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Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Steven Gerrard insists he will not call time on his England career despite the World Cup disappointment.

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George Willan (Malaga fan) says...

its' sheer ego now -Gerrard is past it at that level. He tries to win games single-handed at times - a fine striker of the ball, effective at beating the first man and creating chances, but his form visibly wilted over last season, and his playing style and approach means he can't adapt and continue at international level - enough is enough. Threre is no shame in it - Gerard should set aside the ego and have the humility to call it a day for England!

Posted 18:56 6th July 2010

Stuart Reynolds (Liverpool fan) says...

Its about time that gerrard was given the chance to play in the role of centre midfield as he does at liverpool,Lampard has never done anything for England and should not pull on the three lions shirt again. There were certain members of the England first choice eleven that should feel disgusted with their lack of effort and for that they should be replaced by younger and more eager replacements

Posted 18:36 6th July 2010

Dave D (Coventry City fan) says...

I agree with Jose, the english media create such a hype about Rooney he had a good first half of the season and suddenly our world cup deppened on him. Ha! Gerrard has always been our best player. If there was only one player that we had to keep from that 23 it would always be him. He and ashley cole were the only players who did us proud. He relishes the captains arm band and thats why he should be there for euro 2012. A Johnson, Wiltshire, Rodwell, Dawson and Walcot should all be put in the squad for the qualifiers!

Posted 18:28 6th July 2010

Scott Watts (Manchester United fan) says...

I cant believe all this talk of gerrard being over rated. He was by far our best player in south africa, closley followed by A. Cole and James.....yes James!!! Lampard and Terry were shocking and Rooney although injured turned up expecting to walk away with the golden boot (or so his interviews suggested). We need to blood the great youth we have in this country instead of allowing the "ego's" to continue. Rodwell, Hart, Milner, Huddlestone, Dawson, Wiltshire need to be given the chance. The "golden" generation have failed to deliver.

Posted 18:09 6th July 2010

Paul Mcgoochan (Chelsea fan) says...

Some fans are so blinkered. We leave a striker at home who scored over 20 goals, to take a lump to be rooney's side-kick. So who do we have when Rooney fails to score? Also, why take a player that is out of form, but has been good in the past, "But surely they will come good?" Er, nope. Bit of a gamble for a WC don't you think? Stuff reputation, pick players that are in form, no matter which club they play for. And pick players that can play as a team. P.S. Will the JT haters get a grip when it comes to his courage when wearing the England shirt.

Posted 18:04 6th July 2010

Lorraine Butterfield (Liverpool fan) says...

I totally agree with you Gareth Steven Gerrard played is socks off more than i can say for Rooney,Lampard,Terry,He deserves to stay best captain we have had i'd say!

Posted 17:59 6th July 2010

Gareth Coom (Liverpool fan) says...

Let's hope that "no quitting" character can also be said for Liverpool and we see a star performance taking the team back where it belongs!

Posted 17:47 6th July 2010

James Gordon (Liverpool fan) says...

who ever said gerrard was bad this world cup is an idiot.. he was our best player by far.. and people say barry was better, must be having a laugh, he was one of the worst players for us this world cup.. rooney was shocking aswell. why have a player as good as gerrard in my opinion and many others, the best player we have, and play him out of his best position in the centre and put him on the left for players like lampard and barry to play the way they did.. capello needs some common sence.. as an extra note, why take crouch to the world cup who always seems to bag goals for us and then not play him??? we dont deserve to be in the world cup atall with decisions like what capello made

Posted 17:42 6th July 2010

Williams Kehinde anthony (Arsenal fan) says...

I adore Gerrad even though l must confess that his form during the last league was not his best form. l wish him well.

Posted 17:40 6th July 2010

Williams Kehinde anthony (Arsenal fan) says...

The English disappointed in South Africa, d expectations were high and they failed.l want the league clubs reduced and matches played in England cos the boys were tired and it showed.

Posted 17:35 6th July 2010

Glen W (Manchester United fan) says...

Gerrard has had 84 caps for his country and discounting a fantastic goal against Germany 9 years ago and 2 goals against the formidable Macedonia!! He has been disappointingly average for England! It could be argued he has been played out of position! But for 84 caps!!!!!!!! He is not by himself I admit, however after 82 caps of mediocrity it is obvious that he is not capable of performing to the level he does for his club, which at times is sublime!

Posted 17:24 6th July 2010

Alan Neilly (Manchester United fan) says...

Personally I think Stevie should be dropped, as should Green, James, Barry, Rio, Upson, JT, King, Heskey, Defoe and Lampard aswell as others. It is time to look at the next world cup and think what team we would ideally want there from the talent we have and get them playing now. The only way Johnson would escape the drop for me is if we shift to a 3 Centre halves with 2 wing backs formation as he simply can not be trusted going back, going forward he is in my opinion one of the better full backs at doing that. Play at least 5 younger inexperienced players with a few older more experienced guys per game give them experience now so by the time the Euro's roll round they will be able to get big tournament experience. Joe Hart (GK) should be a no brainer, how he didn't play when Green was dropped has me bewildered, fair play to James he did well when called upon but how long are we going to put our faith in Calamity James? I doubt we will be able to call upon him in the next World Cup so get rid now, let the younger keepers have a shot. Believe it or not Gianluigi Buffon and Iker Casillias were not created in 1 game. Look at this German team that has destroyed England and Argentina, youth is the future, their time is now !!

Posted 17:23 6th July 2010

Sam C (Arsenal fan) says...

Truth be told, it was just awful performances all round. Never have I seen a team with so little passion. Agree that Gerrard should be given another chance to play in his preferred role. I do believe that Lampard has never played well for his country as he does for club, Heskey - why he went no one knows, Crouch has a far better record. Rooney, he like Gerrard carried their respective teams last year, and you wonder why he was still playing when clearly injured. Sir Alex didn't give a monkey's about him playing in the World Cup, and that's what I'd put Rooney's poor performace too. I'd say James, Ashley Cole and Gerrard were our best players, followed by Defoe. The younger kids ought to be blooded for friendlys and the forthcoming Euro ties for them to be ready for 2014 in Brazil. I'd take not qualifying for a massive shake up. Premiership style football is the way forward, look at Germany!

Posted 17:16 6th July 2010

Glynn Parry (Liverpool fan) says...

says... im sorry liverpool fans but as of late lampard has been more productive than stevie the league and world cup. Err who's been England's joint top scorer in the past 2 world cup's=Gerrard. Who holds the record for most shots at goal without scoring over any 2 world cups=Lampard. Simple fact.

Posted 17:09 6th July 2010

Namrita John (Liverpool fan) says...

gerrard is the best

Posted 17:06 6th July 2010

Allan Jones (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

We missed owen Hargreaves in the middle big time.If he was fit its a no brainer,Barry would'nt get any where near the team. nows the time for change,bring in Rodwell alongside Hargreaves as the two holding players. rooney up on his own with gerrard behind flanked by Jack Whilshere and Adam Johnson who should have gone anyway. Lampard,Upson,James,carragher,terry and Glen Johnson if he does'nt improve your time is up. As for Cashly Cole you need to respect this country and its fans a bit more because your a disgrace.

Posted 16:59 6th July 2010

Rob Davies (Aston Villa fan) says...

cant beleive all these people sayin to drop world class players like gerrard and lampard and bring unproved youngsters who would get smashed to pieces on the world scene? some people suggesting jagielka and noble...please some people have no grip of football, just because germany beat us with an young team it doesnt mean its going to work for everyone

Posted 16:58 6th July 2010

Jim Watkin (Newcastle United fan) says...

How is it the likes of Johnson have slipped below the radar and Gerrard is getting highlighted as one of the World Cup problems? The 6mil man in charge panicked when he realised he was about to be found out at a major tournament and started ringing the likes of Scoles and Carragh to come back to the England fold. That was taking us backwards! He was listening to the wrong people as well; and we all knew him trying to rush back a player from a major injury was a mistake waiting to happen, as was keeping Walcott at home. All of a sudden Theo Walcott is one of our hopes for the future? Go figure? The brainless suits at the FA were conned again by a foreign manager and give Fabio all he wanted? Impunity from being sacked as it would cost too much to get rid of him. Its about time there was a big clear out across the board, and a proper plan put in place to develop young football players. Not players who are six foot something and built like boxers. I mean young players who are encouraged to dribble with the ball. I watch sunday league kids being congratulated on lumping the ball 50 meteres. "Good Knock"!!! Not its not, its a hopeless lump to nobody in particular......good knock my hairy a**. Coaching at every level has to be sorted not just the senior set up? Schools have got to be encouraged to develop sporting activities and so on......or, we won't get any better....???

Posted 16:53 6th July 2010

Gerry Atrick (Newcastle United fan) says...

You have to ask the question,why did Fabio ask Scholes to go with them to SA at 35 he obviously thought he was better than the rest of them, to me that tells you everything about our mid field nowt special

Posted 16:50 6th July 2010

Rob Pinny (Manchester United fan) says...

I thought rooney played his best in the last 20 minutes of the first half against slovenia .. he looked like he did all season for united.... that was because gerrard seemed to free himself from that ridged left mid position that ruined him. it seemed he got put back in his place at half time and guess what we looked less dangerous and very average. Rooney up top with gerrard in behind and we would have done alot better! lamps would have been improved as well. barry should have been replaced by carrick for his range of passing and centre backs should have been terry and dawson. we would have done alot better then! Don fabio was full of it when he said he would pick in form players! he just took the team that failed for euro 2008 and added a few more failures... heskey, barry, SWP etc Gerrard is a quality player in his position! same as all players! you dont see lionel messi stepping into defence and pulling out a blinder do you! so stop slating the team so much!

Posted 16:50 6th July 2010

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