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England lose with two votes

England lose with two votes

England secured only two votes and were knocked out of the bidding for the 2018 World Cup in the first round, Fifa have confirmed

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Jim Mackie (Celtic fan) says...

I Dont Like England Full Stop.The Britsh Media and all the english Football Pundit,s still Go on about 1966, Even if England had won The Bid.There was no chance In Hell England would win the world Cup Not even in 2018. They Quite Simply Not good Enough.There Will Be a new squad of Players Then. But when It comes For England To Deliver,They Never Do,Always Hyped Up To The Hilt. But Dont despair you england Fans Might Be Lucky In 2066. LOL

Posted 21:24 2nd December 2010

Kenny Willets (Liverpool fan) says...

Every year we enter a competition called Eurovision and we never get anywhere with that so why should we get anything from the world corrupt commitee.We help out countrys all over he world and what do we get back ??? nothing all the time .Sad day for us but a great day for Russia .Interesting to see who will show the qualifyers for 2018 the BBC or ITV .Next on panorama will be a program on England and the failed bid hosted by Sepp Blatter and Michel donuts together.

Posted 21:23 2nd December 2010

Roger Hammond (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Is it at all important, or of any consequence, how we performed in the previous World-Cups. Surely this decision is based on matters other than the capability of stadia and efficiency of transport systems. Whilst the country is admired abroad for its top clubs, it is also just a huge supermarket of players, in an enormous 'shopping-mall' of commercial clubs! As there is nothing else in the world to compare it with, perhaps FIFA would rather develop other football nations!

Posted 21:20 2nd December 2010

Mark Atherton (Manchester United fan) says...

how can fifa say that we are ready to host the world cup tomorrow one week then today say we had the worst bid if there is no corruption in fifa then ill bulid every stadium russia needs myself

Posted 21:13 2nd December 2010

Sharon Bastion (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Im impartial as i'm not a sports fanatic but even i can see when enough is enough. I for one will be watching other things other than football, its a repeat of the eurovision song contest, they take our help and our money when it suits them but then treat us this way over and over again and get away with it. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when these negotiations were being held. I say get rid of all the deadwood and bring in new and forward thinking potential with new ideas at least then we might stand a chance even a slim chance it would be better than the hand we keep being dealt. I say hit them where it hurts, in the pocket stop being so eager to hand our money over to every lost cause they come up with then they might start to take notice.

Posted 21:10 2nd December 2010

James Gibson (Aston Villa fan) says...

im confused and stunned to how a nation which is struggling financially even worse than the United Kingdom can afford to build 12 new stadiums and upgrade a further 4 stadiums on top of the usual massive expense of staging a World Cup, this to me would be a massive concern if I was assessing this for FIFA, that and the extrodinary amount of travelling between venues. England meanwhile have a number of world class stadiums (READY NOW!) a massive football fanbase (good revenue for FIFA) a relativley small radius of venues to travel between and with 7 of the richest clubs in the world have the umph the expertise and the finance to ensure a superb occasion. Anyway Moscow! :)

Posted 19:00 2nd December 2010

Jason Wright says...

When will England learn. I`m not surprised that England failed again. Every 4 years England are going to win the WC or the EC then fail spectacularly and blame something or someone and the same thing has happened again. The arrogance is off putting and no one else in the World likes it. There is no doubt that the bid was probably the best but until some humility is learned then England will never again be a success on or off the field!

Posted 18:57 2nd December 2010

Jock Mackay (Stranraer fan) says...

Arrogance, can't you still not see it?

Posted 18:54 2nd December 2010

Terry Saunders (Chelsea fan) says...

Serves this country right for sending three lighweights to do a heavyweight job. Mind you I cant think of anyone else in this country who would have done better than the three stooges.

Posted 18:53 2nd December 2010

Mat Haydn says...

i am glad england NOTget it now they can spend the money on something worthwhile.........i cannot believe the sports people have wasted so much money at the moment.............................................

Posted 18:50 2nd December 2010

Dave Thorne (Liverpool fan) says...

i am sickened by this news!!!! how can the worst bid of the 4 get the world cup!!!!!! there needs to be an investigation into how fifa vote for the host, cos this isnt right. Just shows that fifa hate the english

Posted 18:50 2nd December 2010

Chris Rourke (Celtic fan) says...

I'm struggling not to gloat here, but let's face it guys - if only one other nation besides England was willing to back your bid, then what does that tell you about worldwide opinion of England as a footballing nation, it's football "stars", football fans and football media? I'm pleased that the bid has gone to a country who will benefit from the construction of an infrastructure which will have a lasting legacy. For England to say it already has the infrastructure in place, let me ask you - have tried getting a train recently, or a hotel room during busy periods, or served with any form of common decency by a "Brit" in a shop or restaurant?

Posted 18:42 2nd December 2010

Jean Jenner (Arsenal fan) says...

Like our football in world cups we are cheated once again,why the rest of the world are jealous of us.

Posted 18:41 2nd December 2010

Barry Goodman (Manchester United fan) says...

Are we only realising now that there is something wrong with the system. It's not that long ago that a member from New Zealand refused to vote because he saw what was going on. FIFA stood by and did nothing to fix the problems then. We can take pride in the fact that we produced a superb bid and would have put on a brilliant World Cup. Unfortunately our media and our fans let us down yet again. Now it's up to our press to start digging for scandals to ensure that we go to Brazil, Russia and Qatar under the usual cloud. Let's forget this result and accept that we will never get a fair deal in Europe or from our own press.

Posted 18:36 2nd December 2010

Mark Cooke (Arsenal fan) says...

You know what, I think it's a good thing. Our football is not good enough, our footballers are not good enough, and our football system is not good enough. We need to face reality, and actually win some football tournaments first to earn world respect and the right to host. Too much money goes to the top clubs, who spend it all abroad, no internal development is going on. Hosting the World Cup, would probably only be a poison chalice anyway currently, it would cost us billions, and the money would all go abroad. It's a good thing.

Posted 18:32 2nd December 2010

Alex Rees (Luton Town fan) says...

Time to boycott the international game and the UEFA competitions. If Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Man City chucked in all of these tell me they would not change FIFA and UEFA straight away. The premier league is the most watched league in the world and we have the strength to change it. I'm sure some of the other bidders aren't happy either, Qatar getting a world cup is an absolute shambles, should have given it to Bristol seeing as they have the same population!

Posted 18:11 2nd December 2010

Baloch Baloch (Manchester United fan) says...

Well it has nothing to do with corruption, Firstly having the world cup in England or Spain/Portugal would have been great, but FIFA want to open new horizons to the sport and what better way then to have World cup in other continents. Secondly, The Qatari presentation was brilliant, their plan reguarding the shifting of stadiums was catchy. Moaning after defeat is never a good thing.

Posted 18:10 2nd December 2010

Mel Parker says...

FIFA really are taking the mick. It stinks, having the best bid counts for nothing.

Posted 17:44 2nd December 2010

Faisal Riaz (Manchester United fan) says...

If there is not an international investigation into Fifa now there is no justice in the world. I'm not bitter at all, and to be honest, I am glad we didn't get the right to host after some recent evidence pointed to corruption. But 2 votes? After being in the strongest position on every level minus the weather? Total and utter disgrace. How on earth is the strongest bid voted out in the first round? How do Fifa justify that decision? Not to mention 1 of the 2 votes was from an Englishman, so only ONE non Englishman voted for us? The cuirrent Fifa set-up is dangerously damaging the game and an investigation is needed immediately. The love of the game is being tainted by bribary and if something is not done soon, the sport will be sold to the highest financial bidder as opposed to the highest technical bidder.

Posted 17:43 2nd December 2010

Dan Sherratt (Aston Villa fan) says...

The corruption in FIFA and UEFA is obvious and sickening, even more sickening is their refusal to address it. Those on the take are those with the power. I say boycott FIFA and UEFA until an independent panel and court have investigated them thoroughly

Posted 17:36 2nd December 2010

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