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Terry awaits Capello talks

Terry awaits Capello talks

John Terry will not be making any public statements on his future as England captain until after a meeting with Fabio Capello.

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Brian D (Burnley fan) says...

I was at the Burnley v Chelsea game last Saturday when all this news had just broken. Of course we took great delight in trying to wind JT up, but thats what oppositon fans do. I hate to say this but he was, in my opinion, the best player on the pitch. He is the best choice for the captain and everybody should leave him alone to sort his private life out, so he can concentrate on the football.

Posted 11:23 5th February 2010

Jason Cooksey (Bradford City fan) says...

I'm more than happy to leave the decision on this to Fabio & trust him to make the right decision. However if it were up to me i'd have no hesitation in coming out & backing Terry to remain as captain. As the vast majority of real & proper football fans have said this situation has nothing to do with Football. 1: Best man for the job by a mile. 2: To remove him as captain now would cause too much disruption. 3: Kids idolise footballers for what they do on the pitch not off it. 4: The paps love to slate England any chance they get, they should be ashamed of themselves. 5: We know he's done wrong & he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions but personally not professionally.

Posted 09:46 5th February 2010

Mark man u fan Kelly says...

John Terry is a strong player and a good defender!! I think Capello would be a fool to punish him i personally dont like him!! As for the media they have ruined so many people let them burn. . . .

Posted 08:58 5th February 2010

Nelson Aguillon says...

I am a Manchester United fan. Terry needs to understand that his issue is, and will continue to be a distraction to the national team. The media does not have much to do with this. His teammates know about the incident... they are the ones that are being distracted and affected by it; even if it is just a handful of them. That will be enough to affect their performance. Terry should step aside for the benefit of the team.

Posted 21:46 4th February 2010

James Curley (Birmingham City fan) says...

I agree, Terry must hand back the armband. People do make mistakes and must pay for them! Although he seemed to be a true leader for england, we are talking about betrayal of a fellow england international footballer and friend, i wouldn't just question his captaincy for england but also his place in the squad!

Posted 18:00 4th February 2010

Richard Williams says...

good on JT why should he step down. He is the only player who give's 100% when playing for his country,so please give this thing a rest and let get on with football

Posted 16:26 4th February 2010

Alan Tse (Manchester United fan) says...

Capello needs to collect from other international team mate's thoughts about JT affair. JT is a good team leader but needs support from team mates, otherwise it undermines England's performances.

Posted 22:29 3rd February 2010

Sargon Dawod (Juventus fan) says...

The fact that he is a footballer and a very rich one at that, anything that he does in his private life will always come out in view of the public, thats the nature of the beast. Thats why footballers need to be carefull in what they do because they are in the limelight, saying that on a football perspective I would like to see JT keep the armband, he is by far the best captain and if the England camp is unfied then they will back JT on the basis of his Football pedigree and not his personal life.

Posted 21:07 3rd February 2010

Chris Chapman (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Terry has made a mistake, and I would normally suggest for him to leave the post, however, I won't. Other players in the team have had problems on and off the pitch, especially those who are candidates to captain England. Terry is a natural leader, has far more leadership qualities then Rooney. Rooney is a great player, however, he can easily get wound up and frustrated, something you do not want as captain at an important moment. Terry knows how to rally up the players and pull them back into spirit, and the only man other then Gerrard who can do that. Mentioning Gerrard though, the guy is hit and miss in an England shirt. I think Terry is just as moral as all the other players in the team, we don't want the England team to lose their rhythm or scupper tactics going into a world cup. Just leave things the way they are, and just put the team into place to try and avoid things like this from happening in the future.

Posted 20:57 3rd February 2010

Mike B (Southend United fan) says...

To me this is just typical England, always looking for the self destruct button. A lot of comments here are from people who are of the opinion of stripping Terry of the captaincy to let someone else 'have a go'. With a world cup coming up this year can you imagine the likes of Spain, Brazil and Germany being of this attitude? No, they do what it takes and so must we. Terry has brought us through a succesful qualify campaign and helped galvanise arguably our most promising team unit in recent history. I can't honestly comprehend hounding out a player who time and time again has proved he was born for the England captains role. And we wonder why we've been trophyless since '66.

Posted 20:49 3rd February 2010

Justin Betts (Chelsea fan) says...

John Terry is the best England Captain we have had, if he gives up the armband we may as well give up all hopes of World Cup victory. He is a strong leader and heads the team very well, great mind, great footballer, huge prospects. JT for England Captaincy, all behind you JT.

Posted 20:48 3rd February 2010

Ryan Wilson (Manchester United fan) says...

This is pathetic, who cares what Terry does in his private time?? It is only the media who keeps telling everyone that 'everyone is outraged' - nobody is outraged opposition fans are boooing Terry because they see an opportunity to put him off and hope their team scores/wins against Chelsea JT is a great captain, a great leader on the pitch. I hope he stays as England Captain - and this comes from a United fan! why does the media always try to sabotage the England team in the months before a world cup???

Posted 20:41 3rd February 2010

Fred Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

Capello should not bow down to this ridiculous media pressure, if the media dictate what happens in the english squad we will never reach glory and this is probably the best squad in a long time. Terry made a mistake in his private life, now if he had done something like stomp on a player's head or thrown a tantrum during a match then yes he should resign but why should he resign for something that has nothing at all to do with football? the face that the super injunction was lifted just proves how much the media crave to slate anything that could be good with the England team, this is their attempt to unsettle the squad and when the squad bow out of the cup that leaves the opportunity for them to try ruin capello. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

Posted 19:42 3rd February 2010

Jonny Adams (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Use any search engine and systematically look for "[England Player Name] Scandal" ...You will find that almost every player will have a scandal of some sort and it hasn't really bothered the general public before. What makes this one so special ?

Posted 19:17 3rd February 2010

Glynn Clarke (Manchester United fan) says...

First of all 'Any suggestion that Wayne Rooney could do the job is ridiculous he probably would not be unable to spell 'captain'.' doesnt make sense. So shh John Whittaker. John Terry should never have been given the captaincy its that simple! I cant think of a single game where he's shown his worth not just for the captaincy but to even play for England, he's over rated big time, he's brave ill give him that but when it comes to Chelsea or England he'd choose 150k a week anytime! His heart's never been in the England team. Give the captaincy to someone with passion not just for England but for the game! In a couple of years time everyone will be screaming out for Rooney, hes a national treasure, loved by all fans, passionate and never lets the side down. Just look at how much he has grown up the past 2 seasons, next season that boy will be THE biggest footballer around mark my words.

Posted 18:58 3rd February 2010

Jade Rudd (Manchester United fan) says...

He should do the honourable thing and that is to resign as England Captain otherwise he is risking the unity of the national team and i really think he won't be respected as a role model within the team.

Posted 18:42 3rd February 2010

Scott Smith (Brighton and Hove Albion fan) says...

John Whittaker, so Rooney 'probably would not be unable to spell captain.' So this means that he probably can spell it? Right? Sounds ideal for the captaincy then.

Posted 18:25 3rd February 2010

Howard Eve says...

These people on here that are saying JT has let the kids down who idolise him are talking complete tosh.Kids idolise footballers for what they do on the pitch not off of it. Wayne Rooney is Englands best player but please do not burden him with the captaincy,he does not need that on top of the expectation that people have of him. For what it is worth I think JT should offer his resignation as captain and then Mr Capello can choose to accept it or not. I am a Chelsea fan and I think JT should remain as captain so long as his performance on the pitch is not affected. It is funny how everybody has jumped on the bandwagon to slate JT,couldnt have anything to do with the fact that he plays for Chelsea could it seeing that Frank Lampard is forever being booed and is the target for missiles being thrown,just a thought.

Posted 18:12 3rd February 2010

Phil Hoole says...

I'm sorry but saying what he does in his own time is his own business is missing the point. The guy is supposed to be a role model and a leader. In essence, it is a position of trust and Terry has compromised that by his supposed actions. If he really did this then I think the right thing to do would be to step down and let someone else have a go.

Posted 18:08 3rd February 2010

Chris Renouf (Manchester United fan) says...

I think those comments that suggest terry should resign are nothing short of ridiculous. i can't believe the way the media and other football fans have reacted to this, it's simply unacceptable, this is arguably the only good english captain in the Premier League right now and the right man to lead England at the world cup. Suddenly he has done something wrong in his private life, and you all slate him. Although i am a United fan i respect lots of other really good professional footballers and JT is one of them. What he does off he pitch is up to him, and not for us to judge or decide, we can only judge him for what he's really good at, and that is captaining Chelsea and the national side. Hope all this nonsense is put to bed sooner or later because it's a good job the world cup is still 4 months away and not tommorow. Those who boo him should be ashamed, whether he's done something wrong or not he still needs the support just like any other footballer. Personally I can't think of an alternative to Captain the national side, and we'd be stuck in a right mess if JT was stripped of the captaincy.

Posted 18:03 3rd February 2010

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