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2022 joy for Qatar

2022 joy for Qatar

Qatar is celebrating on Thursday after being chosen to host the 2022 World Cup finals.

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Anon Anon (Middlesbrough fan) says...

No disrespect to Qatar, but what if Israel qualify for this tournament? What will happen then as they are banned from the country. Obviously FIFA haven't looked into their rules they have; which includes drinking. Yes, this is a good thing, but with having 31 other countries coming to your country, then there will be problems; especially when us English come. Also, training, they say there are installing air conditioning to the stadiums, what about for training, this isn't good for the players as they will probably fatigue as soon as run 1 meter on the field. Like Blattar said taking risks; they have definately chosen one here. But good luck to them.

Posted 21:23 2nd December 2010

Steven Wall (Manchester United fan) says...

Unfortuantly I dont think we will see England hosting a World Cup in our life time - There's too much corruption and seeing two countries who uses english team's like a bit of fun, splashing all there cash...I cant see a few million pounds in votes is going to hurt them when they spend 100 million on players a year...did anyone notice abromivich in the mix? I wonder which votes he bought? England does things the correct way and that's why we will never see the world cup here...I dont think the panorama made much difference...might be the reason why we came last though...I generally hope panorama investigates the reason why we didnt get the world cup. Disgrace!

Posted 20:51 2nd December 2010

Zain Abu shizam (Liverpool fan) says...

I think people are mixing the entire Middle East with little old Qatar. We are noy a country in conflict! We have a perfectly stable economy and it would be our pleasure to host the world for the weather, well, that' beyond out control....but by 2022 you'll never know what meteorologists might come up with :-D

Posted 20:30 2nd December 2010

Brendan Lindsay (Manchester United fan) says...

According to the IMF and the CIA, Qatar is the world's second-richest country in terms of GDP per capita. Russia is the world's second-largest oil producer and exporter. Neither Luxembourg nor Saudi Arabia submitted bids to host the FIFA world cup.

Posted 18:34 2nd December 2010

Haiby Ralph (Arsenal fan) says...

Very Happy For Qatar :-) totally deserved !

Posted 18:24 2nd December 2010

Paul Kelleher (Manchester United fan) says...

I was just looking at the voting and thought it was strange that Netherlands/Belgium bid picked up 4 votes in the first round then lost 2 in the second round. Shouldn't the voting remain consistent until the bid is eliminated. The only two votes that should have changed were the England votes. Why would a delegate vote for the Netherlands/Belgium bid in the first round but then change their vote in the second round. 2022 - Qatar lost a vote in the second round?? How can a delegate believe that a countrys bid is the best in round one but not round two. Strange voting system???

Posted 17:57 2nd December 2010

Ahmed El-khashab (Manchester United fan) says...

A Desert!! well I prefer to play in an air conditioned stadium in a desert than to play in a typical stadium in Las Vegas :D Qatar Deserved it...Congratulations to Qatar and all Arabs... Good luck England 2026!!

Posted 17:47 2nd December 2010

Tom Hartfield (Fulham fan) says...

Qatar may have a lot of money now - but I wonder whether the changing global economy and the increased effort to reduce petroleum usage will leave Qatar and FIFA scraping for one more penny.

Posted 17:35 2nd December 2010

Dickson Pato (Barcelona fan) says...

Qatar's bid was excellent, bringing joy n peace to a conflict region is a big plus than money. Russia bid was also very good. With south africa now russia n qatar hosting the world cup, Fifa you hav won my respect for using football to uniting the entire world. For England, they should respect social values n find some challenge that football wil help solve rather than fans, fans, money, money, for God's sake its the foreigners who ar making ur league worth mentioning other than countries like Germany, italy, argentina, brazil and spain. I hope the english wil learn frm this and working on proper talent development. Let's not accuse bbc n others for the bribery allegation but rather go to the drawing board and look at ourselve, do we over hype our players n league? Why do our clubs always record loses after the season? Do we talk too much rather than infrastructure n structures to develope the game. I love the english so much but but they seem to be making mistakes with the running of football. Gradually all teams in England would be owned by foreing investors, why? Congrats to Fifa for honoring the people of russia n qatar the chance to be one and also fight Racism

Posted 17:35 2nd December 2010

Haz Hamid (Arsenal fan) says...

@Jim What you mean by desert? you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm so happy for Qatar because this will give them the chance to show you and all other skeptics how well developed Qatar is, with its state of art buildings and stadiums. You just wait and see :D

Posted 17:33 2nd December 2010

Paul Smith (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Don't forget that Qatar (that hotbed of football) have lot's of money to splash doubt finding it's way into the pockets of those 'hightly respected' FIFA people. Corruption has been rife in that sorry excuse of an organisation for years. Blatter is just a another pig at the trough.

Posted 17:18 2nd December 2010

Jim Vardy (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

I bet every team in the world is really looking forward to playing in the World Cup in a desert in June and July when the average daily temperature is over 40 degrees, it's an absolute disgrace.

Posted 16:45 2nd December 2010

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