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Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Gerrard - I'm no quitter

Steven Gerrard insists he will not call time on his England career despite the World Cup disappointment.

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Jake Mackenzie (Liverpool fan) says...

Gerrard is the greatest captain england have look at his perfomance when we won the champs league back in 05, a born leader. The core of the team gerrard, barry, rooney and terry should be kept together and the team should be built around them using the younger players. also if hes not a quitter he wont abandon us at liverpool this year YNWA

Posted 14:33 6th July 2010

John Wallace (Liverpool fan) says...

Hart Johnson,Ferdinand,Terry,Cole Milner,Gerrard,Lampard, A.Johnson Rooney, Crouch This is a team that I would like to see play for the next Euro Qualifiers

Posted 14:32 6th July 2010

Zach Ayre (Newcastle United fan) says...

The whole team under-achieved and for people here saying he's washed up, but to be fair Gerrard was one of the better performers of an under-achieving England side during a World Cup-Campaign. And for Man Utd supporters saying he's washed up, come on... what about Wayne Rooney? Big let-down this World Cup let's be honest! If Gerrard was played in a central role I believe this would have been pivotal in progressing through this tournament...

Posted 14:30 6th July 2010

Dan R (West Ham United fan) says...

We all know the boys underperformed blah blah but players like Gerrard are top players....our national side needs to build a team around players like Gerrard and stop playing him in rubbish systems which tries to keep all the superstars happy either you allow him to do what he's good at or leave him out of the side. For all these comments he's not good enough, please c'mon most all Premiership fans would love to have him playing in their team this coming season

Posted 14:29 6th July 2010

Stuart Morton (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

He's still a great player, i'm with the Liverpool fans on this, Gerrard is still one of our best players and should continue to play for the country. Give him a break Man Utd fans!

Posted 14:27 6th July 2010

Iain Singleton (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

The sooner people like Gerrard are removed from the England squad, the better. He thinks no-one is better than him and the Germany result, and entire WC performance is probably a huge dent to his ego. To say he wants 100 caps is for his own sake, not England's. Only Liverpool fans will support him since he does not know how to work within the England team. Giving him the captaincy was the biggest mistake as that makes him think he is the most important player.

Posted 14:27 6th July 2010

Marc Mcvey (Liverpool fan) says...

It makes me laugh some of the comments you read. Put simply, Steven Gerrard is the best English midfielder available and he will remain in the England team because ther isn't anyone good enough to take his place. Capello and his conservative ways got it wrong. Football has evolved from 4-4-2. All the best teams in the world play with a loane striker and 3 supporting attackers yet we go with Heskey to partner Rooney. Gerrard should have played behing Rooney with the team built around him, just like Sneijder holland, Ozil Germany, Kaka Brazil, Messi Argentina, even Forlan for Uruguay drops deep and is the fulcrum of everything they do going forward. Watch the semi finals. I doubt you will see a frustrated Ozil or Sneijder playing out wide left to accommodate a burley target man. Capello got it wrong and Gerrard suffered as a result. If any of you have played football yourself you will realise what Gerrard means by playing out wide being the 'graveyard shift,' but i doubt any of you 'football manager 2010 players, repeat what you hear in the papers' have played football to understand this

Posted 14:26 6th July 2010

Jason Mcgovern (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Gerrard in his best position - oh the position he says himself he doesn't like, just as he doesn't like left, or right, or deep etc etc etc. David Villa has played out of position as has Forlan - Villa to accomodate the equally inept Torres. If Roy gets a £10m bid he should take it for Gerrard. His own lack of tactical acumen and awareness is why he can't play anywhere - just likes the comfort of a Liverpool shirt and the 46,000 worshippers. That's why he bottles going elsewhere, because he'd be found out as a "world-class" lacking player in about 6 games.

Posted 14:24 6th July 2010

Rob Miles (West Ham United fan) says...

Think its time we start rebuilding the squad. We do need to keep some big names who still show the passion and have the quality, because we do need players who can make something out of nothing. Keep Ashley Cole, John Terry, Glen Johnson, Steven Gerrrard and Wayne Rooney for example. But we do need young, hard working players who work there socks off for the team, people like Mark Noble, James Milner, Adam Johnson, Lee Cattermole, Michael Dawson, Gabriel Agbonlahor. Hopefully the quality from the other players can complement them and bring together a much needed TEAM EFFORT.

Posted 14:22 6th July 2010

Stephen Middleton (Newcastle United fan) says...

steven gerrard was to me the only player who wanted to win more than everybody else jt was a close second rooney was a disgrace to the shirt didnt try at all gerrard looked really gutted when we were knocked out like many say play him behind rooney and see what happens only then can u manu fans call him , hes only player with a bit pride n passion its the like of rooney and them who think there untouchable

Posted 14:20 6th July 2010

Simon Marks (Arsenal fan) says...

The bottom line is there are only two players in the england squad that could be considered 'world class', rooney and ashley cole. Time to drop the likes of terry, gerrard, ferdinand and lampard. Also Heskey should never be considered again as he makes us look like a laughing stock in the face of the opposition. Play the youngsters from now as Germany have for past two years. The likes of Milner, Rothwell, Johnson and Wilshire are the future and the future is now!

Posted 14:17 6th July 2010

Kamal Romain (Arsenal fan) says...

Steven Gerrard is world class England need him get fat frank out of here! he is no way near a touch of the chelsea player funny hopw people change when money is not the motive we jus need pure people who play for there badge and CApello is not to blame wen we were winning in qualifying he was praised highly no we balme him for the wolrd cup it the players who need changing its easy to balem the manager but fact is he doosnt play the game he just instructs

Posted 14:16 6th July 2010

Nick Pothers (Yeovil Town fan) says...

Gerrard is, I believe, 30 years old. IMO we should dispense with pretty much all players 29 or over, sack off Euro 2012 and start building a side for Brazil 2014. Get rid of our over-paid, underperforming, one-dimensional players. Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Ferdinand, they've had their chance. Let's have some young, hungry players who want to wear an England shirt, who won't whinge about playing out of position and who will put it in FOR THE TEAM. Gerrard and his type are all me, me, me and when he plays on the left he sulks - pathetic excuse for a human being that he is.

Posted 14:14 6th July 2010

Charlie Owen (Stoke City fan) says...

Have you noticed that the ONLY fans with anything good to say about Gerrard are Liverpool. Take your rose tinted specs of for 2 minutes will you guys. Gerrard is washed up and at the end of his career. Everyone can see it except for the usually delusional Liverpool fans. Anything anti-Gerrard has to come from man Utd fans they say - wake up for God's sake and get real !

Posted 14:12 6th July 2010

David Bracken (Ipswich Town fan) says...

Personally I have never felt Gerrard cared about playing for England, you just have to look at how many times he has pulled out of friendlies to know that he only turns up when it suits him. I know he is a fantastic player, but it really irritates me that we've given the England captaincy to a player who doesn't care about his country.

Posted 14:08 6th July 2010

Luke Jones (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Gerrard should quit playing for England, along with Lampard. They have never played great for England, nothing like they do for their clubs. England coaches have done everything with Lampard and Gerrard, played them in all sorts of different positions, but the simple fact is, they still cant do it for England

Posted 14:08 6th July 2010

Pina Colada (Rochdale fan) says...

Same old story! One of the best english midfielders for a long time plays out of position to accomadate someone not quite as good, and he gets in the neck from the band wagonners!!

Posted 14:01 6th July 2010

Jonathan Brown (Newcastle United fan) says...

Go on gerrard you were one of thye better players keep your pride in england get rid of capello !!!

Posted 13:57 6th July 2010

Mike Deedigan (Liverpool fan) says...

Typical England fans getting on the back of the team after a disappointing tournament, and Nick calling Gerrard technically inept shows exactly what you know about football which is clearly nothing, I am Irish and we didn't even make it but I still sing their praises no matter what because I love my country and everyone that represents it, maybe the players aren't the problem, maybe its you! THE FANS, grow up and support them or shut up

Posted 13:56 6th July 2010

Dec Redwood (Liverpool fan) says...

We need to build the team around our best players. Ferdinand, Gerrard and Rooney are the core of the team, and the rest should be selected to compliment the way they play football. We had a team of individuals at this world cup, and the nature of our premier league is to blame. I don't have an issue with the world class players playing in England, because it improves the standard. But it's the really average (and below average) foreigners keeping young English talent on the bench that is ruining our chances. Until something changes we will never win a major tournament again.

Posted 13:50 6th July 2010

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