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Plaudits for Pards

Plaudits for Pards

Who is your Premier League manager of the season? Jeff Stelling nominates an honorary Geordie...

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Tommy The kid (Newcastle United fan) says...

Pardew has been fantastic, I'm a Newcastle fan and have had little to shout about since the days of Sir Bobby. I too was against the appointment of Pardew last year, and genuinely expected Newcastle to be relegated again. I couldn't be happier that I was wrong. Some great signings of seemingly low key players from foreign leagues, and we now have some real class players throughout the squad. Cabyae is as good as any on his day, and Ben Arfa has been wonderful, the Senegalise senations have been just that. I barely remember my disappointment when Nolan,and Barton left. Top 4 would be magnificent, but regardless of where we finish, 5th or even 6th, it has been a season to remember. Pardew has done an exceptional job, and I hope it continues for many years to come. Keep the talent, add some new blood, and there'll be plenty more to shout about I'm sure.

Posted 18:27 3rd May 2012

Steve Oath (Newcastle United fan) says...

What Pards has done has been nothing short of miraculous. His signing have been astute, his taken (on the whole) have been spot on. Next year will be the real yardstick though... no-one expected us to be this good this year. Everyone will expect it next year.

Posted 18:10 3rd May 2012

James Hobden (Brighton and Hove Albion fan) says...

every1 seem to think that its a 3horse race pardew, lambert, rodgers but i would like to throw in mancini. considering last season city finished 3rd some 9pts off utd in 1st mancini has done a very good job. not syaing he should win, my vote would go to oardew but i still think that mancini should be considered

Posted 18:02 3rd May 2012

Richard Glover (Liverpool fan) says...

I don't think there is any argument for any other manager to win this award. What he has done is staggering. Even if City win the league, I dont think Mancini should win, any man and his dog would do well with the squad at city these days. Well done Pards. (Liverpool Fan)

Posted 17:56 3rd May 2012

Kyle Brand (Newcastle United fan) says...

right on the head Mr Stelling. I as a Newcastle fan through the great and really bad times have seen it all. At the start of the season I thought Mr Ashley was having a laugh when he mentioned Europe. As many thought they would get relegated I thought they would be safe. Apart from a taxi driver in Newcastle, I don't think anyone thought this would happen. Nice to see the Toon back in Europe. So proud to be wearing the shirt in a different city again.

Posted 17:49 3rd May 2012

Jordan Nufc (Newcastle United fan) says...

Manager of the Season by a long distance for what he has achieved since his arrival. The hardest thing to understand is he hasn't won manager of the month a single time this season. I wouldn't be at all suprised however if Mancini wins it if he takes Man City to the title. +£300 million spent, not exactly the hardest task in the world....

Posted 17:37 3rd May 2012

Dean Pattison (Newcastle United fan) says...

I know its early days but he could potentially become the best managers we have had in recent years. Pundits need to rethink what they say when they say newcastle are potential relegation candidates. Manchester City should be beware because Pardews team will fight with everything they've got.

Posted 17:27 3rd May 2012

Afzaal Rehman (Arsenal fan) says...

as a arsenal fan i can honestly say i think pardew is easily manager of the season hes top quality and the players hes bought it has been fantastic. tiote,ben arfa ,ba,cisse have all been successful

Posted 16:11 3rd May 2012

Abhijeet Karnik (Newcastle United fan) says...

Unbelievable Jeff! Thats how this season has been for the Toon. We find ourselves joint fourth in the table and that is not down to luck. That is down to the hardwork, spirit & the togetherness of this entire Newcastle setup from Mike Ashley down. You gave a very good example of James Perch. I will add Danny Guthrie alongside Perchinho. Its players like the two of them who have stepped up when needed. If we manage to keep hold of our flair players, we'll be a force to reckon with in English football. English manager, English owner & financially sound. Go Toon!

Posted 15:09 3rd May 2012

Toon fan (Newcastle United fan) says...

Fantastic article Jeff, eventually we get the credit we deserve for a season not any truthful geordie can admit they foreseen! Nice to hear admission of your pre-season thoughts about the toons chances - you certainly were not alone in your thinking! This has been one of the most exciting and undpredictable seasons ever and the Toon have played their part! Hopefully the most exciting and unpredictable thing still to come - NUFC back in the CL!

Posted 13:40 3rd May 2012

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