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Fabio expects Terry axe

Fabio expects Terry axe

John Terry's future in the England team is under severe threat, according to former Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro.

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Krishna Balasubramaniam (Manchester United fan) says...

@ Gary Payne -- Spoken like a true Liverpool fan, in other words, "get rid of all United and Chelsea players". Stevee Gerrard and Jamie Carragher covered themselves in glory these finals... OHH YES!! Why am I not surprised they haven't made your 'list' !?

Posted 16:27 18th July 2010

Craig Whitney (Manchester United fan) says...

Gary Payne you really think ROONEY IS ALL TALK NO ACTION!! you daft or what? if he was a liverpool player you wouldnt say that you only do because hes a united player! this world cup yeah he was quiet because he didnt get the service and kept coming deep to get the ball and when he had the ball and turned no1 was up front because he had to come deep to get into game! look at him at united all goals he got because he was getting it on a plate for him. england couldnt do that!

Posted 16:20 18th July 2010

Mark Ryan (Chelsea fan) says...

JT said what everyone else was thinking. Why he is chastised for that is beyond me. How may chances did Rooney miss but he still got picked? Lets look beyond JT.

Posted 16:19 18th July 2010

David Drane (Norwich City fan) says...

Re the comments, Terry didnt call the press conference. He was the nominated player to face the press at that particular press conference. In reality, it should have been Gerard as the Captain. So, why was Terry chosen? Something fishy going on there behind the scenes from others. Terry was by no means our worst player and he was shown up by poor partners in central defence. Getting rid of Terry will just make the defensive partnership even worse as there are decent alternatives. If I was John Terry, I would say stuff England and walk away.

Posted 16:18 18th July 2010

Bob Geary (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

We must have a fresh start. The "Golden Generation" have been a real bunch of underachievers. At least 50% of the squad should be changed as worrying about the short term is pointless. Where has all the passion gone? Er I dunno but pass me the keys to the Bentley.

Posted 16:12 18th July 2010

Gary Payne (Liverpool fan) says...


Posted 15:12 18th July 2010

Sean Griffin says...

Bitter taste still in my mouth since the world cup,the players have bigger heads than there bank accounts and thats saying something,we have a bloody good manager and a good team but to many chickens trying to rule the roost JT, no i in team

Posted 14:56 18th July 2010

Gareth Do (Newcastle United fan) says...

Good, terry shouldnt have gone to the world cup anyway because of his bad influence. The thing is with england, is that they thought they won the world cup before it even kicked off, and people like terry, and rooney thought they would walk through the competition easily. To me rooney showed he wasnt an international world class player, like klose, and forlan.

Posted 14:53 18th July 2010

Andrew Walker (Chelsea fan) says...

Fabio Capello might as well drop nearly all of those players that went to the World Cup and start building a team with youth & hunger. If he doesn't, the England '1st Team' will NEVER win a trophy at European or World level. I believe this because at the moment we have nothing but a bunch of over paid pre-madonna's, whom granted do care about playing for England, but do not put as much effort in as they do for their clubs, who pay their wages. Some of the players such as Milner should stay in the team because they are young and hungry to do well, it will be a nice to see Fabio blend the youngsters who haven't played 1st Team football for England with those who have. Even if we don't qualify for Euro 2012, I would be happy to see an England team built with these methods I've mentioned and who knows compete in 2014 for the World Cup!!

Posted 14:37 18th July 2010

Rebecca Beresford (Newcastle United fan) says...

Absolutely spot on words from Cannavaro. There are much better players who perform week in week out for their clubs who deserve a chance in the England team more than the overhyped ego's that are currently cemented in the England team.

Posted 13:30 18th July 2010

Chris Watcham says...

Capello will not have the backing of the current squad anyway after this Capello Index debacle. I hope Terry Lampard and a few others call time on their England careers. Need an English manager or someone with the intelligence to be flexible. 2012 will be too early maybe Brazil in 2014 but the systemic problems in this country are deep rooted.

Posted 13:21 18th July 2010

John Koroma says...

I think ,it will be a grat mistake to drop JT. I thimk if we had JT as captain in the word cup we would have done better. Every body knew the tactic adopted by Fabio was not right, and he needed to change certain things, but he did not.Had JT being the captain ,he would have sure being confronted and might have cahnged things. It is good for Fabio to stay on but he must listen and adapt.

Posted 13:03 18th July 2010

Dave Jessop (Manchester United fan) says...

Totally agree with Cannavaro. Terry undermined the manager and split the team. It even looked like he deliberately let the German forward through on goal - get rid - sooner the better!

Posted 13:03 18th July 2010

Barney Cartwright (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Here comes the downfall of English International football; if the display in the world cup wasnt enough to prove that Capello cannot bring his expertise at club level to the international scene, the 'Capello Index' was a clear indication! Rating players that barely played higher than those that did, rating Defoe only a couple of % behind Forlan, the man widely agreed to have been the player of the tournament is a joke!! The day Capello announced the squad i placed a bet on Spain to win the competition, I certainly wont be backing England with Capello in charge.

Posted 13:02 18th July 2010

Gary Hurst (Chelsea fan) says...

My view is that Fabio must learn that english football is a lot different than Italian football. Let the english team play english football and stop trying to change our ways.. That does not make a team but breaks a team...

Posted 12:48 18th July 2010

Dan Riggs (Southampton fan) says...

Completely agree. The likes of Terry, Gerrard, Lampard should be dropped for the upcoming qualifying group. All the players are overpaid and in my opinion should one way or another be trying to find a way to repay all of those fans who saved their hard earned money, in todays climate to travel to South Africa. They show no passion and if Rooney wasnt able to turn a game on its head when he is in form then he would have been dropped as well. As for us being favourites for the Euros - we have to qualify first!

Posted 12:41 18th July 2010

Kevin Connor says...

Interesting that "World Class" Premiership players can perform so miserably for the National team when it matters. Equally, I'd only heard of 4 of Germany's team and yet they over-achieved again. Could the difference be that many of the England team are already multi-millionares and therefore lack hunger for sucess? There are certainly huge ego's in the team. Perhaps it's time for a change.

Posted 12:25 18th July 2010

James Mcintosh (Manchester City fan) says...

John Terry signaled his own death sentence when he called a press conference which he conducted in the manner of the team captains role. As he was neither the captain or vice captain this was an insult to Steven Gerrard. The whole situation was compounded by Lampard holding a press conference backing Terry up. This simply underlined the divisions in the squad and further undermined Steven Gerrard. Hence the cappello put down which simultenously declared the support for Gerrard. Terry you made a big mistake and your international career along with Lampard is over. They both challenged the authority and lost

Posted 12:14 18th July 2010

Peter Hewison (Manchester United fan) says...

We all know that england players have massive egos. if they have any brains at all they now know that there position as premier league stars will bring them riches and fame that us mere mortal fans pay for, it will never bring them the respect that they should crave.Fabio should get rid of all the bad eggs in the squad and and put in players who realy want the nations team to WIN competions, not just use the team to further value there bank accounts. come on fabio sort these undermining individuals out once and for all. if they want to represent England. look at the badge and prove it means as much to them as it does to usfans.

Posted 12:06 18th July 2010

Bayo Ogunbufunmi (Liverpool fan) says...

Interesting comments from Fabio Cannavaro. It would be great if there was a cluster of natural replacements with the right credentials to slot in ahead of John Terry. The fact that Rio and John Terry are getting olderis a real worry and I think that's something for Mr Capello to focus on first and foremost.

Posted 11:59 18th July 2010

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