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England deliver presentation

England deliver presentation

England's 2018 World Cup hopes now rest in the hands of Fifa's voters after the bid team delivered their superb concluding presentation.

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Declan Reilly (Manchester United fan) says...

Was an awesome bid and couldn t have been presented better but at the end of the day Blatter is a conman and wants all the lime light to himself so spain and portugal will prob get it

Posted 13:00 2nd December 2010

Iain Collin (Rangers fan) says...

As a Scotsman I can say that I truly hope England dont get the world Cup, yes you have great facilities and great teams in England but as a nation you seem to feel you have a God given right to host everything, be it the Olympics or the World Cup or the Cricket World Cup. Your Media will hype everything up and the destroy it at the drop of a hat ... So please people of England get over yourselves, you aint the nation you believe you are, you never have been and never will be.. Come on Spain and Portugal

Posted 12:57 2nd December 2010

Jack Millward (Everton fan) says...

I am truly proud to be english well done to our boys nice to see the prime minster showing his comitment, big shout to becks a true legend.

Posted 12:54 2nd December 2010

J J (Manchester United fan) says...

The subservientness of the speech by referring to football as FIFA's game is a joke. Football is our game, created in this country and the decision should lie with us. How dare Germany and France have hosted the world cup more times than us and if football had been invented by any other nation they wouldn't have stood for it. Take for instance the olympic games. Greece has hosted that many more times than the size and sporting success of the country would suggest, but noone questions it as they did create the games initially. If FIFA don't make England the hosts it will be a disgrace!

Posted 12:47 2nd December 2010

Graeme Pace (Liverpool fan) says...

I hope that the mindless morons at the Villa Birmingham game haven't ruined our chances!

Posted 12:43 2nd December 2010

Rory D (Manchester United fan) says...

Really hope England win the bid. They diserve it as a football nation. Will be a great experience and there has been a lot of effort put in to make it happen. And it will give Ireland another go at the french cheats who cheated us out of the world cup.

Posted 12:37 2nd December 2010

Mat Brett (Portsmouth fan) says...

Arise, Sir Beckham.

Posted 12:26 2nd December 2010

Mark Oliver says...

This country deserves to stage the world cup,we have passionate fans and great stadiums! Well done Becks!!! Sir Bobby Charltons face will be a picture if we win it!! COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 12:25 2nd December 2010

Billy Docherty says...

I hope England are awarded the world cup good luck......But makes me think why didnt the SFA approach England about the possibility of a joint venture with Scotland the same way our nordic cousins have done in the past......Lets face it its the only way we will be involved in another world cup and the boost to the economy and youth football would be great.....Nothing worse than listening to a party going on next door and not havin an invite is there......!

Posted 12:21 2nd December 2010

Steve Duffy says...

Thanks to David Beckham again for getting involved and helping us to promote how good England is; credit is deserved to both the Prince and the Prime Minister for delivering a passionate speech that has hopefully won the day. He's done it for the Olympics, just hope he's now done it for the World Cup; the guy deserves a knighthood

Posted 12:09 2nd December 2010

Haruna Semakula (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I am just worried that England's last minute efforts could have come too late. The lobbying could have been done sooner. Nevertheless, I hope and pray that England secures the bid!

Posted 12:09 2nd December 2010

Adam Warner (Arsenal fan) says...

Awesome Presentation! Had Goose Bumps! Feel so proud to be English! FOOTBALL UTD

Posted 12:06 2nd December 2010

Christine Burn says...

Having just read the presentation is was awesome, I am proud to be British: . Well done to all who represented us. COME ON ENGLAND bring it home!

Posted 11:56 2nd December 2010

Keith Forrester (Manchester United fan) says...

Uber cheesy speech Becks! I REALLY hope we win though! COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Posted 11:53 2nd December 2010

Rob Slevin (Manchester United fan) says...

Hope England nail it.

Posted 11:53 2nd December 2010

Andy Thomas says...

If england wins this vote david beckham will have just nailed on his knighthood . Come on england lets hope the Idoits from the Bbc have not dented our chances

Posted 11:42 2nd December 2010

Gary Clemens says...

Great presentation but I worry that FIFA look at England as a backup. Because we could hold World Cup tomorrow, FIFA seem to want to give it to someone else and use us if the hosts fail to make it on time.

Posted 11:39 2nd December 2010

Kirk Stevens (Leeds United fan) says...

Nice to see the country pulling together to fight for a truely remarkable opportunity. Its in the bag!!

Posted 11:26 2nd December 2010

Andrew October says...

ENGLAND delivered an awesome bid! GO ENGLAND!

Posted 11:05 2nd December 2010

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