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Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Steven Gerrard insists he will not call time on his England career despite the World Cup disappointment.

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Nick Harries (Liverpool fan) says...

Jose Santi made the most astute comments I have read for some time. Lampard was woeful and along side Rooney was amongst the poorest performers of the world cup. Rooney is touted as World Class but is nothing but a spoiled egotistical temperamental player who at his club feeds off the talent around him. Gerrard always plays for the team and supports every player around him. We have needed some young blood for some time and now is the opportunity to bring them into a squad who will have to make major improvements if England are to qualify for the next European finals.Prior to the start of the World Cup competittion who would have claimed many German players as World Class but look how they have performed as a team.

Posted 16:47 6th July 2010

Gaz Sefton (Everton fan) says...

I think Gerrard is one of the best midfielders in the world, if not the best, but out of a poor england team, i think he was one of the worst players. only Ashley Cole played well, and thats all, 'well' not great, just 'ok'. If i was in charge i would drop everyone but Milner, Rooney and Lennon, and i would replace them with younger players, such as Shawcross, Adam Johnson, Baines, who granted may not be technically as gifted as the current squad, but i would rather watch 'average' players play as a team than 11 so-called 'world class' players who only play as indivduals! Stevie G is a great player, but maybe its time to hang up the international boots, or certainly his captaincy.

Posted 16:43 6th July 2010

Andrew Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

Only stevie deserves any credit whatsoever!!! Upson was really bad,, I play amature football and our gaffer would brain us if we defended like England against Germany.. Lampard has never in my mind ever played well for Engalnd, All he does is follow Drogba round, scoring tap ins and deflections,, All the other home nations aint got as much talent as England,, But I bet they would have got through that group, and gone out In a blaze of blod sweat and tears,,Not That sorry bunch

Posted 16:38 6th July 2010

Kevin Gilberthorpe (Manchester United fan) says...

When he goes to Real Madrid this summer it will benefit us all. He needs genuine exposure to some talented players (unlike what he has now at Liverpool). Couple of years in Madrid and back for England in Euro2012!!

Posted 16:34 6th July 2010

Mr Macca (Manchester United fan) says...

I dont think that anyone really doubt's Steven Gerrard's qualities as a player. The fact remains that he has underperformed in an England shirt over a long period of time. I accept that he was played out of position by Capello throughout the World Cup and there is no way in this world that he should be dropped as we simply do not have the players to replace him. However, I categorically disagree with Mr Santi's comments that Gerrard is our best player. If he was in a Liverpool shirt then he would be in with a shout. The future of our national team, like it or not, is Wayne Rooney and Mr Capello should recognise this in his team selection. I do not make any excuses for Rooneys performance in the World Cup but he was coming off the season of his life playing (largely) as the lone striker playing off the shoulder of the last defender, so what logic is there in playing him 'in the hole' behind Heskey and then Defoe making it easy to be picked up by a holding midfielder? England simply do not have the players (Gerrard and Rooney included) to retain the ball for long periods of time and therefore need to play to our strengths which is to get the ball wide and commit midfield players forward as quickly as possible (so called counter attacking football).

Posted 16:33 6th July 2010

Jamie Thorley (Liverpool fan) says...

I think Gerrard was our best player in the USA game, but because he was moved to left mid again he didn't play well. i agree if your a top player you need to be able to adapt to different positions but if your a world class enter mid then you need to play centre mid. so i think he should play next world cup along side with barry.

Posted 16:32 6th July 2010

Michael Lawson-lee (Arsenal fan) says...

im glad gerrard wont quit he is class, i feel terry, upson, king, swp, beckham, heskey, james should never play for england again its time for a change, dump that lot and bring in fresh young players to mix in with the experience theres plenty of quality out there capello has got to be brave and go for it!!!

Posted 16:26 6th July 2010

Kenny Dunmuir (Arsenal fan) says...


Posted 16:19 6th July 2010

A Mack (Chelsea fan) says...

Gerrard is a good player - his ability is not in question. What i would say is - he is not a left midfielder. At Liverpool he doesnt play in central midfield of a 4-4-2. You can say that about any of the England midfield at the last world cup. Players played in the wrong position - won't play at the best of their ability. There is nothing wrong with the talent of the English players - we have many good players. Gerrard playing left wing should cry out one thing only - the manager can't drop players - even when it makes a better team!!

Posted 16:11 6th July 2010

Lee Jones (Everton fan) says...

Please quit, your legs have gone and you are no longer dangerous. Take Lampard, Terry, Carragher, Heskey, Lennon, Wright-Phillips, Upson, King, Green, Walcott and Ferdinand with you.

Posted 16:06 6th July 2010

Steve Wiles (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

SG is past his best along with the other over paid losers that embarrassed this Country during the WC. Time to bring on some young and hungry players. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!

Posted 16:01 6th July 2010

Kankani Sulemana (Chelsea fan) says...

Well i think we need players like walcott and Milner in the squad,i think Gerrard should been giving another chance to prove him self in the next world cup

Posted 15:54 6th July 2010

Paul Coan (Arsenal fan) says...

Gerrard and ashley cole were the only 2 players to come out of the world cup with any credit. Im a gooner and would like to see him continue for England but only if he is played through the middle . Lampard you have never played well for England and wont be long until Jack wiltshire has your top. We do have some good youth players lets give them a chance now

Posted 15:54 6th July 2010

Ross Little (West Ham United fan) says...

Fantastic, I assume that England fans are meant to feel honoured that brave Steven Gerrard is going to soldier on for us and try and make amends. If he wasn't part of the undroppable golden generation his club form last season would have lead to serious question marks being placed over his international place - the very fact that he was the one who had to be shifted out to the left suggests that he was the most expendable of the lot, despite the fact he was made captain. I'd be very pleasently surpirsed to see one or two of the golden generation take the decision to retire from international football and not only allow for some fresh faces to come in, they can also add a couple of extra years to their club careers, where they get the freedom to do whatever the hell they want.

Posted 15:45 6th July 2010

Nik Hanes (Chelsea fan) says...

Stevie G is assuming that hes still wanted within the England setup - with the plan having to be to build for the future, I would have to doubt that in 4 years time he would be part of the solution to make things better....its time to start trying something different, not keep on using the same midfield that hasnt worked for the last 8 years. We've had 3 managers now where England have 'underperformed'. Where all the managers bad...or is the one point of continuity being the players making it rather obvious where the issue has been? Be ruthless, plan for the future with those players who can be part of it.

Posted 15:42 6th July 2010

Gav R (Arsenal fan) says...

Think it good Steve G going to stay on and try and repair the damage think it funny Man Utd fan come on here saying he should go how many off you said Beckham should play for England still ...the must play for Utd thinking going on there.. Maybe you guy(man U fans) should look at Rooney before starting on Gerrard at least he try in the world cup was are best player in CM and got move out to the left but at least he did not stand around doing nothing for 4 game... I really hope your UTD fan give Rooney abuse for how he blow England chances and made us play with 10 men and the lack of respect he show the fan by throwing abuse at the cameras

Posted 15:42 6th July 2010

Jon Seddon (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Gerrard and rooney have been the biggest disappointment this campaign. We rely on the big players all the time, its the players like barry who stood out for me. And why capello picked heskey is anybody's guess, may sound a bit hypocritical saying this but, pick kevin davies. He does exactly the same as heskey and has a greart head and score from the boot, unlike heskey.

Posted 15:41 6th July 2010

Nicholas Klein (Liverpool fan) says...

Can't believe some of the comments on here defending Gerrard! I'm a bloody Liverpool supporter and I can understand the points of view! Who is he to dictate whether he stops playing for England or not? Maybe the nation are sick and tired of their egos!!!!!! Maybe the country does need a change! Good player but sorry, once again he and his clan have failed! It's not a case of singing when winning but a cracking performance once every few years is not good enough! It is very to easy to complicate the issue and look for many excuses but one thing is a fact! The players cannot cut it on the World stage!!!!!! FACT! The evidence is there in front of you, time and time again! Again, people should consider those who paid thousands to go and see this pathetic shower moan and groan. Wonder if they have any sympathy for the British soldiers?

Posted 15:36 6th July 2010

Ralph Grech (Manchester United fan) says...

England have tried to accomodate the best players, however these are not the best possible combination that form the best team. After 2004, Paul Scholes was made a scapegoat for all that went wrong. He sacrificed himself on the left to make way for Gerrard and lampard. this time gerrard sacrificed himself for the team and was made to look bad. For all his talent, Lampard lacks the invention of a Paul Scholes and the ball winning ability of a Gerrard. Many have picked on rooney, yet at united he has a supply line with loads of invention continuously delivering ammunition. How many playable balls did he have? yet notwithstanding he was man-marked and double marked, he still managed to provide 5 perfect unselfish assists that the others failed to capitalize on in the four matches! Only one was transformed by gerrard. How many assists did the midfield provide rooney with? How many futile attempts were made from distance by midfield, yet most goals resulted from perfect deliveries. England failed in the first match and that is the reason which ultimately led to the current situation. With a 1-0 win england would have won the group comfortably and played Ghana, and subsequently Uruguay and progressed to the Semis against holland. The morale would have been high. Our achilles heel was there for all to see. the goalkeeper is the weakness and I believe a confident Hart can propel this team to success he has a German arrogance and belief. The team that beat Germany in Germany was made up of downing and wright phillips on the wings and carrick and Barry in central midfield. I remember carrick's display was out of this world on the day since he could express himself without Ger and Lamps around. Rooney the main beneficiary. Defoe and Bent played in the absence of Rooney. These days image and reputation of players seem more important than actual substance. The germans had a team of under-rated warriors! this is why they won.

Posted 15:26 6th July 2010

Jose Santi (Atletico Madrid fan) says...

I can't believe how people question his ability. In Spain he is regarded as the best English talent by miles! We have never rated Rio or Terry, you lot have to get real and stop expecting so much from Rooney as well because he simply isn't that good a player. If Rooney wasn't English you wouldn't hear much about him at all, he just plays where he wants and does what he wants like a 12 year old boy on the playground. GET REAL ENGLAND FANS, Steven Gerrard is your best player, you are lucky to have use him!!!

Posted 15:22 6th July 2010

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