Henin confirms comeback

Henin confirms comeback

Former world number one Justine Henin has announced she will return to professional tennis in 2010.

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Chzz Simon says...

i do not know why people are getting excited about this henin winning wimbledon business her court is clay and has always been so, i can promise that if she comes up against venus on grass she is finished. she was not good at wimbledon when she was on tour full time and i cannot see a huge difference now. i do look forward to he old rivalries to start again though

Posted 00:22 30th October 2009

Derek Duffy says...

I always thought Henin was a bit too petulant - another brat, which tended to colour my view of her (undoubted) ability. Just don't think she had the graciousness that Clijsters seems to have in spades. I'd rather she stayed retired, but only because I don't like poor sports dominating the game. Happy to see her go nowhere and skulk back off into obscurity.

Posted 14:39 23rd September 2009

Jim Ford says...

Great news. She's an excellent tennis player and gave tremendous entertainment throughout her career often when times were difficult for her personally.Lookinjg forward to seeing her in action again soon.All the best Justine.

Posted 14:27 23rd September 2009

Paul Collins says...

jim wylie id say she has a better attitude than the williams sisters i seem to remember one of them 2 taking a break to concentrate on fashion. the womens game needs henin and clijsters back. glad she won it but clijsters just coming back and winning the us open straight away just kind of shows how weak the womens game is. safina was number 1 and never won a major. welcome back to them both

Posted 03:58 23rd September 2009

Ian Watson says...

When she retired Henin was the world number one so any negative comments are pure rubbish. She will i am sure make an impact in the womens tour that is sorely needed.I fully agree with Tom's comment and i too look forward to the new season.

Posted 20:28 22nd September 2009

Michael Conway says...

didn really get the comment james!she couldn win games hw long u been watchn tennis she dominated the womens game wen she woz ter!4 slam finals in 1year says it al!id say she still no 1 with the ranking points she left behind

Posted 19:32 22nd September 2009

Tracey Holroyd says...

I wish Henin good luck for 2010. All we need now is for Venus and Serena to find their form and 2010 should be a fantastic year for womens tennis.

Posted 19:24 22nd September 2009

Timothy Poole says...

Get in there Henin, if Clijsters can win the US open Henin can win Wimbledon but itll be tough with the Williams sisters there. shame about martina hingis getting knocked out strictly come dancing first week.

Posted 19:05 22nd September 2009

Jos Verstappen says...

I believe that is a band wagon I've just spotted.

Posted 18:34 22nd September 2009

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