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England deliver presentation

England deliver presentation

England's 2018 World Cup hopes now rest in the hands of Fifa's voters after the bid team delivered their superb concluding presentation.

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James Bury (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

what a good presentation it was! hopefully we can get it, as we have the greatest fans int world, we have ace stadiums. and beckham is a legend, give the man a knighthood.

Posted 14:56 2nd December 2010

Ishola Karim says...

wishing England the best. i hope football is once again allowed to visit home. well done will.., becks.. and the prime.

Posted 14:55 2nd December 2010

Harold Brown says...

good luck england,david beckham i love hope he get his knighthood NOW and i mean NOW

Posted 14:55 2nd December 2010

Steven Grocott (Stoke City fan) says...

A fantastic pitch by David Beckham - lots hope that FIFA award the world cup on football reasons and not political reasons.

Posted 14:35 2nd December 2010

Paul Thompson (Manchester United fan) says...

impressive presentation, really hope we get this,we all know we wont win the cup so to host it would be great.

Posted 14:31 2nd December 2010

Barrack Obama (Barnsley fan) says...

david beckam is GOD!!!

Posted 14:31 2nd December 2010

Brian Minty says...

I am so 'happy' to see a future king of Great Britain representing only one of the countries he will eventually 'rule' in the bid for the world cup. Surely it should be a British bid, not an English one!! but hey! I do hope they win, and I do hope they also remember when it comes to pay for this, it was an English bid............

Posted 14:14 2nd December 2010

Chris Jevins says...

Footballs coming home!!!

Posted 14:04 2nd December 2010

Liam Turner (Barcelona fan) says...

David Beckham = Legend Todays words could be as important as that last minute freekick against Greece.

Posted 14:03 2nd December 2010

Chris Jevins says...

Footballs comming home!!!

Posted 14:02 2nd December 2010

Aran Jackson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Brilliant speech! It's great to see everyone coming together backing the bid. Shame the BBC didn't get on-board!!!!

Posted 13:53 2nd December 2010

Jo Working from home (Hull City fan) says...

If we don't get this after those presentations the whole of FIFA should be ashamed. The only reason would be them throwing their teddies out over the corruption allegations. If they have one ounce of integrity then England have it in the bag. However lets wait and see. Snowed in at home so will actually see it live- Can't wait!

Posted 13:43 2nd December 2010

Matty Green (Manchester United fan) says...

England should definitely be chosen to host the world cup because we invented football and we should be able to show everyone how good we are together as a country!! COME ON ENGLAND!!

Posted 13:40 2nd December 2010

Paul Foxton (Everton fan) says...

Awesome Presentation. We clearly have the best grounds, the best facilities, the best fans. We already have everything in place that we need to be hosts even if it was next week! It should be in the bag! Come on England!

Posted 13:38 2nd December 2010

Joseph Wood says...

David Beckham doesn't speak as dopy as he did

Posted 13:29 2nd December 2010

Paul Nuttall (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

Fantastic, double goose Bumps. Well done to everybody involved. Proud to be British. Come on England.

Posted 13:21 2nd December 2010

Frank(evertonian) Robinson says...

Can hear that music already. "Football`s coming home". Well done Team England. Great presentation.

Posted 13:17 2nd December 2010

Ian Finnie says...

Well done England on putting on a great bid, hope you get it. Can Scotland get in it as a home nation and maybe we could beat Germany on penalties..........

Posted 13:13 2nd December 2010

Shaun Craig (Manchester United fan) says...

Unlike the Olympics, this is one event that the whole country is united behind. It would have been nice to include a few games (maybe 3 of the quarter finals) for the other home nations to stage as well, such as the beautiful Millenium Stadium or inspiring Hampden Park. Despite the cynics and the sniping from various media trolls and hack gossip journalists, England have put forward the best case to bring football home!

Posted 13:13 2nd December 2010

Ron Owen says...

Don''t be over confident. Talk comes cheap in Football, Obviously we have a very strong case. But I'm afraid I am one who won't be shocked if we don't get it Good Luck England

Posted 13:05 2nd December 2010

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