Posted 09:39 4th May 2012

Luke Masterman (Manchester United fan) says...

This season has been a complete transformation for Newcastle, I can hardly believe they were in the Championship 2 seasons ago, and now St James' Park (out of respect I won't call any long standing stadium it's sold name) is now a place to fear going to as it used to be, Pardew has to be manager of the year, turned the team completely and found some excellent signing, Ba and Cisse are an amazing strike duo, remind me of Cole and Yorke.

Posted 09:19 4th May 2012

Robert Hacker (Newcastle United fan) says...

Couldn't agree more. Of course I never doubted Pardew, Lliambas or Ashley for one moment.

Posted 09:02 4th May 2012

Nigel Karslake (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

As a Spurs fan, it grieves me to agree with you - I really thought Newcastle were relegation fodder, but what a revelation, nothing fancy...just good solid, straight forward (simple) football. If they can keep the team together over the summer and maybe add a bit more in Mid field, I think talk of top 4 next season will be realistic - The premiership is already looking exciting for next term!!

Posted 08:31 4th May 2012

David Baker (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

I think there is only one manager who can get this. its Alan Pardew. Newcastle have been outstanding this season and credit to Alan Pardew. I think Brendan Rogers has done well but i think Swanseas style of play has been found out and they'll need to change it next season. so the 1-2-3 for me. 1. Alan Pardew 2. Brendan Rogers 3. David Moyes.

Posted 08:13 4th May 2012

Steve Davies (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Even though I was born a mackem, and would support Sunderland if Spurs ever went out of business I fully agree that AP has done a fantastic job under extreme pressure and prejudice being from the south Well Done!!!

Posted 08:05 4th May 2012

Pablo N (Newcastle United fan) says...

The achievements are all the more stunning when you consider he moved out/lost the supposed spine of the team with the departures of Nolan, Barton and Enrique at the start of the season. Great job Pards and excellent choice Mr. Ashley!

Posted 06:55 4th May 2012

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