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Beckham out of World Cup

Beckham out of World Cup

England star David Beckham has torn his Achilles tendon playing for AC Milan, according to the Italian club's manager Leonardo.

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Marty Love (Manchester United fan) says...

I feel totally upset for the lad. He might not be our best player anymore but he is a true talent and a gem to throw on for last 20 mins. I would have taken him and i think Capello would have done too. The most honest and loyal footballer england has had for many years,,,, no one in the england squad seemed to want to be invloved more than him, knowing it was his last ever chance. Our best wishes and love to you becks for everything you have done for our country. you have always worn your heart on your sleeve, and thats why we love you. Come back stronger.

Posted 05:28 15th March 2010

Neale Vaughan says...

I had the pleasure to see David Beckham play when he came to Sydney with LA Galaxy for friendly game versus Sydney FC. Can I say that all the time he was here he conducted himself in a most professional manner and is a credit to the game. A class act and will be missed.

Posted 05:20 15th March 2010

Mark Wood (Liverpool fan) says...

What a shame!... for ALL those players who have suffered these kind of injuries and these kind of blows over the years and had NO sympathy. Beckham who has pretty much had everything on a silver plate for being an average player can just add this new chapter that is the soap opera of his career. This is a GREAT moment for Englands WC hopes... Maybe we can focus on football this year now.

Posted 03:28 15th March 2010

Karan Asrani (Manchester United fan) says...

Devastated ... Can't believe I am even hearing this really sad news for beckham and England

Posted 03:19 15th March 2010

Michael Ball (Leeds United fan) says...

I am sorry for Beckham but it makes selection much easier. To not have a player who cannot tackle, is slow and a sub on an Italian team is not a loss! He is probably the biggest reaon why England have not been in at least 2 world cup finals. Ducking out of a tackle when England were beating Brazil 1-0 and getting sent off against Argentina. As a crosser of the ball he is good and then what else??

Posted 03:19 15th March 2010

Naga Vallavan (Manchester United fan) says...

Die-Hard Fan of David Beckham. I felt like crying. I was watching him play the match for Milan, I thought it would'nt be serious. In 2002 world cup he was younger to make it back and fit and the injury wasn't just so near to world cup, already there was speculations if he would make the world cup and he was fighting harder which made him vulnerable to risks. Yesterday I saw him run into the box and took good first touch of ronaldinhos pass but he couldn't exactly finish it, still I haven't recently seen him do it. He was so good and now I feel so bad when will he come back and even so is it possible to regain the form he has now, cos with this form for a nearly 35 year old many question his commitment and his skills which are still inside him. I was angry on Leanardo for not playing him from beginning against man utd, he was so good in the last 30 minutes. Still I will Follows Becks where ever he goes and where ever he goes. At the most I wish God to undergo operation and atleast he should be able to come to pitch and support team and during interval he can cheer them up in dressing room. Playing is impossible after injured in this age. SO painful. No words. Dunno how long I'm gonna stay sad thinking this.. It took so many months to forget his world cup exit as captain in 2006 and he cried. If I see it now I'll cry too. Let God give him all the power in this world to bear it. Good bless

Posted 03:13 15th March 2010

Rodgers Omondi (Manchester United fan) says...

Absolutely terrible, he's one of the most respectable and most dedicated members of the England squad, I just pray it is not as bad as it is thought. Beckham, we, the Manchester United and England fans, pray for you. I hope Capello takes him to South Africa for dressing room morale.. he's a natural winner and leader.

Posted 03:12 15th March 2010

Neil Ryan (Manchester United fan) says...

JUST GUTTED, how can this happen to you Becks? i thought your performance at old trafford last wk prooved you've still got the goods to deliver a top quality ball into the box, esp with Rooney scoring with his head at the mo, i really hope it's not as bad as first though and you'll be still on the plane to SA. A true legend, as a united supporter i'm still gutted we'll prob never see you playing at old trafford again but now theres a big chance we'll never see you a world cup again. GUTTED

Posted 02:26 15th March 2010

Paul Eveleigh (Manchester United fan) says...

I am gutted for Beckham. I never thought he should have left Man United as he is a great player and a great man. But, it is time for everyone to calm down. Saying England wont win the World Cup because he is isn't there is like saying England won the previous 3 World Cup's because he was there. It seems like there is a massive public belief that England cannot win the World Cup and everyone is looking for a reason. Rediculous!

Posted 02:18 15th March 2010

Anthony Munir (Manchester United fan) says...

A True English legend in every way Beckham deserved more than to have to end his international career and possibly football all together because of an injury. just last week he was the best AC MILAN player on the pitch at OT , now look just goes to show football can be a cruel game. wish you well becks in future Anthony

Posted 02:02 15th March 2010

Philip Mcclement (Celtic fan) says...

Oh dear! What a massive shame for him and England. Rooney may be the jewel in the crown but Beckham is without doubt an inspiration to the whole squad, a' true legend'. I hope he recovers to be there he can deliver the deadliest of strikes that no one else can.

Posted 01:59 15th March 2010

James Bloy (Celtic fan) says...

You never want to see that. Even as a Scots man I don't want to see any English footballer get hurt before the world cup

Posted 01:54 15th March 2010

Chris Allo (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Becks was a good player five years ago but with players like lennon and ash young coming through he still should go even if its to offer his experience to these young stars. what about downing left young cole or lennon right

Posted 01:54 15th March 2010

Jason K (Manchester United fan) says...

I can't believe what I am reading here. England fans wake up. You are crying over a washe up 34 year old ( i think he is) that can't even get in a average milan side. You say he can score a free kick he can cross. You'd bring a player just for that? Look at him against utd. He was playing against great players and couldnt get near them. The game passed him by. This is lucky for england shame for him but get real. What loss? He plays a bench role for milan and in an average league MLS. The guy is way passed it and is so overhyped by the English for what reason I don't know. Seen some lad saying take him even if injured. hahaha this lad knows nothing about football. Sacrifice a good player for somebody on crutches to sit on the bench? Yeah great idea mate. England won't win the world cup anyway cause they have an average squad.

Posted 01:27 15th March 2010

Alistair Dalli (Manchester United fan) says...

Really devastated to see Becks suffer this terrible injury. Such a great servant for his country and a true gentleman. I hope that he will come back fit and ready to persuite his football career. Go on BECKS.... you are England's hero

Posted 01:23 15th March 2010

Sean Carroll (Real Madrid fan) says...

Beckham is such a legend!!! i hope he goes with the England team to South Africa, and even though he will not play a game. If we win the world cup, he should be the first one to pick up the trophy. There is still only one England captain and Capello knows this!! Luv u Beckham

Posted 01:23 15th March 2010

Get well soon Becks (Manchester United fan) says...

Such a shame,he does so much charity work and ends up getting injured and ruining his chances at playing in his last world cup.Hope he gets fit be4 we think.

Posted 01:20 15th March 2010

Matthew Rolf (Milton Keynes Dons fan) says...

Becks is a legend, a big loss for the England World Cup Squad. I hope he hasn't played his last game for England.

Posted 01:07 15th March 2010

Lawrie Bolton (Liverpool fan) says...

I'm gutted for Becks, and for England. I think we all realize how much this World Cup meant to him. Awful timing for a true England hero, and a player of genuine quality. We'll miss his impact from the bench for sure.

Posted 00:54 15th March 2010

Stan Wills (Northampton Town fan) says...

This is a huge blow for David Beckham, England and AC Milan in that order. I really thought we might take a full strength squad to the world cup this time - fingers crossed for all of the others.

Posted 00:39 15th March 2010

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