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Beckham to keep fighting

Beckham to keep fighting

David Beckham believes the final 24 hours could be decisive in England's bid to win the right to host the 2018 World Cup.

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Faheem Choudhury (Chelsea fan) says...

Gavin so what your saying is, its Beckham's fault for England's performances in Africa?? do you wonder why Sky sports put your comment up?? Hurst= Legend no doubt, but just winning something does not make u a legend, Beckham shows passion, he literally didn't take a break from La Galaxy to Milan for both seasons, so he could be in contention. Thats dedication. He doesn't want to be a manager but instead creates facilities for kids to nurture their talent, he's giving back to football. You probably just despise him because of his money and his loyalties to Man Utd

Posted 18:36 1st December 2010

M. Wade says...

We already know who's won the world cup bid don't we? The Russian Mafia! who else! Be interesting to see what the future Wikileaks brings about this!!!!!!!

Posted 18:08 1st December 2010

Gavin R (Arsenal fan) says...

LOL to anyone that really believe Becks hold any weight the bid is the only thing they are looking at, no more nothing less so if we fail to get the bid does beck get the blame???? He no legend he won nothing but red card for england. Hurst = Legend. The only passion Beckham has is himself and he should keep away from the england setup he was a backroom staff at the last world cup any remember what happened in Africa???

Posted 18:02 1st December 2010

John Hyde says...

"Mike Dent - So defrauding the fans is ok if we win the Bid? It's been going on for years so I don't care! It will always be like this that's football for you! " Goodness me. Stealing & fraud are ok if we achieve what we set out to do!!!! (I'm reading a book by David Conn called The Beautiful Game - you need to read it.) If it really is as corrupt as made out then we do not want to be associated with it in any way, shape or form. We're not ruining it for ourselves - why shouldn't investigative journalists at the bbc / Times report on this alleged fraud? Who says our football is best in world? PL? Best payers perhaps but certainly not best football. Try Germany, America, Australia - they play better football than us. Might not be as lucrative but then you didn't say that. Also having read other material on the matter & from the bbc in previous exposes has the FA/PL been cleaned up yet? Blatter says it needs toi come through the official channels but no-one knows what those are. Try asking the FA/PL to rat on themselves - they are the official channels. The whole of league & so-called professional football stinks. Anyone with a vested interest needs to sit this out until the game has been purged of all wrongdoing & players, officials, managers, directors, etc are brought to book & if needed sent to prison. Pay your taxes...... so I don't have to pay more than I should do.

Posted 17:56 1st December 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

this is like watching x factor vs the eurovision song contest on a bigger scale...the belguim representative will vote for belguim vote spain will vote for portugal and portugal for spain,and why we have so many african representatives god only knows,they havent even got a decent league.WE INVENTED FOOTBALL,although it doesnt give us a devine right to hold it,uefa is run by platini who hates england and blatter a swiss,(whove done nothing at world football level)which exacly what the vote will be a swizz.we have a village idiot as our manager who looks as clued up as the chuckle brothers,who should be backing our vote,and a player who plays his club football in america,giving us his support,if our league and country are so briliant,why are you over like the corrupt big wigs.......for the football rules every time.

Posted 17:55 1st December 2010

Andrew Kilduff says...

No way do we want the World Cup. Why should the English taxpayer have to cough up when it goes massively into debt? Why don't FIFA use some of the money they don't know what to do with (apart from alleged bungs) to ensure these events are NEVER run at a loss? Who says it's going to increase revenue into England? It's not been costed out just guesstimate - whereas the Dutch have costed it & reckon it will make a loss. That being the case why should I & other tax payers have to make up the loss? Why do FIFA get all these alleged tax breaks whereas I don't? I'm up to my eyes in debt yet a powerful rich organisation & it's players on squillions get it all for free? (I'm reading an eye opener of a book by Tom Bowers at moment - if FIFA are as corrupt as he says FA / PL are then I hope we pull out tonight.) World Cup ENGLAND? NO THANK YOU.

Posted 17:45 1st December 2010

Derek Girolami says...

@Mike Dent ( Newcastle Utd fan ), where on earth do you get the idea that English football is the best in the world, the Premier League is flooded with players from other countries, half the clubs in the top 6 only play English players because they have too, if anything the English league is ruining the game on the continent, as for Beckham, the man is laughed at and isn't suitable for the role he's taken on, Alan Shereae would have been a more popular choise

Posted 17:26 1st December 2010

Janet Sheridan says...

I understand where Alan Clarke is coming from and he's probably right. Unfortunately, this country is in dire financial straights and needs every penny of the revenue that would be generated should the 2018 WC come to England. Forsaking the moral high ground is, unfortunately, a fact of life in these troubles economic times, after all we do it all the time to trade with countries (like China) whose human rights record leaves much to be desired. The truth of the matter is "WE NEED THE MONEY".

Posted 17:25 1st December 2010

Jordi Toon fan says...

We have 2 hopes of getting the World Cup in 2018 , Bob Hope & No Hope At All.. Regardless of the corruption allegations the main reasons are Sepp Blatter and the pompous little Michell Platini ( Legend or Not ) The both hate the English with a vengence , always have and always will. They will be wielding their clout behind the scenes.. Blatter by his own addmission knows sqwat about football , never played it even in school , hes an industrial accountant for gods sake.. Money is his sole aim.. Platini only wants ball dribblers, thats why they have banned just about every tackle in the game.. Before long your gonna have to ask the opponent IF you can tackle him by text to give him warning... The Legend that is Bobby Moore will be turning in his grave , god rest him... Stuff the lot of them I say , England should pull out of ALL competitions and lets see who SKY Sports and the other TV companies back.. They know where the markey is.. here in the UK.. My Rant Over.

Posted 17:18 1st December 2010

David Blyth says...

Why do we need the World Cup, the tax payer has already forked out over 9.32 billion for the Olympics, we don't want the World Cup. England will be humiliated in front of our home crowds, as we have too many prima donnas in English football who don't work as team like the did in 1966.

Posted 16:56 1st December 2010

Sean Gormley (Manchester United fan) says...

David Beckham is a legend end of. His passion for England makes me proud. He should be a squad player at the moment for England but if not on the staff as a morale booster.

Posted 16:27 1st December 2010

Alan Clarke says...

Please, someone explain to me, why we have the Prime Minister, a future King and an English football legend pleading our case to do business with an organisation/regime such as FIFA? In circumstances such as we have, we would normally be pleading for sanctions against similar types or countries! We should withdraw our bid, never mind bowing down for it to be a success! There'll only be one winner and it won't be those holding the cup at the end.

Posted 15:28 1st December 2010

Steve Elvidge says...

We need David Beckham in the last minutes of this game, he has been there for club and country and won so many late on, never never never give in! Come on David bring it home (and please sign for Tottenham)!! All the best.

Posted 13:56 1st December 2010

Mike Dent (Newcastle United fan) says...

it makes me really sad that british football fans continue to moan about FIFA being corrupt. I really couldn't care less; there's always going to be this sort of problem in the world. The most important fact is that the World Cup (the biggest sporting event in the world, arguably) could be coming to our shores in 8 years time, and it seems that we are only trying to ruin it for ourselves. I'm sure there's a lot of information I've missed out on in terms of our bid, but our football is the best in the world and we deserve to have the world cup back here.

Posted 13:44 1st December 2010

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