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Beckham out of World Cup

Beckham out of World Cup

England star David Beckham has torn his Achilles tendon playing for AC Milan, according to the Italian club's manager Leonardo.

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David Locke (wolves fan) (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Such a shame for Becks and England. What is it about the England team and injuries when World Cups or Euros are coming up. Add Beckham to the growing list of players now doubtful or out of the World Cup - Ashley Cole, Michael Owen, Aaron Lennon. Bet it will be Rooney next. The bitter irony is that when we didnt qualify for Euro 2008 there wasn't a single England player injured that summer - typical.

Posted 00:31 15th March 2010

Frank Cabral (Arsenal fan) says...

who cares??? The guy is not even a world class player.... Publicity made is name not because he is a talented or briliant player...

Posted 00:25 15th March 2010

Conor Masters (Manchester United fan) says...

Well, that's the World Cup gone for England. No Lennon, No Beckham... Our World Cup hopes were slender enough without this happening now. The Three Lions are cursed at the moment.

Posted 00:24 15th March 2010

Ahmed Alaskary (Manchester United fan) says...

I actually just want to cry. Why is our luck with injuries so bad? I don't understand. Honestly, if god forbid Rooney gets injured from now till end of season, I might aswell just start crying now from world cup heartache.

Posted 23:59 14th March 2010

Denan Golos (AC Milan fan) says...

I was gutted to see David collapse.Such a great guy and ultimate pro didn't deserve this.He was best player on the pitch tonight and even got a bad cut on his cheek after winning challenge with pure detemination to set up Milan chance.If anything,he experienced to come back to his OT even if it was bad night for us.We'll certainly miss David and I hope Milan wins Scudetto for him and Sanro Nesta.

Posted 23:55 14th March 2010

Andy Sagar (Manchester United fan) says...

Gutted Beckham is out! dont think Patrick knows much about England if he seriously thinks theres 'many' better players at crossing. His delivery is on another level to that of Lennon, Walcott, Wright Phillips etc. England will only suffer without his experience!!A real team player that would do anything for his country!

Posted 23:54 14th March 2010

Jason Petty (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Thanks for the memories becks. Its all over for you . You were a legend and a great ambassador. I will never forget your goal against greece.

Posted 23:53 14th March 2010

Jay Zean (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I find all this news very disrespectful to Aaron Lennon and James Milner who are absolutely outstanding players and should be playing ahead of Beckham anyway. Why do fans forget the abundance of talent England have ? About time they played too. No Owen and Becks ... good means we can move on from the past and focus on the current players who deserve their place.

Posted 23:49 14th March 2010

Jake Smith (Chelsea fan) says...

Sorry for Becks....Joe Cole has to return!!!

Posted 23:48 14th March 2010

Tony Donaruma (Chelsea fan) says...

I can`t believe all the fuss over Beckam`s absence from South Africa,even though one feels sorry for what happened to Beckam,he would have contributed very little and in a way Capello must be relieved that he doesn`t have to make a "forced" choice.

Posted 23:47 14th March 2010

David Lynch (Liverpool fan) says...

That's a real shame, a big loss to the world cup as an event and a massive blow to England's challenge. His experience would have been really positive. I know there are a few in the PL probably better than him now on their day, Milner for one but what Beckam brought to the squad was much more than his talent. He's a real leader, a role model to those around him and given all that's happening in the soap opera that is the English team, he was undoutbably going to be a real rock for them. I for one was looking forward to him there next summer. All the best Becks!!!

Posted 23:46 14th March 2010

James Sheridan (Liverpool fan) says...

such a shame but we should take him anyway even if its just for dressing room morale beckhams a winner and we need his influence to rub off on some off the other players

Posted 23:45 14th March 2010

Alex Ward (Liverpool fan) says...

Beckham has never done anything to deserve this, he will be a big miss if he's not at the world cup, we can always count on beckham to produce a free kick or corner that can get a goal. COME ON BECKS GET FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 23:45 14th March 2010

Dale Evins (Arsenal fan) says...

Couldn't have happened at a worse time for him, hopefully its not as bad as it seems we could do with him at the cup

Posted 23:38 14th March 2010

Simon Braddock says...

I really hope he can still make it to the World Cup, there are few current England players that deserve to win it as much as Becks! He may not make any starting line-up, but he is such an inspiration to his team mates he needed to be in the squad. I agree with Graham, its now someone *has* to step up. Let's all get behind our National team, three lions and all that!!

Posted 23:38 14th March 2010

Tim S (Ipswich Town fan) says...

Utterly gutted for him, for England, for me, for everyone. He is a total, utter legend; nicest bloke in football, phenomenally good player still - and most importantly, a wonderfully calming and experienced man to have in the team. Whole world cup will not be the same without the old boy. Great role model for all Englishmen. Sad, sad day. Come and sit with the squad, either way.. please?

Posted 23:36 14th March 2010

Ravi Patel says...

Very unfortunate injury, hard to say if he can get fit in time or what implications what this will have on the squad. Regardless of whether you think he would make the starting XI or even the 23-man squad, which seems to be in doubt now, his experience would have been crucial on such a big stage. I maybe be naive in thinking this but even if he isn't fully fit to make the squad, can they not create a position for him on the staff, he has a big influence on the younger players as he provides a calming presence within the squad and they can still learn a lot from him. All the best for a full recovery Becks!

Posted 23:34 14th March 2010

Davie Collins (Celtic fan) says...

True genteleman, husband and father gave everyting for his country he didn't deserve this, Most of country wouldn't have been bothered about terry or cole but not him. He would have been in my squad loved the guy scine he scored from the half way line at wimbledon aa a 17y old.

Posted 23:34 14th March 2010

Dave Mothersdale (Leeds United fan) says...

A shame for him but I think this is a good thing for England. The media hype surrounding him has been a distraction at previous tournaments and he does very little to discourage it. His contribution to any team he has played in has always revovled around his set piece ability but that has been in dramatic decline over the past few years. Let's just hope Lennon is fit as I believe he will be the key to England's chances this summer.

Posted 23:33 14th March 2010

Sean Donnelly (Newcastle United fan) says...

Bad Luck for Becks and England We Are Cursed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 23:29 14th March 2010

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