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High hopes for England bid

High hopes for England bid

England go into Thursday's Fifa vote as genuine contenders to host the 2018 World Cup and you can follow all the events with Sky Sports.

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James Bury (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Ace presentation! hopefully we can get it! but its doubtful, thanks to our "hooligan" fans.

Posted 14:58 2nd December 2010

John Nesbitt (Sunderland fan) says...

well here we go then, not long to wait now can't understand why we have to vertually beg these people when we have the best of facilities the best league in the world bar none, but i am hopeful we get the world cup if we don't i would not ever put in again because i thing a lot of these people are jealous of what we have built up over the years. we live in hope.

Posted 14:17 2nd December 2010

Jimmy Cully (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

fantastic presentation, england offer much more of a legacy worldwide than any of the other bidders. GOOD LUCK

Posted 11:05 2nd December 2010

Dan Clarke says...

Yes, well done to all those fans involved. Disgrace

Posted 10:11 2nd December 2010

Alexander Williams (Birmingham City fan) says...

media automatically assume the trouble at the birmingham game will have an effect on the bid 2018 world cup bid this kind of thing happens every week

Posted 10:04 2nd December 2010

Gregory Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

I know there is a valid reason for it, but, I did find it rather amusing to see David Beckham arriving with Prince William and the Prime Minister, then following up the rear, his (so-called) manager Fabio Cappello in a Transit van.

Posted 09:38 2nd December 2010

Lee Townsend says...

To all our Government officials, Prince William And David Beckem and England bud Team Thanks for your efforts what ever happens. We Should get the vote for 2018.

Posted 09:32 2nd December 2010

Eirik andre Skage (Arsenal fan) says...

Highly doubtful after what happened after Birmingham - Villa was over

Posted 07:17 2nd December 2010

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