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England lose with two votes

England lose with two votes

England secured only two votes and were knocked out of the bidding for the 2018 World Cup in the first round, Fifa have confirmed

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Simon Doyle (Manchester United fan) says...

Absolutely ridiculous corrupt vote, how could anyone possibly prefer Russia over England? England is where the game was born, has the most passionate and support for the game, the best collection of stadiums, the infrastructure, I could go on all night, how was it even a competition? You can smell the corruption a million miles away!

Posted 05:05 3rd December 2010

Alex (greenock morton fan) Cochrane says...

From reading these comments I can understand the dissapointment after the hyped up frenzy that the English media always seem to subject their gullible fans to but what has made it so much worse is the utter humiliation of only recieving 2 votes and one of them was from their own man. One or two comments mentioned that the English were not liked abroad without asking why while some others were comparing themselves to their smaller neighbours in an effort to feel better. Arrogance makes humiliation a very bitter pill to swallow. Their three smaller neighbours neither trust nor support them enough regarding a UK olympic team so why did they expect anything more from the rest of the world. I dont expect the English to start being humble overnight but maybe if you stop believing the mad hype about yourselves then you wont feel so bad when you are inevitably dumped on your backsides like the rest of us. Its not a good feeling to lose but we Scots have learned not to expect too much. It certainly helps us to handle the dissapointment afterwards. Anyway you've had a world cup so its only fair that someone else gets a chance. For once lose gracefully and you might get some respect for a change.

Posted 05:00 3rd December 2010

Anna Bodong (Arsenal fan) says...

In my opinion, the FIFA vote was fair despite England's view. It's about time the English are paid by their coin of hypocricy. The English say with their mouth what is opposite to their heart and i am glad that other nations have learnt to use it on them. FIFA stick to your guns and display professionalism not favouritism

Posted 04:34 3rd December 2010

James Fanning (Arsenal fan) says...

Now worry about trying to win the Cup without the distractions of hosting it.

Posted 03:36 3rd December 2010

Tom Broderick (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

the Qatar decision says everything. the climate will be unplayable, really unpleasant for fans, if the stadia are built then their capacity exceeds the country's population so no legacy, you had 4 rivals that could put on the tournament. proven, with one in a new continent that had never hosted. Also the fastest growth areas for football are the far east and USA. Make any kind of decision and that would be impossible to match in logic. the Russian decision says less but id have thought there were far more question marks on their bid than the others though to their credit they have a football history either way the worst bids were agreed, not unusual for fifa though how Qatar can possibly work defies me added the fact that 2014 looks in trouble im certain that this is all about internal fifa politics, elections committees ect. legacy isn't the truth, nor football decisions, nor financial. i suspect the key is status and position within fifa and for some the gravy that you get sorry for sounding cynical but i do know a committee member who privately makes this situation clear but really Qatar?

Posted 03:21 3rd December 2010

James Hynam (Inverness Caledonian Thistle fan) says...

My fellow scots we have enough problems with our own game such as striking refs, spineless FA to scared to stand up to the old firm, bigotry and declining quailty of football to be gloating because england didnt get the world cup! Plus i would of liked England to have won it as it would of been nice to actually go to a few games, as it wouldnt of been halfway round the world!

Posted 02:32 3rd December 2010

Janet Wilds (Manchester United fan) says...

First we have allegations of Cricket being fixed and now we have allegations of FIFA corruption. Sport is being dragged down into the pits as millions of pounds/dollars/Euroes is beiing made out of sport and corruption at the very top is raising its ugly head. The question is how can the legal sysem/s be used to clean up the act??

Posted 01:55 3rd December 2010

Dave Lawrence (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Like this was a surprise? FIFA have ignored the Odemwingie racism, the fact that such an event is almost guaranteed to be used as a terrorism opportunity by extremist radicals from neighbouring states, and the underlying, very simple fact that there are no stadia, no transport links and no accomodation. 7 years is no time at all to build this and make it work, unless of course Putin is going to start up the labour camps again? Not to mention the food, the sanitation, the visa issues, the fugly women, the crime rate, the lack of social amenities, organised crime etc etc etc One final point - the Scottish keyboard heroes who are gloating about this are as stupid as they are cowardly - keep your racist spleen to yourselves. No-one wants to hear your crap

Posted 01:23 3rd December 2010

Chris Chapman (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

When will our country learn to stop assuming we will get everything our way? Whilst I would like to have seen the 2018 World Cup in England, it didn't happen there is no need for throwing toys out of the pram over it. Remember we hosted the Euro's 14 years ago, we've got the Olympics in a couple years, as well as the various calendar sporting events our country has, we've got it lucky compared to most other country's. I don't agree with FIFA's policies regarding the voting system and I would like to see something happen with it (much like Sepp Blatter getting the boot, goal line technology), but these politics are part of the game right now, and that is how things work unfortunately. Needless to say, this isn't the end of the world.

Posted 01:19 3rd December 2010

Mike Green (Arsenal fan) says...

Where else has the scale and capability to host the WC now everyone's had a go since we last did it? Let's go for Canada 2026, Australia 2030, England 2034, China 2038...

Posted 22:51 2nd December 2010

Harvey Furniss (Manchester United fan) says...

I hate to sound like a bitter English man, and would also like to say I think it's only fair that new countries are introduced to the World Cup...BUT...whether we, Russia, or anyone else had of won the bid...FIFA need to take a look at the corruption which has been countlessly exposed. It is disgusting and an embarrassment to the game. Congrats Russia...let's have a great 2018. :)

Posted 22:49 2nd December 2010

Dave Bartlett (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

to the celtic fans on here, england have more of a chance of hosting the world cup than scotland ever will, we're just not corrupt or bent enough to get it the way that fifa usually make the decisions. stick to your two team mickey mouse league whilst the english fans attend the best football league in the world

Posted 22:30 2nd December 2010

Graeme Bell says...

It was a no brainer. Why didn't Putin turn up? because he knew Russia had it in the bag. Will anything change? Full marks to Team England for putting on a good presentation.Just a pity the Mafia element of the whole escapade made their efferts only result in two votes. Can we now have a proper investigation into a regime that needs to be cleansed and follow the example of rugby union with regards to refereeing the games. Fifa oose corruption and the results of many matches are corrupted by the lack of the video play back verging on match fixing. I'm with the Beeb all the way! and as for Qatar ,Excuse me, thought that was just an Airline!! Doh!

Posted 22:30 2nd December 2010

Tony Dicken (wolves fan) says...

Thanks for cheering me up Jim Mackie. Do you want some salt and vinegar for that huge chip on your shoulder? It is a huge source of comfort that there are fans of others countries who can only define themselves by their jealousy of England. Keep up the good work, your a jolly funny fellow.

Posted 22:27 2nd December 2010

David Saxon jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly, i think the British media (N.O.T.W) and others should devote massive amounts of time to crucifying FIFA and dig up all the dirt on FIFA to at last prove to the world how corrupt it is. Secondly, the FA should pull out of FIFA and seek to start a new federation that is fair and transparent. Of course this would mean that the Premier League would automatically have to leave UEFA and in my opinion, this is a good thing. The Prem League is by far the most valuable and most watched league in the world. IF we pull out, the Champions League would be a defunct competition and this in turn might just act as the catalyst to getting the European Super League under way. I am sure if the Prem league leaves UEFA, then other leagues will follow and their federations would also have to leave FIFA. This would end FIFA and its egotistical, self-absorbed and utterly biased regime as of course if England and a few other countries pull out then the World Cup will also de-value. FIFA knew they wanted Russia to host from the beginning, so therefore why ask other nations to waste time and money to compile bids. FIFA needed england to bid to help build up (through media interest) momentum and coverage for the draw. Basically this allows Blatter and his cronies to publicise themselves and to also give them a valid reason to swan around the world with its deligates to "check out everyones facilities" feeling important. No one believed me when i suggested South Africa got 2010 only so that FIFA could exploit a new market. The laugh is tha Blatter keeps going on about fair play!!!!!! FIFA has got a lot of skeletons in its closet and that is why they reacted the way they did about the corruption scandals! BLATTER YOU SHOULD RESIGN.

Posted 22:26 2nd December 2010

Adam Smith (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

It is ridiculous that people comment sayin they are glad england did not win the bid,and thats part of the reason we have not won. if you want to moan about the top clubs and players earning to much money then stop watching football an they wont get paid sponsorship,tv rights etc. stop being hippocritical! the main reason for having the wc in england is for the fans, the millions that enjoy the game and wish to enjoy it on there door step! to say russia deserved it...i think not, a racist country, that discriminates against anybody different or poor is not a country that can welcome the world. And for Quatar, can anybody name a player or even a fan without using google. spain, Portugal and USA should feel js as disappointed as us. an for chris rourke's comment have you visited any russian restaurants or used there transport system??? ridiculous comment.

Posted 21:48 2nd December 2010

Michael Connolly (Newcastle United fan) says...

I find it amazing that an Aston Villa fan could even have the nerve to make any kind of complaints about the decision after the debarkle at St andrews last night, which was probably one of the major contributing factors to them choosing to not vote for England. I personally think both clubs should be fined, forced to play behind closed doors AND expelled from competitions. Its time to make an example of idiots and show that their behaviour shouldnt be AND wont be tolerated. So, Brummies, on behalf of the rest of the country, i personally thank you for destroying any hopes we had of getting the competition

Posted 21:38 2nd December 2010

Dave Rawlings (Cardiff City fan) says...

Personally I really do not care if England got the world cup, what I do care about is the corruption running through Fifa. How can they give the biggest tournamount in the world to such an openly racist nation. Their treatment of black players is appalling. Fifa have given Carte Blanche to racism in football, by giving out small meaningless fines to racism. This is the icing on a corrupt/racist organisation. They should hang their heads in shame.

Posted 21:35 2nd December 2010

John Scales (Grimsby Town fan) says...

Lord Triesman was RIGHT. Sunday Times was right and Panorama toouched some nerves. All the dodgy FIFA executive committee were scared to come to England because the press would be hounding them when they dug deeper and found how many bribes had been paid over the years. So the process is bent, the FIFA committee is bent and they have gone to the best place for them to get more bribes, Russia. I hope every journalist digs and digs to see how much Putin paid to bribe them this time

Posted 21:25 2nd December 2010

David Crouch (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Just goes to show how corrupt FIFA really are.just imagine in 2022 Quatar the heat will wipe out lots of players, Hope they do not get a water shortage.

Posted 21:25 2nd December 2010

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