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Cruyff plays down Dutch hopes

Cruyff plays down Dutch hopes

Holland legend Johan Cruyff believes Spain are favourites to win the World Cup final on Sunday.

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Marinus Venema (Histon fan) says...

Our legendary Johan Cruyff, never deny his own march in the world cup, but fact is he failed with total football. Our current lot is a new batch, new hope and this time it is theirs for the taking. Spain are dangerous and not to be underestimated but this Dutch side has got something that Johan's side lacked. I thought Germany looked weak on their defence throughout the tournament and until Spain came along nobody really tested that, end result Spain knocked them out being too strong in their attack. The Dutch defence is much stronger when it needs to be and have shown when it comes to it, even Brazil went home looking rather desperate in the final 20 minutes against the Dutch. If Spain pass the ball a bit quicker it will set them up for a few goals and they could take the cup.If the Dutch remain on current form Spain will have to play better than what they did in the semi. in the end it does not matter who wins, if you ask me, both teams are world champions already, 3rd time lucky for the Dutch or first time glory for Spain.

Posted 10:39 9th July 2010

Rowan Louw (Arsenal fan) says...

Johan is a sore loser the current crop of Dutch player are about to make history as were he failed to. The Dutch will win the final.

Posted 07:48 9th July 2010

Begumanya Ignatius (Arsenal fan) says...

The Oranje will win.

Posted 05:26 9th July 2010

Eric-martial Reonigneaud (Manchester United fan) says...

The Master's spot-on again. Spain ooze football in its world-class meaning. It's 'unbelievable', Rafa would say! Spain would be a mighty champion, with players who deserve every penny of their worth, unlike some we know who felt bored with a world cup perhaps hugging them unkindly.

Posted 00:28 9th July 2010

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