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Plaudits for Pards

Plaudits for Pards

Who is your Premier League manager of the season? Jeff Stelling nominates an honorary Geordie...

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Bob Monkhouse (Newcastle United fan) says...

here here jeff! you've articulated my thoughts which i couldn't put into words so eloquently myself. start of the season i thought they had some scout living it up in the french riviera and signing these players no one had heard of. they have been amazing.

Posted 06:17 4th May 2012

Naman Jain (Manchester City fan) says...

Being a city for many years, even I have no doubt that Pardew deserves the manager of the season. In all fairness, city have done an excellent job and now deserve the title. But with a squad newcastle have compared to city, they are going to give city a run for their money.....!! All this credit goes to pardew....!!

Posted 05:18 4th May 2012

John Cullen (Newcastle United fan) says...

Credit to Ashley a shrewd business man, he has steadied the boat and the toon are on the march, Pardew and his assistants must take a lot of credit for the transformation the way we are playing, Lots of smiling faces now in the crowd instead of all dull and gloom, UP THE TOON.

Posted 03:26 4th May 2012

Daniel Nourse (Everton fan) says...

The odds on Newcastle to be top 4 at the start of the season were 100/1, while top 5 was 80/1. The odds on Man City winning the league, and Swansea/Norwich surviving were 3-6 /1. Obviously other factors are to be considered such as the way Swansea have done it is impressive and if either of the promoted clubs could finish in the top half (currently 12th and 14th) their attempt's to win the honour would be strengthened. But the gargantuan odds on Newcastle show just how phenomenal a job Pardew has done! There's only one winner... Pardew

Posted 02:36 4th May 2012

Nathan Smith (Newcastle United fan) says...

All i can say to top up all the quality comments about wor Pards is that 'I love his Grey Haired Napper' !!

Posted 01:04 4th May 2012

Jake Grice (Chelsea fan) says...

Pardew should definitely win this entirely on the basis of him bringing Papiss Cisse to the prem. Dont get me wrong after last nights game I never wanted to hear his name again but got to give credit to Newcastle for their performance this season. That said Di Matteo completely deserves to be in the running the difference with Chelsea since he stepped in has been mind blowing.

Posted 23:39 3rd May 2012

Dave Ogden (Manchester City fan) says...

Pards done superb but why knock mancini yes he has spent buckets of money but you have still have to get the right blend there are teams that have spenta lot of money in the prem and have got no where near winning it, well done pards though

Posted 23:21 3rd May 2012

Nathan Smith (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Terry Connor.

Posted 22:38 3rd May 2012

Mike Thompson (Newcastle United fan) says...

There is no doubt in my mind, Pardew should win this award. I'm glad Newcastle are back up there, challenging for that top four spot once more - very pleased indeed. We have suffered the worst, many awful seasons in a row and then relegation to the Championship. We bounced back, due to great management from a man who shouldn't be forgotten, Chris Hughton, and then Pardew has completely transformed Newcaslte into a team that is challenging for European football. When you look at every other manager, I don't see any of them taking this award away from Pardew. Fergie, Mancini, Redknapp... they all haven't done as well as Pardew this season. Times like these are great for the loyal Newcastle supporters and I'm sure they will all agree with me, thanking all of our players and backroom staff.

Posted 22:15 3rd May 2012

James Clancy (Manchester United fan) says...

has to be manager of the season! even if newcastle dont finish fourth! and if they beat city on sunday they would by far be team of the season! by a long shot!

Posted 22:10 3rd May 2012

Tracey Rodgers (Sunderland fan) says...

hes done ok but dont forget Martin oneill he came into a struggling sunderland side and steddied the ship. he hasnt signed a sole this season and done well

Posted 22:03 3rd May 2012

John Grant (Arsenal fan) says...

Honestly this season I was suprised at Newcastle I kept on saying eventually they will run out of steam and dip in form but they have been very consistent. Padrew deserves the award for what hes done with Newcastle however I would pick Brendan Rodgers or Paul Lambert as their teams have been virtually unchanged since the championship and have been contesting for top 10 spots whereas QPR has had a complete overhaul and are battling against relegation.

Posted 21:12 3rd May 2012

Ralph Butters (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I think Owen Coyle has done well even though they are near the bottom and should be manager of the year

Posted 21:06 3rd May 2012

Al Cook (Manchester United fan) says...

Couldnt agree more Jeff!! The whole team have been outstanding this season, barring a couple of blips which all top teams have had this year! Cabaye, Cisse, Ba, Ben Arfa, Tiote, all quality signings, and the change in focus from Coloccini from the clown who kept gifting goals to being one of the players of the season without doubt has been amazing! Who needs to buy a 20million £ defender when you bring in someone with good man management like Pardew to turn players around. With a bit more cash, a bit of tweaking, and being left alone to do his job by Mike Ashley, i think Pardew could have the big 4 not just looking over their shoulders, but having to fight all the way to the line next season!

Posted 20:14 3rd May 2012

Johnny Chafer (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Im a Tottenham fan. I admit that pards has done a cracking job at Newcastle. Hes done wonders for the Toon. if i remember Newcastle where one of the favourites for relegation. To be honest i woudnt be suprised if Newcastle beat Spurs and Arsenal to third place. I hope spurs stay strong and win the last games because i think Newcastle will beat Man City.

Posted 19:46 3rd May 2012

Baggies Fan (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Makes our three points at St. James's probably our best win this season. Hope they get 4th, but prob is it could all be for nothing if CFC beat B. Munich! But anyway well done Pardew.

Posted 19:27 3rd May 2012

David Cronin (Arsenal fan) says...

Have to say that I agree that he's the only logical choice. while Rodgers and Lambert have both over achieved,Wenger getting Arsenal out the mire, and yes got to tip my hat to Harry first half of the season spurs was immense, you have to say Newcastle have over over achieved. Ba, Cisse, Cabaye (Purely inspired, bet King kenny wishes he took him now!!!) and the revitalisation of the two Argentines has been immense to watch, be nice to see them in the Champions league, but if they finish 4th and chelsea win the champions league it wont be in that competition. Will be interesting to see how they are next season if they can continue this trend, and also how they handle squad rotation for competitions.

Posted 19:16 3rd May 2012

Nufc 4ever (Newcastle United fan) says...

fantastic goals from cisse - especially the 2nd. Sad thing for newcastle is that he may be poached by other big clubs with mountains of cash. If it were the case, I could realistically see him at Chelsea. They need a forward like him to replace their older players.

Posted 19:01 3rd May 2012

Rich Henderson (Newcastle United fan) says...

A great read Jeff, it's also nice to see comments from proper fans from other clubs. It's been an amazing transformation since being promoted. Not only Pards but his backroom staff and scouting system must also take a lot of credit. We have seen a lot of negativity in the past few years especially with Mr Ashley's poor decisions and unwanted press in the early days. Now it's time to reflect on a truly magnificent season and to look forward, regardless of what happens in our last two games.

Posted 19:00 3rd May 2012

Ari Siva (Newcastle United fan) says...

I totally Agree! i was one of those fans who thought AP was the wrong choice but he proved everyone wrong! Congrats to him and the team! Champions league awaits!

Posted 18:29 3rd May 2012

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