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One in, one out?

One in, one out?

Liverpool's owners have earned the right to sack one fans' favourite, but could another return, asks Jeff.

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Michael Ike (Liverpool fan) says...

I am glad the owners acted promptly and decisively in removing Kenny who was fast becoming a liability to LFC. The choice of his replacement is a diffcult task that must be handled with extreme care. I think Martinez is a good manager but at Wigan he is like a fish in a river and may not fare well in an ocean like Liverpool. Roy Hogson is a living example of that. My choice for a credible replacement is Rafa Benitez who knows and has what it takes.

Posted 12:29 18th May 2012

Aidan Paul (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool made a mistake by sucking Rafa, thats when downfall started, we need him back he is very good leader, he is tough and can handle media so pleas yaks bring him back we real need him

Posted 12:08 18th May 2012

James G (Liverpool fan) says...

Get Kevin Keegan, Fully available and loves to play free flowing attacking football. The man has never made a bad signing and I would love to see Liverpool playing the kind of football Newcastyle used to play. He is a Liverpool legend with a great pedigree and will keep the club going in the right direction.

Posted 11:04 18th May 2012

Yac C (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa should be given the chance to manage Liverpool again. Please remember under Gillett and Hicks it was impossible for him. Can you imagine how any top manager would manage under such circumstances? Please bring Rafa back. It was unfair how he was sacked please come back Rafa,

Posted 09:06 18th May 2012

Jaka Petric (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree with the majority in the fact that Kenny should have been given an extra year, to give the club real stability and a good season, I think CL would have come next season. Rafa is a defensive coach, agreed, but he does get results, let's not forget we were 2nd just not too long ago under his regime - so he's doing something right!! I really respect Martinez for the way he's handled himself and Wigan throughout the season, even found myself saying - he would be a good Liverpool manager one day, but has that day come already? Not sure, but on the other hand, until you're given a chance in 'the big league' you never really know. We desperately need a strong, experienced manager like Rafa or Capello. I seriously doubt Klopp will ditch Dortmund after a double and CL football to try and get us back to where we belong - he's on the rise where he is now. AVB is a decent manager and even though he is young, I think he could do the trick - he has more of the right mentality, just lost out at CFC because he lost the dressing room - he never had it IMO. So, my verdict: Rafa, Capello or AVB.

Posted 08:10 18th May 2012

Simon Ward (Liverpool fan) says...

Well Jeff, if I may call you that, you might consider another angle and that's a young manager with young players and a veteran assistant manager which they have already. Feel free to use that on the telly but I want a mention at my discression. Look how well Chelsea did until they got rid of one particular person and look at who is still at LFC.

Posted 03:11 18th May 2012

Nicky Aban (Liverpool fan) says...

For me personally the only one i like that is mentioned are benitez and avb. why is martinez even linked with lfc what has he done with wigan yeah save them from relegation. please i beg you if u cant get mourinho or pep just bring back a much more experience manager

Posted 01:52 18th May 2012

Dave Whitfield (Liverpool fan) says...

Lets be clear - Rafa was an outstanding manager and leader and oversaw the best Liverpool side since the 80's. We were resilient and we scored plenty of goals. He knows how to build a side up and all but one season achieved top 4 finish. He was also able to lead the fans and has the clubs best interest at heart - he stayed on Merseyside with his family and contributes to the community along with his amazing wife Montse. The fans marched through the streets for him - he is a winner and is is the best man to lead the club back now. We had it that good under Rafa we took CL and top 4 for granted - he deserves opportunity to finish job he started

Posted 23:21 17th May 2012

Stephen Gibbs (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa would be my choice, some Liverpool fans have short memories. He won the Champions league with a side he had no right to win it with. He then got his own team to the final again 2 years later and was very unlucky not to win it again. It went a bit pear shaped when he was forced to sell big name players Alonso, Mascherano. Look at our midfield now to what it was then. No disrespect to Henderson Spearing or Shelvey but they are not ready yet. At least Rafa can attract big names to the club.

Posted 22:31 17th May 2012

Pete Kentlad1 (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa was a breat of fresh air for most liverpool fans. Giving us a taste of what we had been yearning for, for over a decade. 2 champions league finals not forgetting the Gerrad facup final. Who right now would want a taste of that again ?. Rafa, yes got caught up in the political infighting of the last clown owners. But dont forget he took us to the brink of winning the league too. On the points basis we had we should have won the league with him. King Kenny gave us what we needed, stability. Hope... Unfortunatly he never gave the owners what they wanted. Champions league football.... Rafa, could give us that again. A tactical geniuse..... If not Rafa..... Who ????.... Knowing the Americans god only knows.... Perhaps they will look state side. I see Steve Nicholl is doing well over there.... Martinez done well at keeping wigan up for the last 3 seasons.... Can he give the Americans what they need... Top 4 finish ????.... Rafa can attract top players still.. He loves LFC.......

Posted 22:04 17th May 2012

Graeme Todd (Liverpool fan) says...

Martinez is a nice guy but doesnt have the experience demanded at liverpool..It would be good to see Rafa back with Carra as No2...oh, and maybe alonso back in his rightful place?

Posted 21:34 17th May 2012

Bilal Adam (Liverpool fan) says...

David moyes should be next manager

Posted 20:35 17th May 2012

Michael Dunne (Liverpool fan) says...

Kenny being relieved of his duties a big shock,thought he would have at least one more year. He stepped up to the mark when asked, but sadly he was badly let down by some under performing staff. With age comes experience, but maybe he had been away just a little too long. So now, FSG, PLEASE FORGET MONEYBALL, whatever may work in baseball, will never work in football. You all need to understand that if you do not call correctly on the next managerial appointments you make, you will, this time next year, be held in the same esteem as Gillett and Hicks on Merseyside. I for one, think you are better than than that. So, simple solution - speak to Rafa, give him a small transfer budget in the first year, we will be playing CL the following year and then take it from there. PLEASE do not appoint a young " promising manager " who only has experience of promotion from a lesser tier and avoiding relegation from the top tier, for one or two years on the trot. That would be a recipe for disaster.

Posted 19:41 17th May 2012

Stephen Mccreight (Liverpool fan) says...

It comes down to logic. What do we need: 1) A manager with a proven track record of winning major league championships 2) A manager with proven European pedigree 3) A manager with the reputation to attract top players 4) A manager with extensive EPL experience 5) Available now. Now the candidates: Martinez ¿ Fufills point 4 only. Never managed a top club, thus too inexperienced. A huge gamble. Villas Boas ¿ Arguably fufills point 1, 2, possibly 4 and 5 but again overall too inexperienced. Only a couple of years as a manager. Had one admittedly excellent season as manager of Porto (one season wonder?), but a disaster at Chelsea. Perhaps too close in age to senior players to exert authority. Again, a huge gamble. Klopp ¿ Brought great success to unfancied club Dortmund including league and cup double this year, seems like a good fit but already has Champions League with his current club. Unlikely to move. Mourinho ¿ Fufills all points but only moves to clubs already on the verge of winning with huge budgets. Has publicly stated he won't manage LFC. No chance. Guardiola ¿ Has had fantastic success, but with largely an inherited team with some of the best players in world football. Has never managed outside Spain. Claims to be taking a break from the game. Pie in the sky ¿ no chance. Benitez ¿ Fulfills all points. Is available now. Has publicly stated would like to manage the club again. Knows the club and it's set-up already. Remains popular with fans. For other names mentioned like Rodgers, see Martinez. Doesn't take a genius to work out the best bet is Benitez.

Posted 19:01 17th May 2012

Willie Sherry (Liverpool fan) says...

The amount of points droped at home under Kennys rein was not good enouf for liverpool standerds .But i still feel the fenway sports group should of given kenny abit more time maybe another season. .The owners have made up there minds and got rid of the king.Lets hope they make up there minds about our stadium quiet soon and deliver on there promice. I would not give rafa hew had his chance at liverpool the job.Think of the money trew away on average players when last in charge. A.V.B I feel is a risk ,Brendon rogers of swansea is my choice with jamie carrigher given a coaching role along side him.Rogers has worked wonders in the premiership this season with a bunch of players nobody really heard of and swanseas home record was good.

Posted 18:50 17th May 2012

Anthony Potter (Liverpool fan) says...

i think rafa would be good choice. he made us kings of europe , 2nd in prem . yanks sold best players and replaced with lesser quality. now were paying the price. with cash rafa would get back on track.

Posted 18:15 17th May 2012

Phil Kay (Liverpool fan) says...

Got to disagree with jeff about the comments concerning fergie and wenger. they are now mature and experienced, but how old were they when they were given their respective jobs?! experience is not an essential quality, look at guardiola at barcelona. he did ok!! on the benitez front, no thanks. really surprised at the amount of lfc fans calling for him to be brought back. we got what we wanted when kenny came back and that didn't go too well. i appreciate rafa was handcuffed in his last season, but he did spend a lot of money in his 6 years for not much return. we were inconsistant under rafa throughout his reign, he was the reason alonso left and when rafa left we were in a worse state than when he arrived. hodgeson inherited a poor squad. dont get me wrong rafa did some great stuff for lfc (academy, champs league 05) but he's not the man to take us forward. i'd go with a younger guy. matinez would be ok, rodgers would be interesting, but just want someone who can give some entertainment on the field and results to go with it!!! not asking for much really!

Posted 18:04 17th May 2012

Sean Moyes (Liverpool fan) says...


Posted 17:28 17th May 2012

Dan Pinchemain (Liverpool fan) says...

although Rafa has a great affiliation with the club and for one wasnt that impressed when he left, do we need to keep going back to past managers? who next? Evans? Souness? i for one would like a new, continental manager. KD loved to play the English way but the game has PL has progressed do to the influx if foreign players and playing English players, playing English style games just did not work. I would definitely rule out Martinez, good manager but his record barring the last few games at Wigan was poor. Who ever it is i just hope that they see how poor the signings that KD made are and replaces them or gets them up to scratch....

Posted 17:07 17th May 2012

Rob Gillies (Liverpool fan) says...

I was shocked that the owners had made this decision, yes results haven't been good this season, but I didn't think there was too much wrong to be honest. I think the new manager will get the time and support of the fans, as long as we play the right way. This is the main reason why people got on Hodgson's back, the football we played was abysmal, and the results reflected that. It didn't help his cause when we got hammered by Everton and Roy came out and said it was one of our best performances of the year! I will miss Kenny, I think he deserved at least another year, or should have been asked to move upstairs, we don't 'sack' our managers. As for the next guy, I would like to see a younger manager come in, and build something over a few years, like Rafa was trying to do, or like *shudders* David Moyes has done, although I would like at least one trophy in 10 years. Whatever happens, Man City have given Man Utd something to worry about over the next few years, so they'll never see us coming...................YNWA

Posted 17:02 17th May 2012

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