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2022 joy for Qatar

2022 joy for Qatar

Qatar is celebrating on Thursday after being chosen to host the 2022 World Cup finals.

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Ibrahim Hantash (Manchester United fan) says...

Well done Qatar ?? Half of you who commented about qatar ,, never been to the middle east , maybe 95% , do not know where Qatar , it is ,, so grow up ,, Qatar is well devloped country , I lived in England over 24 years , in Qatar about 10 years , various countris 18 years,, for your information 1- Qatar has money , to spend ,, for the good of their country , and people in need 2- For the Lads ?? drinkinking law will be relaxed !! 3- Dress code , it is already allowed , you come and have look ,, various nationality what they wear 4- No rapes , 5- No Mugging 6-No incidents , people steal from your hotel room 7- Studim will be giving to poor Nations after the world cup 8- It is 100% Safer , than london , Amesterdam , Madrid , Newyork ???? yes , could happen very little incidents , but will be dealt with it immedatily ... The only draw back , I have is , the law protect their Nationals so much , Locals ( Nationals ) they have priority in every thing , I do not like it , but I can live with it

Posted 12:09 3rd December 2010

Cathal Killeavy (Manchester United fan) says...

Fifa's decision was seemingly made to bring the WC to new parts of the world but this was not a critrea for for applying,if it was England,Spain,and the US would not have made a bid.For committee members to say the would vote for one bid only too change their minds at the last minute makes a mockery of Fifa's ideals of fair play.Russia is one of the most dangerous places on earth but maybe not for Fifa's exceutives as i'm sure the will be well looked after.Qatar has a population of 1.6 million people with laws from the middle ages,this will again put ordinary footie fans in danger.Englands bid for 2018 was clearly the best with stadia,infrastructure and climate. I will not be attending either of these WC's .Reports that the media reports into corruption had an effect are very dissapointing as the result of this vote will be to confirm doubt and the perception that Fifa is crooked..Does Mongolia have a footie team or more importantly any oil money?

Posted 10:46 3rd December 2010

Abdulbar Ahmed (Arsenal fan) says...

i think england are making a big fuss just becuase they did not win the bid but if they won they would not be talking about qatar like this. Qatar deserve it fairlly and squarly just look at there stadiums they are planning to build, i think its the best stadium i saw in my life if they build it. great bid for arabs(thaks plattar)

Posted 10:37 3rd December 2010

Paul H (Millwall fan) says...

Wc in Qatar ?? oz would have been my choice Fair play but what about westeners who like a beer when watching football women who dont want to cover up . they got to get round this first .

Posted 10:01 3rd December 2010

Raul Mendiola (Chelsea fan) says...

I will (with a grain of salt) say congrats to Qatar. But FIFA failed with this bid process. Quite honestly...FIFA may lose alot more than just dignity because of this day. England is the "motherland" of football. And completely deserved the 2018 World Cup. And the United States (is still a growing soccer power) should have won the 2022 World Cup. This is a travesty and could mean the end of FIFA.

Posted 05:17 3rd December 2010

A B (Aberdeen fan) says...

I live in Qatar and good luck to them for 2022 but I'm still baffled by how they've won it. *The existing roads can barely handle the 1.6 million people who live here (only 20% approx of whom are Qatari) *There's only one stadium in place that's fit for purpose *The country is half the size of Wales! *The temperatures are unbearable in June/July - it'll be like tying to air condition Hell! *Alochol is strictly controlled and only available in approximately 15 locations (mainly hotels) *Freedom of speech is not exactly encouraged - not if you want to avoid deportation *They've never qualified for a World Cup *The people who will build these stadiums will be migrant workers earning a pittance and living in less than salubrious conditions I could go on. Anyway, hopefully the visa restictions on foreign nationals working here will now disappear and the country might become more liberal as a result but I won't be holding my breath. Think I'll prepare for manic driving on the roads, inflated house prices and endless roadworks.

Posted 04:56 3rd December 2010

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Qatar 2022? You must be joking! Mr Blatter, do u want footballers to play in 50 degree heat with 80% humidity? Try and walk in that heat and we shall see what happens! Although I think that its a good opportunity for new countries to host a world cup, I don't think it is practicable to keep the world cup in Qatar in the summer!

Posted 02:57 3rd December 2010

Vlase Paras (Middlesbrough fan) says...

QATAR have done absolutley nothing to deserve hosting the 2022 world cup! Ranked 100+ in the world, Have never produced a player of true quality, a country of 1.9 million people, and 50 degree tempratures. Low tolerence for breaches of harsh law, FIFA are clearly corrupt, 22, 55 year old males via a suspicious voting system is the recipe for this truly appalling outcome.

Posted 02:02 3rd December 2010

D H (Newcastle United fan) says...

Well fifa i'd never thought you'd do it, you've found a country that will be even worse than South Africa, and decided to host the world cup there! Is Sepp Blatter for real? I maybe could understand a joint bid with the UAE, but Qatar on its own is tiny, some of the rules instigated will be appauling, there police are nothing short of thugs with the 'law' backing them, there football stadiums, if we can call them that, are pathetic at best, and not to mention the Qatar national football team, I thought South Africa's was bad (apart from pienarr) I think it would be a world cup upset to see them finish the group stages with anything above zero points! Seriously Fifa has football lost all meaning and become a business? Has the world cup hosting rights become an auction to be handed to the highest bidder? I will enjoy watching the rubbish produced in 2022, and I won't be surprised at all when it becomes the biggest flop in world cup history!!

Posted 01:18 3rd December 2010

William Brann (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Its an outrage that FIFA will just hand the world cup to any bid that splashes the cash in their direction. I hope panorama investigate into it as the voting system is just a joke. Blatter has sold out plan and simple. If the only way to win the right to host the WC if to pay for it then england will never host it again.

Posted 01:15 3rd December 2010

Daniel Gallanagh (Leeds United fan) says...

This has just added to the evidence that FIFA is corrupt - how can Qatar a country that has never qualified for a World Cup (ranked lower than 100) has aa average temperature of 50c in June and July - the stadiums will be air conditioned so the players will be fine, the WC is also about the fans and they can't air condition the country. I find it ironic that the Asian Cup next year in Qatar has been moved to January - because it would be TOO HOT to play it in June or July for the Asian teams. The fans are the people who would suffer - FIFA surprise, surprise have missed a trick again - Australia has so much to offer and is the real last frontier of world football - fans would have had mild winter weather and alot more to see and do. Gutted.

Posted 23:58 2nd December 2010

Eddie Fisher (Manchester United fan) says...

Hello all, First of all I'll like to say has anyone thought about the effects on climate if Quatar host the wc? they're planning on indoor stadiums (all new) with air conditioning? and lets be realistic, the stadiums will be knocked down after the world cup causing more problems! Need I say more? Just Blatter building his legacy rather than who would host the best wc. Russia ok, Quatar???

Posted 23:40 2nd December 2010

Gary Bray (Arsenal fan) says...

I am not sure how the voting system works but I guess no one else but fifa and the winning bids no either. If blatter wants new horizons for football there is no place like a Australia but then we were called a lucky country not a rich country ( i guess blatter and his voting mates realised this) i did notice the usa ran a good second to qatar i somehow doubt the usa is a new horizon

Posted 23:20 2nd December 2010

Hamish Edwards (Liverpool fan) says...

No disrepect to Qatar but FIFA are a joke.....Austalia have much more to offer and a country that has no violence, hosted the best olympic games for some time in 2000. Taking the game to the world would mean bringing the world game to Australia who thouroughly deserve it.....I think this decision needs to be looked at very closely along with the bank accounts of the delegates who vote for FIFA!!!!!!!!

Posted 23:12 2nd December 2010

Dion Rinaldo (Manchester United fan) says...

One thing i know is you wouldve had the most fun in Australia, and it is a 'new land' too. Was surprised to see Qatar as was expecting USA. I wouldve considered going to any of the 9 cantidates other than the 2 that won. Disappointed.

Posted 22:54 2nd December 2010

Jonny New (Manchester United fan) says...

Having lived and work in Qatar over the past few years I have to think this is the most unrealistic plan ever! The country is a shambles! I lived in Al Khor a town that is set to get a new stadium for this tournament, it is an oil and gas town that has nothing to offer, no bars, accommodation, shade, nothing, you would drive through it in 1min! The country itself is backward, you cant take pictures for fear of been arrested, no gambling, all bars are restricted to hotels and you need and id card for each bar, you need an entry and exit visa and they probably have the most dangerous roads in the world with Arabs as young as the age of 12 racing around the streets in V8 Land cruisers that don¿t have a brain between them. This World Cup was BOUGHT!!!! I seen an accident that claimed the lives of 14 people one day on the way home from work! Swept under the carpet never in any media! People been thrown into jails for kissing a member of the opposite sex! Investigation into this WORLD CUP is a must!!!!

Posted 22:38 2nd December 2010

Genevieve Rance (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

What surprises me is that everyone is surprised, there is no- way whilst those currupt FIFA members are in control England will ever stage the World Cup Finals. Putin knew the voting was with him, we were not even considered a close run, the trouble is that we as a great sporting nation enter all competitions in good faith we do not bribe, cheat or currupt our way to securing first place. Russia has serious problems with organised crime, it can never be descibed as a democratic country, if the Goverment dont control you the Russian Mafia will.

Posted 22:35 2nd December 2010

Raza Mirza (Manchester United fan) says...

No offense to Qatar, but consider this: 10 of the 12 stadiums will be located within 30 km of each other. How will they accomodate 400,000 world cup fans in such a small area? Than there is the legacy of a WC. Qatar's own population is just around 1.6 m, so for month the number people using the infrastructure will grow 25%. New roads, facilities, and 9 new stadium that will never be used again, and probably destroyed afterwards. Consider it's the environmental footprint. Fifa shouldn't have considered a sole bid from Qatar or any country of this size in the first place. Even through it's good for my country, where the cheap labour is going to come from to build everything and I'm up for a WC in Middle East but only if it was a joint bid maybe with U.A.E. It's ridicules decision. Thank you Fifa for doing your part in destorying our planet.

Posted 22:21 2nd December 2010

El Fonzoman (Barcelona fan) says...

As a Canadian with Spanish roots who's living in England, I was rooting for Spain/Portugal and England for 2018 (didn't have a preference), and for the US in 2022 (only because it'd be easier for me to watch the games. But Qatar is a paradoxical choice: 1. I understand FIFA taking the tournament to new frontiers, but the climate and cultural issues do pose a serious problem. Qatar needs to address this over the next 11 years, otherwise FIFA will have to place a contingency plan whereby the tournament can be moved to the US 2. the Qataris will do a good job- they have the money, cheap manpower, and desire. So they do deserve a shot. Ultimately FIFA must monitor the situation and press Qatar to put some Islamic traditions on hold (re alcohol and women) during the games and to address the weather issue. Otherwise it's not fair to the rest of the world who enjoy this spectacle once every four years. Mutual understanding and compromises are necessary.

Posted 22:21 2nd December 2010

Jassim Al romaihi (Barcelona fan) says...

Thank you Fifa for making football truly a fair game. The Middle East have for so long been associated with Asia, but in reality, it isn't a very different place. I'm happy for my country, as we believed in something no else did in the region. That's being sports for change. It is time to destroy all the oriental stereotypes that exist about our part of the world. Fifa gave us that chance, and I'm sure that we will create a image that will change this region once and for all. Isn't enough that we (Middle Easterners) are forced to play in hot June/July just to please the big clubs of Europe? We're willing to do that for football, so at least respect our rights to host a WC and deal with it. Hope post this. Thanks if you do!

Posted 21:38 2nd December 2010

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