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Fabio expects Terry axe

Fabio expects Terry axe

John Terry's future in the England team is under severe threat, according to former Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro.

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Barrie Collins (Chelsea fan) says...

Capello is about to compound his first mistake, the sacking of Terry as captain (based on completely unsubstantiated allegations, which had no bearing on football anyway), by making another mistake in dismissing Terry from the team altogether. He exacerbated the first error by making Gerrard captain for the World Cup. Gerrard has shown, at Liverpool, that he has no talent for captaincy whatever. His performance against the USA was on of the worst I've ever seen; he was all over the pitch getting in everyone's way. It's a great credit to the way his "teammates" coped with his hindrance, that we didn't get beaten. Capello rated Gerrard the best player against the USA which shows how little he really knows about this game. Capello is a petty-minded martinet who is prone to holding grudges. The FA had a wonderful opportunity to get rid of him, but chickened out. Now, we're stuck with his idiotic coaching ideas right through the next European Championships. He is an Italian who is surrounding himself with an Italian staff. Just ask yourselves where Italy finished in the World Cup, and you'll know how good Italian coaching is. Now, he's going to build a team full of players who'll ask "How high?", on the way up, when he asks them to jump! How did the FA get us into this mess? Terry, far from being dropped from the team, should be reinstated as captain because, not only is he by far the best man for the position, but also because he recognises managerial incompetence when he sees it, and is not afraid to speak out against it. Capello should be fired immediately, and a new manager (not necessarily English) installed as soon as possible, before the disease, known as Capello, infects the whole team. Yes, we'll need younger blood over the next few years, that's normal, but what England DON'T need is Capello!

Posted 02:29 19th July 2010

Tom Evans (Aston Villa fan) says...

I agree with most of the things Cannavaro said apart from that Ashley Cole should play in Euro 2012. Cole is one of the most arrogant, revolting sportsmen in the world, who admitted to hating every English person and hating playing for his country, whislt sleeping with as many women as he can physically fit into his timetable. If what the papers claim he said is true he should be kicked out and never considered again for England. We have millions of people who would do anything to play for their country and if Cole's head is too far up his own backside to see that then he should be dropped. Kieran Gibbs looks like a promsing talent and if Terry gets booted too Wayne Bridge could come back in, as well as Warnock who was brilliant for us last year, so we would not have too many problems at left back. I would consider dropping Lampard too, great for Chelsea, shocking for England. Too many players are picked on reputation and then flop for their country. I really hope Capello does what Cannavaro says and totally rebuilds the team but it hasn't happend under our last 2 managers so I am not sure if it will happen now. Still, lets see how it goes.

Posted 02:08 19th July 2010

Dan James (Leicester City fan) says...

Come on guys. JT is still one of the best on his day and one of the few who wears the England shirt with pride. We have to let Capello to make his choices and put some trust in him. It's time to accept that both fans and media alike have made playing for England an unpleasant experience with so much hype and expectation and opinion that every decision and mistake is scrutinised and analysed (should have done this, should have done that). Once the game has finished it is all theory anyway. Blood some youngsters and leave in the players who can still perform on the world stage, the likes of SWP, Barry, Defoe, Lennon, Green etc are not good enough now and never will be

Posted 02:07 19th July 2010

Anthony Hunter (Manchester United fan) says...

Great article, but why the emotional reaction from the Manchester United fans. We are all tired of this nonsense of insulting others when they express an opinion. As a United fan myself and having watched the World Cup it was quite obvious to me that Rooney was totally out of his depth. I would certainly not pick him again for a major tournament

Posted 01:47 19th July 2010

Dave Manchild says...

Lets not lose perspective. Terry is just about England's most committed defender. I may be imagining this but did JT not try and dive in front of a ball that would have taken his head off. Shrek had barely a handful of chances and at times I thought Heskey was our only striker. The players have no faith in Capello and it shows in their performances. Especially when we go behind. And half of the players can't even be bothered to learn the national anthem. Watch the England Rugby players before a match and they're on the verge of tears. Where is this sense of pride? Nobody can be held wholly responsible for ANOTHER failure.

Posted 01:21 19th July 2010

Alfie Jones (Aston Villa fan) says...

In my opinion Terry was the single biggest reason for England's poor showing at the world cup. He is without a doubt one of the best defenders in the world, and he is a born leader. Yet he lost the captaincy for his own stupidity and seemingly didn't actually realise it had been taken away from him. He was poor in every game, caused a rift between the squad with his 'opinions', and was at fault for 3 Germany goals. How much longer can he pull the wool over everyones eyes? The only truly world-class English players are Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney. Capello, do what you promised and pick on form, not reputation.

Posted 01:07 19th July 2010

Antoine Grima (Chelsea fan) says...

Getting rid of Terry , Lampard and Gerrard will be a big mistake.Since when does an Italian coach know how to manage an English team.Italy and England are 2 countries that play a competely different game.The way forward is an English coach.Rednapp comes to mind.A foreign coach coaching a multi national team in the premier league is on thing , but a foreign coach coaching the English national team is another

Posted 00:43 19th July 2010

Andrew King (Sunderland fan) says...

Gerrard should have a chance to play in his club position instead of accommodating Lampard and then we might see what a player he could be. He always seems to link up well with Rooney but pushed out wide it wastes both of them. We really need a change of formation. There isn't another major nation that plays 4-4-2 now and nor are any of them expected to revert back to it. Why can't we do the same. Joe Hart has got to be considered as the number 1 now. Green has had his chance and James is ready for a Zimmer frame. None of the centre backs who went to the world cup have any pace so Ferdinand would be the only one worth retaining. Unfortunately Johnson is probably the best of a bad bunch at right back. Cashley is still the best left back and one of the few who regularly puts in a performance. Barry was shown up at the world cup and although he probably wasn't fit, he does not have sufficient pace to play the holding role. I would like to think Huddlestone would do a job but I am not so sure that he has the pace either. Perhaps 2 holding midfielders would be the best way forward. If Cattermole can get himself fit and back to the way he was playing early last season he would be worth considering just for his energy and passion. Out wide, Adam Johnson should be given a real chance and players like Ashley Young and Arron Lennon, with real pace should be given a go - but without fear. Rooney has to stay as a focal point with Gerrard playing off him until some of the younger player have established themselves as first team regulars (Whiltshire, etc). As a SAFC fan I would love to see Bent get a fair chance, if he is half as good as last season

Posted 23:42 18th July 2010

John Scerri (Chelsea fan) says...

Correct everyone. Use JT as a scapegoat for a completely sussed out and outplayed TEAM. Drop JT as captain just before a world cup. The captain that lead England through an unbeaten qualifying campaign and replace him with someone with a squeaky clean diciplinary record outside the game? Come on MR DJ put a record on - bang. Then continue to use the axed skipper to blame him for Rooney (couldnt even turn his shirt inside out), Gerrard- the knew adpoted left midfielder who turns up regulary on the right wing. To add to that swapping Rob green for a gk who made a career in own goal and gaffs dvd's. Partnering JT with Upson (bad season by his own admission) rather than dawson (been blinding all year). Leaving adam johnson behind because ?? and bringing arron lennon and wright phillips? and playing a 4-4-2 rather tham the 4-3-3 that almost all the clubs in the premiership use to great success at home and in europe. I could go on but you can't blame one player for nearly a whole team, thats an easy get out. Please play players on merit and not by name. Its so easy to do it but just look at teams like Ireland etc... at leaset they can forge a team and at times i would sooner watch them than England.

Posted 22:05 18th July 2010

Mike Martin (Brighton and Hove Albion fan) says...

Its about time we got some decent unbiased comments about our dreadful WC experience. Lets forget all the Man U v Liverpool v Chelsea player disagreements and look at the big picture. Yes our team is ageing, yes we had a disaster, yes there will be changes, and yes, we can win if we get behind the team once again and if Capello follows the trend of bringing in the younger players much earlier, like Holland Spain and Germany. So here goes, OUT: Gerrard, Lampard, Heskey, Carragher, Ferdinand, Terry, James. It would appear, on the surface, to be madness I agree. However, these players will all be well into their 30's, come the European championships, so, instead of coupling youth with experience, lets build the experience within the youth, as per SAF!!! So here goes, IN: Wilshire, S.Taylor, Rodwell, A.Johnson, Welbeck, Lescot, Downing, C.Cole, Mancienne, Smalling, Bertrand, Cleverley, Cattermole, Gosling, Moses, Delph, Sturidge, Delfouneso. KEEP: Walcot, Upson, Johnson, Dawson, Warnock, Lennon, Milner, Rooney, Richards, Barry, Hart. Now people, lets get the squad together, keep them together, and for god's sake lets stop slating them everytime they have a poor result!!! Get behind them, support them, help them, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, we will have a TEAM one day.

Posted 21:37 18th July 2010

Laura Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

Instead of kicking John Terry out of the whole team, why doesn't he take a look at other players? Steven Gerrard is in the wrong position completely. He should be just behind Rooney. They work well together even though they play for rival teams! Rooney wasn't getting the delivery that he needed to be able to score. He gets that at United and Gerrard provides it for Torres (or whoever else is upfront) at Liverpool. Gerrard is a brilliant player, but he can't play on the left side. He just doesn't work well there. Shaun Wright-Phillips was also a mistake. He did nothing! Should've took Walcott instead. There's no point in blaming Wayne Rooney for England's failure. He needs to actually get the ball to be able to get it into the back of the net, which he didn't get for in this world cup. Rooney is a brilliant player, and that's coming from a Liverpool supporter.

Posted 20:25 18th July 2010

Jim Smith says...

Only when the seemingly everlasting cult of self interest and obsession with celebrity is driven out of English soccer, will we begin to compete at international level with the more intelligent,sophisticated,modest and unassuming teams.The demise of players such as Terry and Cole who strut around the Premier League with their heads half way up their own backsides when not reckoning they are more powerful than their manager would be a useful start. However, the real problem is deeper than that.They are being followed by younger players already looking forward more to what soccer can do for them and their unproductive useless WAGs than in what they can do for English soccer at the national level.The young German, Dutch and Spanish players are much more guarded against the cult of celebrity,much more patriotic and have much more savvy. Ridding English soccer at the highest level of the ills that presently beset it is not something that can happen overnight and it's going to take a special manager and staff to do it.A wholesale review of the impact of the present FA and its relationship with the Premier League is a pre- requisite

Posted 19:52 18th July 2010

Gary Ludwick (Manchester United fan) says...

Lets try a team of nothing but Championship, and Leagues 1 & 2 players. Talk about playing with true passion...

Posted 19:36 18th July 2010

Kim Shaw (Manchester City fan) says...

I would love to see Owen Hargreaves back fit and playing, he was our outstanding player at the last world cup finals, I would definatley replace Barry for him, he has great pace, strengh, agility and he is brilliant at tackiling, he was a outstanding player for Manchester Utd in the 2007/2008 season which let me remind you helped them win the Premier League and Champions League. I would also change the whole formation in to a 4-1-3-1.The likes of Gerrard and Lampard cannot play together, their 2 exceptional playmakers and goalscorers, but i would love for one of them to play just behind Rooney, the way Oezil played for Germany just behind Klose. with their through balls and there excellent passing, would rip anybodys defence apart.we have a bright looking future ahead for our young talented midfielder with the likes of Wilshire, who plays for Arsenal, (loaned to Bolton last year) he should be learning alot off of the likes of Fabregas and Nasri with fantastic control of the ball,there 1-2 passes,and skill. Other midfielders.On the left wing Adam Johson, Fantastic, reminds me of Giggs when he was young great crosser, Joe Cole also, great trickery and crosser of the ball, great with both feet and wings, but i would love him on the left. On the right Theo Walcott great pace, needs to learn more though, his control of the ball isnt that great nor is his crossing, but practice makes perfect, Aaron Lennon also has exceptional pace and great crossing technique. James Milner too,fantastic. I will never leave Wayne Rooney out of my team, this tournemernt he wasnt at his best. but just a reminder he had 2 injurys before these finals, he had to much pressure on his shoulders, also he looked exhausted. I would also give Darren Bent a try, keep Defoe and Crouch.we need a pacey forward mayb with the likes of Agbonlahor who is fast and a great finisher or even Darren Sturridge, if hes learning off the likes of Drogba and Anelka

Posted 19:30 18th July 2010

Mark Riley (Stoke City fan) says...

I cant honestly see how anyone could justify picking Frank Lampard in an England shirt, he is a crab he can only move sideways when he isnt giving the ball away, have i been watching the same games as other people, he is the epitomy of "being surrounded by world class footballers doesnt mean you are one" same for Steven Gerrard for me, get rid of both the midfield is awful, in 5 - 7 years of watching them play 2 play together they have barely a handful of decent performances, not good enough END OF. Chelsea and Liverpol fans will have 100 different ways of trying to prove me wrong as per, but the fact remains. Joe Cole is NOT the answer and nor is James Milner. Darren Bent is no good, Gareth Barry is a total donkey. Good luck Fabio, nothing will change until the celebrity status has gone and ego has been taken out of the game, cap wages and limit foreign players in teams, ban Arsene Venger ......morons should be ashamed.

Posted 18:46 18th July 2010

Nick Johnson (Stoke City fan) says...

John Terry was the heart of the defence and one of our most experienced central defenders, yet it clearly showed that the defence was like a parting of the seas, so lets tear up the form book...JT, Lampard, Barry, Johnson amonst others who should not play again. Bring in younger talent, ones that are hungry and yes through Shawcross in the mix a powerful defender and a proven goal scorer in the Premier League.

Posted 18:44 18th July 2010

Brian Reardon (Manchester City fan) says...

I think Capello thought he had a team before the World Cup began, but in fact it was just 11 players on the field. A team won the World Cup and three more took part in the semi finals. I think he knows by now who the team players are and who are not. Its not a case of having 11 brillant players but having 11 who are willing to play together, as Spain, Germany and Uruguay proved.

Posted 17:02 18th July 2010

Paul Chandler (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with some of the sentiments of the writer. Terry should be dropped. I would like to see the armband at Chelsea go to Lampard, but that is another story. I would hope that Rooney is not guaranteed a place. He has bombed in 2 WCs. Crouch & Defoe should be given a crack at operating together. Barry should be dropped. He is way too slow. Rio should be dropped. As should Carragher. Capello should try a platoon of Lampard & Gerrard to see how that might work. Joe Cole & Adam Johnson should be tried on the wings. Ashley Cole should be the lone returnee to the back flank. Hart should be the number one & Green should be dropped. Robinson should be given a shot at making the squad. And other strikers such as Bent should be given a shot. And believe it or not, a late game poacher should be considered. And if he is healthy, and he should be given some chances to show that in the side, Michael Owen should be considered for that role. Not for a full 90, mind you, but someone who can come in at 70 minutes when a goal is absolutely needed.

Posted 17:00 18th July 2010

Dave Keddie says...

Harsh to blame JT. for England's failings,I'm pretty sure he only said what most of us were thinking.Capello told Beckham if you're not fit-no world cup,yet along went... King and Gareth Barry,Capello said if you don't play for for you club no world cup...yet we had Wright-Philips and Heskey ....What did Scott Parker ,Etherington and Jagielka do wrong ? By getting Carragher out of self imposed retirement he must have given England's youngsters a real confidence boost .Gerrard a left winger, what a waste of a world class player,bringing Heskey on when you need a goal...JOKE...Capello looked tactically inept , no plan B!!! Yes there are too many egos in the England team but if Capello's way is the only way and the players are too scared to say anything to him then his ego is just as big as theirs.

Posted 16:58 18th July 2010

Paulo Maldini (Liverpool fan) says...

I think Cannavaro is right about the England team. These players are nothing more than a bunch of egos that cant deliver the goods at International level. There is only room for one boss & that's the Manager of the team, NOT the Captain or like John Terry seems to think, the EX-CAPTAIN. Virtually the whole of the England team have now had their day & had plenty of chances to get this superb football loving country of ours some silver. The only reason these players can deliver at club level is because they've got some superior continental players around them making them look better than they really are. & it guts me to admit that!!! ....So come on Fabio, this country is putting its trust in you, so build us a team to be proud of.......PLEASE!!

Posted 16:36 18th July 2010

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