Tigers taste victory at last

Tigers taste victory at last

Bangladesh claimed their first ever win over England with a thrilling five-run success in the second match of the NatWest Series.

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Syed nahid Hasan says...

Hey all those Bangladeshi and English friends. Listen dont take a single game so much seriously. I am telling the English fans that England team should not feel embarrassed for their batting that much coz things may go wrong in one or two occasion when nothing goes according to the plan. Moreover U should give credit to the Bangladeshi bowlers and game plan. To Bangladeshi fans be excited but not underestimate the cricket system of England coz Bangladesh deserved to win yesterday so if u underestimate England then it is nothing but taking away pride on self as I believe England is the best cricket team in the world at the moment. In addition to that the players like Strauss, Trott, Morgan who have two nationalities should not be looked anything other than English player because they came in this team by the English cricket system and England is a great country for people from across the world where u might see in future someone playing for England who have lived here and loved cricket but originally from a country like USA, Canada, Italy, Brazil, etc where cricket is not known by many. I am a fan of Bangladesh cricket but I honestly want England to do well any other team apart from Bangladesh. Good luck to both England and Bangladesh.

Posted 13:59 11th July 2010

Habib Ullah says...

For a team like Bangladesh with such poor record against England.... to have the composure to win at the death just shows what good job Jamie Siddons is doing.....I was in BD when ENG were on tour, in the one day series they nearly beat ENG if it wasnt for Eoin Morgan batting all they way through ......yesterdays result shows on there day BD can beat anybody........cant wait for history to be made next match.............COME ON BACK BD

Posted 13:51 11th July 2010

Raul Rahman says...

Well done to Bangladesh. It could have been different if the umpires error in not giving Collingwoof out to a clear nick, had been taken advantage of by the said batsman. Umpiring decisions going against BD has been going on since the BD tour.

Posted 13:08 11th July 2010

Robert Booth says...

Trott lost us the game . He saw wickets going down at the other ends yet seemed content to play out overs for a single. He should have looked for more singles. I'm affraid to say he'snot one day international material!

Posted 09:09 11th July 2010

Adam Beck says...

As an Englishman I am dissapointed that England lost, but as a cricket fan I think it is fantastic and can only be good for world cricket. Let's hope this is now Bangladesh on the up.

Posted 08:04 11th July 2010

Abu Hasan says...

England's first defeat to Bangladesh should not be termed as an embarrassment. It should be viewed as a positive development for Bangladesh which is co-hosting next world cup along with India & Sri Lanka. Why one should be surprised when Bangladesh wins against England? Its not for the first time that the Tigers won a one-day match. What has happened yesterday is that the Tigers have completed their victory against all the test playng nations with their first ever victory against England. However Bangladesh's victory against New Zelland was a warm-up match during the last world cup. It would not be surprising if Bangladesh wins the series as the young Tigers have got that capability. There is every possibility that The Tigers will utilise the momentum in Bristol and create a real history in Birmingham tomorrow. Tamim Iqbal has demonstrated this strength by doing two centuries during the recent two tests with England and in Lords and Old Tafford and put his name on the Lords honours board. Shaiful Islam also put his name on Lord's honours board by taking five wickets in first innings and Sakib Al Hasan also grabbed five wickets in Old Tafford. However, England would also be looking to seal the series by beating Bangladesh in a big margin to regain its supiority as they can't afford losing the series with Bangladesh after just wining the one-day series with Australia, Good luck to England!

Posted 07:56 11th July 2010

Kyle Davies says...

true but hats off to the bangladesh team they played well considering the problems they have had with the wicket keepers so no excuses for england!

Posted 01:38 11th July 2010

David Whalley says...

These England cricketers should hang their heads in shame, embarrassing doesn't cover half of what the English cricket public feel. After almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, when sealing the one day series against the Aussies, we have been battered twice by them. Then the Bangladesh's turn up, the first game was hardly a convincing win and then today, well the bowling was crap, the fielding was simply absloute garbage, then the batting was inept with our so called new stars failing again, leaving an injured player with a plastic boot on, trying to win a game that should have been over well before...... Pathetic English cricket, pathetic

Posted 23:57 10th July 2010

Imran Ali says...

COME ON BANGLADESH!!! YOU HAVE DONE US ALL SO PROUD!! I am Britsh by paper and Bengali by nature.

Posted 23:34 10th July 2010

Rob Braddock says...

Embarrassment. It would appear that the cricket lads have been watching their footballing compatriots.

Posted 20:05 10th July 2010

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