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Terry awaits Capello talks

Terry awaits Capello talks

John Terry will not be making any public statements on his future as England captain until after a meeting with Fabio Capello.

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Jay Regan (Stockport County fan) says...

John Whittaker take a look at your own comment. I don't think you're in any position to question Rooney's literacy! I sent in a comment free of abuse over two hours ago which is obviously not being printed for some reason. Is it because I asked why the job credentials for England captain seems to be purely if you are from London and not your leadership skills? When and why did Gerrard drop out of the equation either as reserve captain OR in the unlikely chance that Terry gets the push as a replacement. Rio, Lampard, Beckham all suggested. What have they got in common????

Posted 18:02 3rd February 2010

John Whittaker (Preston North End fan) says...

Without doubt John Terry is the best England player to captain their Country. Any suggestion that Wayne Rooney could do the job is ridiculous he probably would not be unable to spell 'captain'.

Posted 17:27 3rd February 2010

Ross O'neill (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Terry is the right man for the job if they don't take him like some people are saying then who would u take ? The media need to stop printing about the whole thing and give England the best chance at winning the world cup and it would be great if terry scored the winning goal I would love it .

Posted 17:26 3rd February 2010

Mike Biddell (Portsmouth fan) says...

It is not for us to judge JT's ability to lead Endland at the world cup based on his private life. He should be the man to lead us at the world cup becuase he is the best man for the job. I also do think that changing the captain only months before the world cup kicks off can only have a negative impact on the team.

Posted 17:21 3rd February 2010

Graham King (Manchester United fan) says...

This is ridiculous!! What he done in his PRIVATE life is his business! Doesn't mean I agree with what he done or supposedly done, but the media has taken this to a stupid level. He is the best captain England have had for years. The press love to build people up to knock them down again. Prime example David Beckham after 98 to the winner against Greece! Its up too Capello, he is the boss!!! Hopefully its still rumbling on till sunday! Come on the Arsenal, do us a favour!!!

Posted 17:19 3rd February 2010

Matt Barnwell (Birmingham City fan) says...

It's simple he has to go. End the saga now before it continues. Capello has bought unity to our camp so let's keep it. I think Terry should concentrate on the job in hand so he has to resign, it will be forgotten in a month then. Don't give it Rooney just let him concentrate on his football. As much as I hate to say it give it Gerrard with Beckham vice captain.

Posted 17:18 3rd February 2010

Daniel Sherwood (Manchester United fan) says...

Theres no reason to take the armband from him, personal life is personal nothing to do with anyone else. Besides the england team have done fantastic how it is up to this point, u start taking the armband away and forcing him out the team and the team might start losing like we used to. The teams got a good thing going at the moment, wait and see what happens in the next friendly. If we had good backup in his postion I may say different but Ferdinand is playing like a donkey, Lescott has vanished off the face of the earth and I dont rate him, Upson maybe (but still not a terry in leadership or skill) Wes Brown is maybe but still makes mistakes at vital moments. The only defender really is carrager and he wont come back.

Posted 17:18 3rd February 2010

Garry Hudson (West Ham United fan) says...

Honestly, why should he resign, and why should he be forced to. Yes in his personal life he may have made a mistake (may). But who has not? Any one who has not made a mistake, then satnd up and call for it, but I suspect that most people are not that clean. Has he made a footballing mistake? No. Does his private life have anything to do with football? No. OK if the speculation is correct, and he did indeed do this, then yes he was wrong. But does that make him the wrong person for the England captaincy? I don't think so... Let him get on with his job, and let him deal with the PRIVATE fall out of his indiscressions on his own. Anyone that feels Gerrard could do a better job of leading the England team, is either a Liverpool fan or an idiot.... He has proved time and time and tie again that he is the man for the job. Just because he did something stupid should not change that. How any people can say hand on heart , that they would or should quit their job because of one stupid mistake??? Not many I'd wager......

Posted 17:09 3rd February 2010

Nathan Williams (Aston Villa fan) says...

If i was JT i wouldnt even consider quitting. Its the media that is forcing this. What JT does in his private life is private end of. This witch hunt needs to stop!! JT i hope should keep the captains armband but Capello will have his say for sure.

Posted 17:00 3rd February 2010

Ted . says...

What anybody does in their private life is up to them. I wouldnt quit either. So what if he had a itch that needed scratching

Posted 16:12 3rd February 2010

Sam W (Liverpool fan) says...

What he allegedly did wasn't really acceptable, but for the media to make a huge fuss about it the way they did was even worse. As a Liverpool fan and someone who thinks Gerrard would be better, I think Terry is right to not resign as he has done fantastically for England over the years and some incident shouldn't affect this. All the abuse he gets is unnacceptable.

Posted 16:11 3rd February 2010

Jonathan Mcintyre (Manchester United fan) says...

He may not want to resign but that is not his choice. Capello will make the decision. I feel he should be stripped of being captain and the new captain to be someone experienced as a captain like Gerrard or if Ferdinand is fit. Rooney could also be a option.

Posted 16:11 3rd February 2010

Richard Tiwot (Arsenal fan) says...

I believed Terry should do the honourable thing by resigning as Chelsea and England Captain. By doing so, within a short period of time the whole saga will died down. On a serious note, Terry's actions is not good for the sport and he's a bad role model for the kids that idolised and look up to him.

Posted 16:04 3rd February 2010

Tony Muir (Chelsea fan) says...

I dont think JT should resign, this is a personal matter which has nothing at all to do with his ability to lead the national team. Regardless of anyones personal opinion, for footballing reasons he is obviously the best man for the job otherwise he wouldnt have been appointed as captain in the first place. Remember, this is about football and football only, this kind of thing happens to thousands of people every year, do any of them resign because of it? I would strongly suggest not!! Let the man get on with his job in peace.

Posted 16:04 3rd February 2010

Jonathan Day (Manchester United fan) says...

It's naive to think that JT would resign as captain off his own back because he has been denying the affair. Therefore, by resigning he would be all but admitting to the affair. Also its far easier to leave the decision in some-one elses hands (that being Fabio Capello) so he doesn't take the blame for either outcome. Fairly obvious story really.

Posted 16:00 3rd February 2010

Tony Burton says...

Why I am not surprised. It is all about him. If he really thought about the situation and the problem for unity in the England camp he would resign. He is putting Capello in a tough position also. Capello came out recently witha zero tolerance statement it will be intersting to see how hw reacts

Posted 15:56 3rd February 2010

Roger Chapman (West Ham United fan) says...

I cannot believe the arrogance of Terry. How can he think he can still be Captain of England after all this. Capello has to take a stance and give him the choice, be sacked or resign. An England Captain has to be a role model to the younger generation. What message is this sending to all young people, John Terry can get away with it so can we. Don't even take him to South Africa, make him (and all the others) suffer. He needs to be taught that this can never be tolerated from an England Captain OR player

Posted 15:54 3rd February 2010

Harry Jones (Dundee United fan) says...

I beleieve that JT is the man to lead us to the world cup, timeing of this scandle is very very poor however people are forgetting that Wayne and his girlfriend broke up in the summer which to me makes a big differnce to JT's professional position.

Posted 15:40 3rd February 2010

Ani R says...

Well , I think he should resign. I don't think its moral for him to remain as captain . I don't think he will command enough respect anyway .I really feel sorry for wayne bridge.Wayne Rooney is without doubt the best english player and i think he should captain england to worldcup glory.

Posted 15:39 3rd February 2010

Nick Baker (Manchester United fan) says...

Of course he won't resign. He doesn't exactly have a track record of doing the decent thing, now does he?

Posted 15:38 3rd February 2010

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