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Golden Ball shortlist named

Golden Ball shortlist named

Fifa have announced the candidates for the World Cup Golden Ball - the award given to the best player of the finals.

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Andy Chamberlain (Aston Villa fan) says...

Gotta be Villa for me, constant threat for spain and has scored 5 of their 7 goals. They have looked to be struggling in some of thier games until he has popped up grabbed a goal from no where. Honestly don't think they would be anywhere near the final without him especially with torres in such poor form.

Posted 09:07 10th July 2010

David Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

For me, only players from the 4 teams who reached the semi-finals should be counted and the winner should be from the winning team, easy. If Spain wins it should be David Villa or if Holland wins then Sneijder.

Posted 02:15 10th July 2010

Vino Vin (Arsenal fan) says...

Honda. He was sublime. But as an obvious and boring one, it has to be Villa. Crucial strikes and less flukey than Sneijder's.

Posted 01:46 10th July 2010

Carwyn Jones (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

David Villa gets it for me, he has dragged Spain single haldidly, kicking and screaming to the finals.

Posted 00:08 10th July 2010

Russ Woods (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

In my opinion Xavi is easily the best player both in the world at present and in this world cup. He is so consistent and week in week out he is playing against world class opposition and he just runs every game.Because he doesn't do the fancy flicks and stepovers like the Messi's and Ronaldo's of this world he doesn't get the same publicity. I would have Xavi in my team in front of either of the above.Count how many times he touches the ball in a game and how many times he finds a team-mate.

Posted 23:00 9th July 2010

Lucian Sam (Arsenal fan) says...

Super Diago Forlan gets my Vote... This guy is the brain of the Team... An Average team with a Super Player, Hoping to see Forlan play for Barca one day cause he is a special talent.

Posted 22:17 9th July 2010

Sean O'doherty (Celtic fan) says...

This nominations list, in all honesty, is a bit of a farce. Where are Alonso, Müller, Van Der Wiel, Friedrich and Khedira who have all been excellent. Messi? Was he at the world cup? He was easily boxed off by the Germans and looked half the player he is for Barca. Strange dip of form but we will definately see him in Brasil in 2014. All in all, it is so close that it is obviously in Iniesta, Xavi, Robben or Sneijders hands, and I imagine which ever player shines in the final will get the award. As for top scorer Klose, Villa, Sneijder or even Forlan all have a chance to win it and as we all have learned this world cup anything can happen.

Posted 22:16 9th July 2010

Darren Howie (Newcastle United fan) says...

I'm very happy Asamoah Gyan has been nominated, yeah alright he missed a crucial penalty but if he hadn't missed that he would have been in with a good shout of winning the best player award. My choice would be either Schweinsteiger or Sneijder. I think Spain will lift the trophy just because Holland don't have the attackers to beat such world class defenders. But I can see Sneijder causing problems with his pin point passes.

Posted 22:05 9th July 2010

Des Reilly (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wheres Heskey?? Seriously Schwienstager edges it...a good list except for Messi and the absence of Klose, Muller and maybe Alonso

Posted 21:56 9th July 2010

Mark Ross says...

Sorry but Sneijder is by far the best midfield player in the world, he has it all, and the medals from last season to prove it. Im a massive Xavi/Iniesta fan but if we are talking about individuals that have shone on the worlds stage then look no further. The fact that Madrid moved him on to make way for Kaka makes me laugh every time I think about it

Posted 21:06 9th July 2010

David Smith (Manchester City fan) says...

how has messi been terrible he may not have scored but he has been good to watch and made many good passes football is about more than goals however i believe forlan should get the prize he has been fantastic and was at the heart of all uruguays good moves

Posted 18:10 9th July 2010

Gaz B (Portsmouth fan) says...

Easy.......Diego Forlan best player by a million miles

Posted 15:32 9th July 2010

Liam Fraserino (Celtic fan) says...

The list is about right. Villa, Sneider, and Sveinsteiger have been brilliant, but Ozil edges.

Posted 15:32 9th July 2010

Joel Obcena says...

Regards Tim Holloway comments, was you watching the world cup games? As they say Tim nice but dim!

Posted 15:32 9th July 2010

Daniel Clapp (Manchester United fan) says...

i agree that Muller should of made the short list instead of Messi he gave the English and Argentinian defence a horrible time with his speed, quality, and quick precise thinking

Posted 15:30 9th July 2010

Ben Kennedy (Arsenal fan) says...

I think that it should be Wesley Sneijder because he has played a key role for Holland in this world cup and I would like to see him win it.

Posted 15:30 9th July 2010

Johann Van der hoff (Arsenal fan) says...

This is a big joke! How can Messi be on the list but not Müller!? I would also put van Bommel ahead of Robben for Netherlands.

Posted 15:29 9th July 2010

Brian Rhodes says...

How can Lionel Messi possibly be in that list? He has flattered to decieve in this World Cup. Yeah, at club level he is a delight to watch, but at this World Cup he has been awful. It seems that all the superstar players have failed to live up to the hype. Rooney, Torres, Robinho and the rest of the Brazilian team, Ronaldo, Gerrard, Lampard, Ribery, Henry etc, etc. The unfancied Germans such as Schweinsteiger, and Ozil, along with the Dutch and most of the Spanish have all played very well, but Folan is another that really didn't do much considering the expectation that was heaped on his shoulders after a great season for Atletico Madrid. FIFA seem to have picked a bunch of names out of a hat for half of their nominees.

Posted 15:28 9th July 2010

Lee Baker says...

joke!!! where is Xabi Alonso on the list? ultimate pro, allows xavi & iniesta to play.

Posted 15:27 9th July 2010

Andrew Bruce (St Pauli fan) says...

Forlan for me, playing on a team where he had to play as striker and set up man surrounded by useful, but not flashy forwards and a defensive minded midfield he's not had a poor game and provided superb passing, long range goals and leadership throughout.

Posted 15:26 9th July 2010

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