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Beckham out of World Cup

Beckham out of World Cup

England star David Beckham has torn his Achilles tendon playing for AC Milan, according to the Italian club's manager Leonardo.

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Andrew Simpson says...

I am absolutely gutted for Becks. To see someone with as much passion and love for his country as he does have his dream of appearing in another World Cup snatched away from him is tough to see. The man is a legend and once again he prove all the down talkers wrong by pulling on the England shirt when he makes a full recovery. Get well soon Becks.

Posted 16:10 15th March 2010

Glenda Law says...

Oh No!!!!! I was SOOOOOOO looking forward to seeing Becks in SA for the World Cup. Hope he can still come over in some other capacity. He is such an icon it would be a pity for him to miss it. Wishing you a speedy recovery Becks!

Posted 14:54 15th March 2010

David Hancock (Chelsea fan) says...

What an absolute tragedy.The most over-hyped player in the history of English football will not be going to the world cup.What are we going to do? I suggest a day of national mourning because we've got no chance of winning the world cup now have we!!! Still,at least we have a good excuse now for yet another failure to win anything

Posted 14:45 15th March 2010

James Gower (Arsenal fan) says...

Well, thank God for that. Capello must be thinking lady luck was on his side and he has dodged an absolute bullet there! With all the hype Beckham's injury will carry, led by our our largely irresponsible media bodies who will unwittingly cost us the chance to win the World Cup with all the nonsense being published for the best part of three months now, Capello will be pleased he won't have the choice of adding a bit-part at best now. Beckham was there to make up the numbers, add to his collection of England caps, and to pay off the Wembley debts with his image rights payments But in truth, his best days were well and truly behind him since he left Old Trafford. Everyone attacked Fergie at the time, but as is usually the case, he was right! Time to move on from this frankly sickening Posh and Spice circus now, and maybe, just maybe, concentrate on football!

Posted 14:13 15th March 2010

Bayo Ogunbufunmi says...

Just reading about his Milan team mates' reaction to his injury tells you everything you need to know about David Beckham. Bit part player or not, the level of experience and quality he brings to the England line up means he will be sorely missed. I feel sorry for him as he hasn't had the best of luck at previous world cups and this would have been his opportunity to say goodbye on the biggest stage.

Posted 13:34 15th March 2010

Rob Gardner (Preston North End fan) says...

Massive blow, well miss his experience more than anything, but others will have to step up weve got great cover in that position anyway, personally I think S W Phillips or James Milner are the best and probably would be the most efficient in that position, or even gerrard as we dont even play him in his best position anymore. Its all about the football now, hopefully Ashle Cole is going to be back because without him are chances are hugely diminished. Get well soon Becks!

Posted 10:44 15th March 2010

Steve Wright says...

beckham, the good player as he is,has been over exposed to the media for years.with madrid he won little in america he won little and with england he's won nothing.he was going to be a bit part player in the world cup at best and to think cameo appearances took his caps record past bobby moores a be honest. with or without him england yet again will win nothing.

Posted 10:32 15th March 2010

Andy Caren says...

When Beckham bleeds, he must have Red White and Blue blood, never in the history of football has anyone shown as much passion to play for his Country, as for all of the negative comments on here, most of this is down to pure out and out jealousy.

Posted 10:31 15th March 2010

Mike Howes (Leeds United fan) says...

No one can replace becks at the world cup, beckhams experience is invaluable, there are no other right sided englishmen who could have filled the position better, Becks is a true legend and all these idiots providing these negative comments dont know the first thing about football, COME ON BECKS, YOU CAN STILL MAKE IT ! ! !

Posted 10:23 15th March 2010

Chris White (Arsenal fan) says...

David Beckham is a true model profesional both on and off the pitch, who gives 100% every time he plays for club and country.( more than i can say for many of the current England line up!!) While his powers have wained somewhat he showed in his cameo for Milan at old trafford he still has something to offer even if it is only in cameo roles. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Posted 10:14 15th March 2010

Sara Bonser (Manchester United fan) says...

I am gutted for Becks, he is a true professional and England through and through. He still makes a difference on the field and is still one of the best crosses of the ball. I really hope he can make it and prove all the knockers wrong. I wish him all the best.

Posted 09:57 15th March 2010

James Mbobua says...

I couldn't believe it at first when i saw the headlines. I had to confirm that it's not April 1st. I am absolutely gutted by this. Beckham may no longer be the workhorse he was a couple of years back but definitely he is the kind of player every team would love to have; an impactful substitute. With his experience, ability to read a game and unmatchable delivery, he can change the direction of a match with a single kick. I believe that Capello definetly going to take him to South Africa purposely for that. The English squad is definitely the poorer without him onboard. Beckham you been a great servant to any club you've played for and for the country. Get well soon and please be in South Africa even if not in the playing squad but somewhere in the set-up. David Beckham - My all-time favorite English player!!!

Posted 09:47 15th March 2010

Kingsley Roberts (Liverpool fan) says...

Great news .... for me anyway, I may now watch England at the WC without the hype and the circus surrounding this clown. For fans to think he can make a difference, they really, really need a reality check, he hasn't made a difference for years if ever because he's wasn't good enough. The facts are they for all to see, but the majority of fans are 'blinded' by his celebrity status which has nothing to do his football. When he retires, football won't miss because he didn't do anything special for anyone to miss.

Posted 09:47 15th March 2010

Nigel Mortimer (Liverpool fan) says...

My thoughts and best wishes to David. He has been an amazing servant to his country and clubs that he has played for. Never has he let them down or disgraced them. john Terry and Ashley Cole could learn a lot from David.

Posted 09:46 15th March 2010

Charlie Hill (Liverpool fan) says...

I am disgusted with all the mindless morons who have slagged Beckham off. We know Beckham isnt the kind of player he was or he was going to start every game for England in the WC but I know who I would want taking a free kick with seconds to go trying to win or save a game. And of course its not just his football abilities that is so important but him as a person, his leadership and experience cannot be under estimated on how it effects the team. Anyone that cannot see that this a quite a big loss to the England team and of course slags him off just really does not understand the game! I am sure these people that think Beckham is such a poor player were shouting his name after the free kick against Greece and saying how great he is/was. I am gutted for Beckham as he is a really nice guy and a ambassador to the game.

Posted 09:36 15th March 2010

Philip Taylor (Stoke City fan) says...

What baffles me is the fact that David Beckham has worked his socks off to be fit and available to be selected for England and shown that he has more ability still than the majority of his younger contempories and has a brilliant footballing brain.He always impacts when he starts for England or comes on and yet some of the comments that have been posted knocking him are outragious . In this day and age with all the scandal and passionless characters about we should be devastated that he wont be fit and not have people rubbing their hands with glee. Those so called Fans who have clearly enjoyed his misfortune should be ashamed of themselves. Beckham will be missed by England and Milan.I actually feel sorry for the negative post writers whose footballing knowledge must be miles less than extensive.

Posted 09:31 15th March 2010

Ebuka Onuoha (AC Milan fan) says...

Beckham has helped Milan so much. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Posted 09:26 15th March 2010

Russell Inglis says...

Its amazing how one man divides opinion so much. What you can't deny is his had an outstanding career and been a great ambassdor for football in this country. In my mind a great player for Club & Country and still has something to offer the team all be it a bit part impact player. Wish him all the best in is recover and one of my footballing idols....

Posted 09:17 15th March 2010

Tumi j. Mbaiwa (Arsenal fan) says...

Hey, this all makes it easier for Capello, but now it's become more difficult for the news hogs as they won't really have any news now that he's on the sidelines

Posted 08:17 15th March 2010

Phillip Hudson (Celtic fan) says...

To all the people that have slated Beckham!!! How is he a bit time player?? did you not see the game against Egypt? 1st Half Walcott, my mam could of done better, he was awful. 2nd half SWP, a lot better than Walcott but he was garbage yesterday against Sunderland. also all the players who play Right Midfield have not taken the chance to replace becks. his passing and crossing is still up there with the very best and has been all his career, he may not be able to get up and down the pitch (but did he ever) or play a full 90 mins but to have that experiance in your team in irreplacable, you dont need pace when the first 10 yards and in your head, you know exactly what your going to do with the ball 30 seconds before you receive it, thats what beckham is all about. Becks will be at the World Cup even if he aint playing because he has a major role in securing England get the 2018 WC.. Beckham is a LEGEND and one that England will miss this summer. Get Well Soon David and i look forward to seeing you pull on the 3 lions soon!!

Posted 08:11 15th March 2010

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