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Chelsea must buy to back-up their quality midfield, says Jeff Stelling

Chelsea must buy to back-up their quality midfield, says Jeff Stelling

All the newspapers this morning feature page after page about Chelsea's triumph - but let's remember that the Europa League is effectively a plate competition for sides who have failed in the Champions League.

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Beals Beals (Chelsea fan) says...

I actually don't think Chelsea need to spend that much for next year (although we probably will anyway!) We'll probably spend too much on a striker when we just need to bring Lukaku back in and give him a go. I'd like to see de Bruyne and Bruma back from their loans too but we do need an extra centre back. Luiz is better in midfield and Cahill is too inconsistent so that just leaves Ivanovic (who also covers Dave at RB), JT and Bruma as CB. With Ferreira, Malouda and Benayoun leaving, I think Marin and Mikel should be sold, and if we get a new striker then we should keep Torres and sell Ba.

Posted 01:35 20th May 2013

Ben King (Chelsea fan) says...

I completely agree with Jeff. Still we are waiting for that Drogba replacement and we haven't got it yet. We do have Lukaku but people won't describe him as a world class center-forward however, that could all change in the next few years. Someone like Falcao or Lewandowski would be perfect for us next season because I believe they have the physicality and pace of the Premier League. This leaves us with a dilemma though. We would have 4 strikers Ba, Torres, Lukaku and possibly Falcao fighting for one spot. Either we have to change formation which is what we should do and have 2 upfront or sell Torres. Hazard, Mata and Oscar have been amazing this season and will get better and better but we need a clinical striker with an eye for goal. Mourinho will know who to look for because he has managed in so many different countries and we have to let him make the calls on who we buy and I imagine that will be one of his conditions. We can't let Roman make the calls because he was the one who chose Shevchenko and Mourinho didn't want him and he turned out to be a flop for us which was a shame. I would be happy with a center-forward and recalling players who we loaned out this season (Lukaku, Mceachran, Courtois etc.)

Posted 01:37 18th May 2013

Benedict Barau (Chelsea fan) says...

The fact Chelsea won the Europa League will definitelly NOT paper over the cracks in the Blues squad. We have two strikers who scored intermittenly (especially Torres whose goals came in the very same continental champioship) and a defense that's not assured 100% of the time. A fix in these areas will give the team depth and lead to competition for places; a fact that Manchester United has used for as long a Sir Alex Ferguson has reigned there!!!.

Posted 09:42 17th May 2013

Harriston Miller (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

It is not just Chelsea who need to spend money to overhaul their squad but Manchester City this summer as well not only to challenge for the Premier League but also for Champions League next season. The same applies to Arsenal whose squad sadly is not good enough to challenge for major honours anymore. Whether Arsene Wenger is willing to buy quality players at market prices is debatable even if he ha money to spend from the gunners new sponsorship deal and improve financial status. Manchester United will still be the team to beat even though this current team is no way near as good as previous sides in the past. It is clear that David Moyes will need to buy better midfield players and defensive cover good enough to defend their title but also make an assault on the Champions League in the 2013-14 season. I do agree with Jeff Sterling's comment about Wigan's achievement of managing to compete in England's top division despite their fan base and financial constraints. Sadly, clubs of Wigan''s size are increasingly finding it difficult to compete with clubs with bigger budgets than in the past. I would guess that is unlikely I will ever see a small town club become English champions again in my lifetime because of those factors.

Posted 04:55 17th May 2013

Chris Wilson (Bristol Rovers fan) says...

I was sad to see wigan go down on tuesday after seeing them avoid the drop season after season. But like jeff says i think its possibly going to be a downward spiral for the next few seasons. Although i sincerly hope im wrong and we see wigan back in the prem within the next 2 years.

Posted 00:25 17th May 2013

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