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Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Steven Gerrard insists he will not call time on his England career despite the World Cup disappointment.

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Chris Brown (Chelsea fan) says...

Unbelievable how people can question his ability when he was easily our best player at the World Cup whilst being played out of position. Terry, Lampard and Rooney were shocking. I truely think Terry, Lampard and Rio should be replaced ASAP. Terry hasn't been one of the best English defenders for a long time and has ridden on his reputation for too long, much like Rio. Keep Stevie in, keep him as captain and put him in the middle!!

Posted 15:16 6th July 2010

Ashley Sanders (Liverpool fan) says...

If central midfield or off the striker then yes, maybe he should continue until the Euros. But there is no point continuing to play him out of his position. He has spent his whole England career out of position and for that I feel sorry for him. You still need a mixture of youth and experience and Stevie G has at least got a track record of scoring in tournaments (2004, 2006 and 2010).

Posted 15:12 6th July 2010

Rob P (Everton fan) says...

i cannot work this out. how is it that every time steve g has a bad game, he is playing out of position. why cannot steve g actually walk over to what ever manager he is playing under and just say to him that he woudl rather be playing in such a such a role and actually see if he can fill that roll, instead of giving him an instant excuse why he has been playing rubbish. surely as team captain, he has to be listerned to. just amazes me that this excuse is run out game after game.

Posted 15:11 6th July 2010

Liam Cowling (Manchester United fan) says...

im sorry liverpool fans but as of late lampard has been more productive than stevie the league and world cup.

Posted 15:09 6th July 2010

Tim Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

liverpool fans need to get a grip. this guy is not as good as people make out. he is just as average as most other players. pleased to see jamie carragher has quit again...should be nowhere near the england squad.

Posted 15:05 6th July 2010

Andy Hill (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

the only problem with england world cup was we took too many injured players and out of form ones people forget barry was injured gerrard and rooney off form glen johnson and lampard are good players but not internationals

Posted 15:02 6th July 2010

Mandy Watson (Liverpool fan) says...

Don't want to lose Gerrard as an England or Liverpool player

Posted 15:02 6th July 2010

Josh Beaumont (Arsenal fan) says...

Find it amazing what i'm reading when I look down this page. The majority of you seem to not be football fans or at least not follow it. How you can believe Gerrard didn't deserve his place in the England squad in the world cup, and how you may think he's washed up I don't know. He's practically carried liverpool for the season and if anything I feel sorry for him because he deserves to have a better team around him at Liverpool. As for the WC2010 I'd go as far as saying he was the biggest performer for us, linking up with Rooney (his fellow scouser) whenever he could. If anything it seemed he was again let down by the people around him.

Posted 15:01 6th July 2010

Paul Bowman (Everton fan) says...

You bunch of idiots, gerrard is a great player. Let him stay and he will deliver the goods as rooney and lamps and co are the main culprits boot that lot out.

Posted 14:59 6th July 2010

Mik Sharples (Everton fan) says...

its about time england play younger players like when peter taylor was i charge for 1 game he played young players with passion. dawson, jags, gibbs, wallcott, whilshire to name a few to get the nod. 3 tournaments with the same midfield problems, retire now lamps, heskey, terry for the sake of your country

Posted 14:54 6th July 2010

Paul Kelleher (Manchester United fan) says...

Gerrard is a great player and England need him playing his best football. I think a better formation for England would have been the diamond formation with Carrick anchoring and Joe Cole on the left, Lampard on the right with Gerrard sitting behind Rooney and Defoe. One Question i have to ask is "What the hell are Upson and Terry doing in the box when it's obvious that Lampard is shooting for goal on direct free kicks?" They left themselves exposed at the back.

Posted 14:53 6th July 2010

Trish Joyce (Liverpool fan) says...

I dont see why sould quit. He knows he didnt perform as well as he should, and he was out ot position. I has a Liverpool supporter hope he does quit his beloved Liverpool either. Please stay and give the new manager at least 1 season and see how things go. Please stay Stevie G

Posted 14:48 6th July 2010

Koray Halil says...

Gerrard for me was the best English player at the World Cup. He was accurate with his passing, he tried to create angles in his movement and in with his passing. His biggest impact was making runs in from the left eg, vs USA. Barry was the biggest idiot for me. He was meant to sweep in front of the back four, but instead twice against Germany brought the ball forward in to very advanced positions and then lost the ball that lead to two German goals. Upson and Terry was a joke also, I have never seen any other nation concede a route one goal like the first one against Germany. Rooney was crap as well, he couldnt hold the ball, he couldnt turn or even muster a decent shot on goal. But Capello has also made some strange decisions. Gerrard has a great right foot. I couldnt believe it when he brought Joe Cole to play on the right and left Gerrard on the left. He scored against the USA from a position slightly right of centre. He should have played him centre mid or tucked behind Rooney. He's the only player that ignited him a little.

Posted 14:48 6th July 2010

Andy Horlock (Southend United fan) says...

The problem wasn't the players, it was the ineptitude manager, who played Gerrard, Rooney, Heskey, Terry Lampard all out of position, about 6,500 miles out of position. None of the players showed that they were prepared to roll up their sleeves and get on with or show any passion. The decision should not be theirs to make - they should all be sacked and future generations should be paid by results not by turning up (or not turning up in the case of this world cup

Posted 14:47 6th July 2010

James Macdonald (West Ham United fan) says...

Frankly i dont think it makes much difference,if he stays or goes, we didnt look capable of beating the Girl guides let alone anyone else in what has been generally an underwhelming ling poor world cup in terms of skills . lets face it give or take german efficiency non of the real big time charlies turned up on the night . Capello needs to drop the lot and start recruiting via a "britains got no talent" type of reality tv show at least we could do hat we seem to do well which is enjoy people making pillocks of themselves.

Posted 14:46 6th July 2010

Adam Smith (Ipswich Town fan) says...

Good, gerrard was one of the better players in the shambles of a world cup campaign. Sack Lampard, Heskey, SWP, and Terry. The rest can be built around for 2012 Euros

Posted 14:46 6th July 2010

Patrice Evshah (Arsenal fan) says...

I don't know why people are saying Lampard underperformed. He hti the crossbar and scored a legitimate goal against germany!

Posted 14:44 6th July 2010

Gareth H (Liverpool fan) says...

I'm amazed at the idea of Gerrard quitting! There is clearly divides in the England camp but Gerrard is the best midfielder in the team and never gets to play in his best position due to Lampard and the fact he can play in other positions. Lampard,Upson,Ferdinand and Heskey are older than Gerrard and not getting any better why dont they quit???

Posted 14:43 6th July 2010

Arren Potton (Arsenal fan) says...

I totally agree with Gary Martin it is time to out with the old in with the new gerrard has been fantastic over the years for us no question but him and lamps and quite a few others will be long in the tooth come next world cup so now they should give game time to the younger players to get them nearer the mark its a start of a new generation.

Posted 14:42 6th July 2010

Rami Alayyan (Liverpool fan) says...

Stevie is the best player in the world!

Posted 14:34 6th July 2010

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