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Arsene Wenger might not see out his contract at Arsenal, says Jeff Stelling

Arsene Wenger might not see out his contract at Arsenal, says Jeff Stelling

The agony that Arsene Wenger was going through after Arsenal's Capital One Cup defeat to Bradford was clear to see in his tortured post-match interview - and I have to admit, I felt for him.

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Symon Hay (Arsenal fan) says...

Excellent Article. I don't think the Gunners can find someone better than Arsene. He is not innocent of blame but not all of this lands on his shoulders. Some must fall on the board for the past 5 years (why sell RVP when 25 million is what you get for landing in the Champions League - keep him and guarantee your "in" seemed like a better investment than selling him to a big rival) and some absolutely needs to fall on the players. United have not always played well the past 8 years but the players step up and grind results. They just get it done!! The one thing Arsene DOES need to do is accept responsibility or let his players do that. He always defends. sometimes there is nothing wrong with coming out and saying, 'you know, we just plain sucked and we have to do better'.

Posted 18:49 13th December 2012

Robson Ruzvidzo (Arsenal fan) says...

As an Arsenal supporter, I have enjoyed Wenger's reign at Arsenal. We had a team that went the whole season without defeat. That is some standard to matched by other teams in the league. We have gone from such heroes to zeroes in less than 10 years. The reason is that Wenger has become started selling players who are at their peak to other clubs. By so doing he has failed to get rid of his dead wood,( Players who have failed to develop at Arsenal) like Djurou, Schillaci, Diaby, Ramsey, Gervhino, Park, Denilson, Manone, Santos.The list goes on. These players have no quality and I have no idea why he brought them. He has bought players like Mertasacker, who is slow as a central defender, Giroud, who seems to have no quality, Podolski, who is no longer good enough to play for German and Arteta who is catching up with age. Left back has no players because Gibbs spends more time in the treatment room than the pitch while Santos has no qualities of a left back let alone a player. The midfield is dead because Cesc used to drive it. There are no strikers and you caanot develop players like Gervinho because he has no vision on the ball and is not clinical in finishing chances. Ramsey is not a winger but a mediocre midfielder. Wenger is not powerful in working for contracts to keep his players that is why the issues for players like Theo are not resolved. He will leave in summer. Wenger has lost the will to win and seems to take it for granted regardless of the players he has. He has lost the regard to satisfy the supporters and the fact that what we want is to win. He thinks we just spend our money as supporters to spend an afternoon at the Emirates socializing but going home frustrated. It is stressful watching Arsenal play these days many supporters leaving through hard times every weekend. Arsene does not consider supporters at all. Thank you

Posted 18:47 13th December 2012

Rohan Apraj (Arsenal fan) says...

Yes, I would be absolutely thrilled to have Jose Mourinho as Arsenal's Manager.He guarantees success.He is too demanding about success and players passion. But I would not want Arsene Wenger to walk away from arsenal.I want him to break his overall stubbornness about game tactics,transfer spendings etc.He is still the best choice for Arsenal only he changes his methods. agreed he brought huge success to arsenal, but times have changed now. You need to change yourself as per times.But sadly Wenger has not changed.We cant just back him all the time,because what he did 7 years ago,but what he can bring in future.. Arsenal players seem to lack passion.Look at Man United , all of their player seem to have killer instinct.they just grind out victory even when they are 2-0 down.You cant say same thing for Arsenal.What we need is results and trophy.

Posted 18:47 13th December 2012

Grahame Wilkinson (Rangers fan) says...

I think Wenger is almost in the Dalglish situation. He has certainly earned the right, along with Sir Alex to decide when it is time to go. Unfortunately, like Dalglish, he has become blinkered and is blind to what is happening round about him. It is a bit like the emperors new clothes, somebody should take him to one side and talk to him. I so wanted Dalglish to resign rather than get the sack at Liverpool as I thought he would protect his reputation, but unforunately, like Wenger , he couldn't or wouldn't bow to the inevitable. Wenger has consistently delivered Champions league football and yet again they are in the last 16 this season, a feat City and the holders Chelsea were unable to do, but it is becoming more and more of a struggle, and could be unachievable in future without change. It must be the hardest decision to make, to recognise when your time is up but I really hope Wenger comes to his senses, takes an ambassadorial role at the club and moves upstairs at the end of this season having successfully delivered Champions league qualification yet again, he has earned that right as I said earlier,

Posted 18:47 13th December 2012

Joseph Mantey (Manchester United fan) says...

I'm a Man Utd fan and I don't hate or like Arsenal. I kinda feel for the club actually. Wenger and his Board have "tried" to run the club in the right way but hasn't worked thus far. Current players aren't on par with the likes of Berkamp, Viera, Henry, Gilberto, cambell, Toure, Pires to mention a few. Wenger is a good manager and in my opinion should be respected. Fair enough some of his team selection have raised a few eyebrow but once players cross the white line they should return the faith entrusted in them. Please lay off him for a bit.

Posted 18:37 13th December 2012

Andrew Cole (Sunderland fan) says...

I think wenger will stay at Arsenal, what he has done for the clubis nothing more than amazing. I wish at Sunderland we had Wenger, has to be better than Martin O'Neil who has not got a clue at all.

Posted 18:32 13th December 2012

Nicky Leacy (Arsenal fan) says...

hi Jeff i think it should be Guardiola if Wenger does walk before the end of the season i think he will bring out the best in the players

Posted 18:26 13th December 2012

Ricky Kaplan (Arsenal fan) says...

The problem is not that Wenger has not bought players, fact is that the players Wenger has bought (since around 2008), the majority have been bad buys - With those transfer fees and wages paid we could of : 1.) Bought world class talent and/or 2.) Paid our proven stars competitive wages which would of allowed us to keep them - they would of stayed for finances and the hope of winning trophies knowing we could still attract top class talent. The fact is that Arsenal, as a club, has been mismanaged since 2008 - when a club is mismanaged, i don't know about you - I blame the manager-

Posted 18:26 13th December 2012

Mic Devon (Arsenal fan) says...

it would help if wenger got rid off the dead wood and arsenal would be able to offer decent players the wages they want thers far to many belowe average players on big money

Posted 18:22 13th December 2012

Ben Karamaji (Arsenal fan) says...

I think it's time Wenger left the club so someone new can come in and lift the club to previous glory. He has seemingly failed to get his formations right or buy and compete with the likes of City and United or Chelsea. He could have bought Hazard but because of the clubs USUAL tight wage structure he could not come. Let him pave way for Gurdiola.

Posted 18:19 13th December 2012

Paul Tooley (Newcastle United fan) says...

sorry but Newcastle were the entertainers LONG before Arsenal played the football they were renowned for. Both teams played the best football ever seen at the time.

Posted 18:15 13th December 2012

Timo Brock (Arsenal fan) says...

"Have those same people not looked at the ages of Olivier Giroud, of Podolksi and Mertesacker? Wenger did go out and buy established players in the transfer window." Outside of Mertesacker, those players have failed to make a reasonable impact. Add Gervinho to the list. Giroud has barely had any top-level experience.

Posted 18:13 13th December 2012

Themba Zwane (Manchester United fan) says...

Arsene Wenger's beautiful football is no longer bringing in trophies so it's time for him to go...playing for no.3 or 4 is not an achievement when the team used to win the league(remember the invincibles) and other trophies.....he has run out of ideas, has no plan B, it's time to go

Posted 18:00 13th December 2012

Laurens Taylor (Arsenal fan) says...

I would argue the only other contender that Arsenal would like would be Jurgen Klopp. He's built his Dortmund side through their youth system and therefore embodies the Arsenal philosophy. I do agree however we need to be careful what we wish for... I seem to remember a lot of people writing-off Wenger last season but he still got us 3rd!

Posted 17:55 13th December 2012

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