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Capello to make Terry call

Capello to make Terry call

The FA have announced that any decision regarding the future of John Terry rests in the hands of Fabio Capello.

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D Burke (Manchester United fan) says...

sometimes I wonder are the english media really english at all... Every big football event those idiots ruin any chance ye have of progressing... very sad!!!!!! Irish fan!!!

Posted 21:55 1st February 2010

Andrew Tilley (Everton fan) says...

What John Terry did was wrong yes, but it's his private life, and thats something I have no interest in. He'll realise he made a massive mistake, so leave it at that. IT'S PRIVATE!! All i want to see, is JT helping England try to win the World Cup. He cant be withdrawn from squad or stripped of captaincy either, he's far more reliable centre back than Ferdinand ever will be.

Posted 21:52 1st February 2010

Mark Gravier (Portsmouth fan) says...

Although I have to agree with a lot of the comments, JT's private life is exactly that. Judge him on what he does on the field or in relation to any other footballing matter. @ CA As for choosing Rio, I will admit he is a great centre back..... But judged PURELY on football matters (which JT is not getting the chance of...), the fact remains that he still missed *that* drugs test. Negative result or not, it shows a lot of disrespect to the relevant authorities. JT 1 - 0 RF Not too mention the obvious bias with the slating of those players who just so happen to play for your main rivals. As you will note, I have not slated anybody.... being a Pompey fan, it's not really like I have the right with the state we are in! (; But to sum it all up, Stuff what the newspapers write! If you are taking what they write as 100% truth, I in some ways pity you. What we need is EVERYONE! to get behind OUR team at the WC!

Posted 21:47 1st February 2010

Anthony Taylor (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Everyone in england must be out of there mind terry is the best centre back in the world which he has proved by being in the world eleven for the last 5 years. It is the typical stupid english people that would try and bring him down a few months before the world cup i thought we where going to try and win it and this is how you all react about something that happened in his private life that is not football so who really cares as long as he is performing on the pitch than it does not matter an lets face it people who can replace him as ferdinand is crap as are all the other contenders for his place so get a grip england

Posted 21:09 1st February 2010

Bob Jones (Reading fan) says...

How has Terry been a disaster as England captain? Stupidity to think his leadership did not play a vital role in our qualifying campaign. The main question Capello has to ask is whether or not JT still commands the respect of the troops. Bridge will be missed, but he can be replaced. Terry may be replaced, but his tough attitude on the pitch and desire to win are something very rare in the game.

Posted 21:06 1st February 2010

Jatinder Phull (Manchester United fan) says...

John Terry has been exposed as lying cheating faud who went out of his way to hide this so he could protect his reputation among his sponsors...It would'nt be so bad if he'd just been exposed but to know what he'd done and apply to the courts for a gagging order typifies what kind of character he really is...He is an overrated overpayed primadona and power has gone all to his head...He should stand up and be a man come out and admit his wrong doing and steop down as captain...

Posted 20:39 1st February 2010

Faruk Yaks (Manchester United fan) says...

i still dont know why they are making all this a big deal. his private life should be left private for goodness sake! i believe the coach knows what to do and he will do the right thing.

Posted 20:37 1st February 2010

Lee Gransden (Chelsea fan) says...

i think he should keep his england place and still be captain,its his life and not the countrys business so leave the poor family aloan.

Posted 20:34 1st February 2010

Shaun Martin (Blackpool fan) says...

How England deal with this .... Could affect the World cup Bid.

Posted 20:29 1st February 2010

Lee Byas (Leeds United fan) says...

what does it matter about his private life who cares he is 1 of the best defenders nd leaders in the world thats why he is captain of England not because of his social life as long as he performs on the pitch who care about who bed he is in. That why PRIVATE life is PRIVATE!!!!!!!

Posted 19:31 1st February 2010

Rick Roe (Chelsea fan) says...

The FA has got it right for a change; with Capello making the decision. NOW FABIO SHOULD PHONE TERRY AND TELL HIM TO RESIGN AND REMAIN IN THE TEAM, OR BE FIRED FROM BOTH THE CAPTAINCY AND THE ENGLAND SQUAD. JT is a flawed person whose character should never, in future, be associated with the England Captaincy

Posted 19:29 1st February 2010

Anil Parmar (Chelsea fan) says...

Sacking JT as England captain will prove to be the biggest mistake Capello will ever make the media just want to write random things about his personal life which has nothing to do with football matters even if England end up dropping him they will have ended up doing another blunder he is the best CB England currently have at least Chelsea support him and he has my full backing too as a fan of CFC.

Posted 19:09 1st February 2010

David m Osborne (Liverpool fan) says...

I beleive Capello will probably stand behind Terry and warn him that any further nonsense or scandal comes out - you're on your bike. Something just tells me that somebody else will be skipper come the 12 June and the match against the USA in Rustenburg

Posted 19:09 1st February 2010

Chris Arnfield (Manchester United fan) says...

Terry should never have been appointed in the first place, the obvious choice being Ferdinand. There seems to be a media objection to Ferdinand highlighted by the witchunts he endures every time he puts the slightest foot wrong. Terry has been a disaster as a captain. We should have done much better far earlier than when Capello was appointed. Media spin trying to ameliorate the magnitude of terry`s latest disgusting behaviour is at odds with the country at large where an average of 75-80% want him removed if he has not got the good grace to resign himself, and looking at his past behaviour, that is unlikely. The most successful captains usually come from the most successful clubs and in that respect Rio is number 1 every time. No doubt London based hacks will dredge up the usual pathetic nonsense about a missed drugs test that eventaully was negative anyway becasue he is disliked by them for some reason. Terry is disliked by the country and his appointment was an imposition that I suspect was against Capello`s judgment looking at the way he was appointed over Rio at the last minute. Suggestions that Fat Frank should take over are laughable as are those clamouring in the press for serial loser Gerrard.

Posted 19:02 1st February 2010

George Lilley says...

Here we go again , shooting ourselves in the foot. John Terry's private life is PRIVATE. The clue's in the name.PRIVATE. He's also the best captain we've had for years. Don't forget it takes two to tango.

Posted 18:39 1st February 2010

Jorgen Dyer (Chelsea fan) says...

Whilst i do not condone his actions against his wife, i am amazed at the outcry, by everyones admission there may have been a bond between him and this lady, but even the papers agree nothing was done until after they split and Terry was not the reason they did split. Wayne Bridge is not the injured party in this, aagion he was not even at chelsea when this happen, these thing happen rightly or wrongly, but life goes on. Terry will be punished by his own wife for his actions, but as far as football is concerned normal ity must be preserved, choice of Bridges or Terry ? terry wins every time. NOTW are just muck rakers and never print the whole story, i stopped reading this paper many years ago as it is only ever half right,

Posted 18:07 1st February 2010

Robert Jones (Tranmere Rovers fan) says...

John Terry should be removed from the postion because how can anyone respect him after this he is a role model for kids if he stays then tiger woods should become captain of england if he stays captain i wont be supporting england this year!!!

Posted 18:04 1st February 2010

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