Pakistan force decider

Pakistan force decider

Pakistan put the latest off-field distractions to one side to level the NatWest Series at 2-2 with a 38-run win over England at Lord's.

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Hammaad Rehman says...

I think England and Pakistan both have great teams full of determined players. I think all accusations are false but the way the ICC handled it was wrong. They went with a newspaper which is always full of bogus stuff. In 2006 Darrel Hair was sacked, but Pakistan was a villain to the world''s eyes.

Posted 17:27 22nd September 2010

Simon Redshaw says...

Shak Moh, Pakistan were class as you put it, because England let them be and because of the conditions created by a day night match. England should have won the match but let you back in it. You were allowed to get a higher score then you should have by poor England bowling at the end. It would have been under "50 and England threw the match away, as much as good bolwing by Pakistan. Waleed, you accuse the Icc of being a joke, because you were found to have a case for allegations made against you and your chairman brought false accusations against The England team, which I am sure will be refuted. You can''t accept the fact that there have been issues surrounding the Pakistan team over many years. Don''t run scared when allegations are made aginst you can''t accept. Now the England team are half shot, and are not playing well, due to what was said againt them. Don''t blame English fans, blame youselves. Oh no, you can''t accept that because you always think you are in the right. Its a victory for you in the one day series, but you failed the test series and you will be beaten again soon, when the conditions are fairer, mark my words. So, get over it.

Posted 15:43 22nd September 2010

Farooq Ahmed says...

Let''s cut the hype out and focus on the cricketing matters for the 4th odi. I was at Lords on Monday and there was fantastic atomsphere and people were enjoying the game which could have gone either way. The three main cricketing reasons why Pakistan won the match at Lords were: 1: Razzaq blasting the last 2 over for 40+. Without this cameo, Paks were looking at a score of around 230 not 265. 2: Pakistan winning the toss and batting first during the daylight 3: England batting struggling in floodlight when the balls from Pak pacers proved too much for England. At one end you had Shohaib bowling 90+ and the at the other end Gul swinging the ball and bowling those toe breaker yorkers old Waqar!!) All this nonesense about England mental state does not stack up. If their heart was not in the game, how did they manage to get Pakistan to 210-7 with all batsman back in the pavillion and only few overs of their inning left. Secondly, when batting, England were cruising at 100+ for 0, until the sunset. They collapsed because the batting conditions changed after the floodlights. In the end the difference of 38 runs was almost entirely equivalent of Razzaq''s score. I''m a Pakistani born British national and I love a good and competitive game and am happy to take any result as long as it''s not a one-sided match. I support England and Pakistan at the same time. This was a good game and the credit should go to both sides (including Pakistan) for providing a well-fought contest. Thec result has also set up a good match for today. Hope the best team wins.

Posted 14:19 22nd September 2010

Peter Francis says...

All you Pakistan fans are banging on about how good you are for winning at Lords. Just remember, you are one game away from losing EVERY series of this tour AND making a complete joke of yourselves off the field. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!

Posted 08:33 22nd September 2010

David Palmer says...

England will be ripped apart in the upcoming ashes and thats for sure...well played Pakistan for the last two games

Posted 08:19 22nd September 2010

Ahmed Gurwara says...

Super game, pakistan played well and it was true thrilling one day match. Guys I am sorry about the stupid remarks by Mr Butt who was stupid enough to pass such remarks which i can only say may came as it says ! ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE ! But please dont take notice of this idiots remarks as he is not a cricketer. But please keep in mind that not all Pakistani players are bad. Some rotten eggs are there who should be completely out from this game. Lets hope that tomorrow we may see another super match and enjoy cricket. I once again regret the stupid remarks of my idiot country man, who i am sure will be kicked out from his position very soon and believe me its imminent,

Posted 23:41 21st September 2010

Usman Khan says...

great victory by pak and hope to end the tour on a high and for those englismen who are saying that mr butt has said without any proof i want to ask them where they were whn icc suspend pak players without any proof and englsi newpapers made allegations after 3rd odi ? nobody speaks for pak but when it comes to their team they start crying

Posted 21:27 21st September 2010

King Afridi says...

funny how the series is devalued and tainted once Pakistan have levelled the series! After attending the games at oval and lords, majority of the England fans have come to watch good cricket being played. A few have been shouting abuse at Pakistan players not even under any scrutiny for spot betting! To say England are under pressure from ijaz butts comments are ridiculous. The Pakistan players have been playing under pressure for a month! Great to see umar gul bowling at his best! Rose bowl should be a great game, Pakistan to win and leave with some pride. To ban us from cricket would be a joke! Ian botham is stupid to make those comments whilst investigations still continue! However ijaz butts comments were not needed at a time like this, with no basis for his comments. A greatly contested one day series, not tainted, Anyones for the taking! Come on Pakistan!

Posted 20:34 21st September 2010

Shahid Afzal says...

Ejaz Butt''s allegations have been dismissed and seen as utter nonsense and I personally agree, I don''t see no fixing in the England camp, however it''s funny how people seem to believe a low junk filled tabloid like the Sun when they have made allegations about the Pakistan team. I agree that controversy has surrounded the team in the past, but honestly can''t see any sort of fixing in this series. Pakistan have gone through a tough time recently and as soon as things started to turn and look good, The Sun came out with its story just to stir things up and simply sell papers. It''s utter nonsense and I''m sick of hearing it. Pakistan to win the Series!

Posted 19:47 21st September 2010

Waqar Ali says...

I dont uderstand what going on, i am cricket fan and really love cricket, what happened last month , it was not good, but nothing been proved, its pre-plane to ruined Pakistan Cricket, i dont understand this, if you win the match or lost it you are the fixer, what a joke? honestly Pakistan i am salute Pakistan cricket team it not first team and they beat strong England team ? really team effort, well done afridi i will b there to support you ? we will will be there to support , we dont care about media? pakistan will win this one day series....... East or West Pakistan is the best... come on pakistan you can do it ? England is under pressure,,,

Posted 18:28 21st September 2010

Kiran Shah says...

We in Pakistan have been up in arms about Ijaz Butt ever since he took over in October 2008. His has been the most incompetent administration in Pakistan cricket history. Everyone here is hoping this latest episode finally convinces the Patron that Butt has no brain, and finally puts him out to pasture. That said, the English media should also not forget our players are innocent until proven otherwise and this witch hunt against Pakistan should stop. Let the investigation finish, and then we can see who is guilty. If any Pakistani player is guilty, I would be the first to say throw him out of international cricket for good and seize all their assets. Even jail time would be recommended. However, if this is proven as a set up then the News of the World and The Sun better be ready to face the music in court.

Posted 17:46 21st September 2010

James Caan says...

well done pakistan whilst losing 2-0 look how pakistan fought back even with the accusations being thrown at them. some people need to remember that the accused cricketers have NOT yet been found guilty. and just think about it why would a talented 18 year old whose life is crciket, waste it all away with illegal bets? the news of the world is biased and just wants to have pakistan banned from cricket. hopefully their sour intentions will never succeed. good luck for wednesday lads.

Posted 16:45 21st September 2010

Abdul Sallam jp says...

ICC need to get their act sorted ! PCB should sack Ijaz Butt Bring in Imran Khan .. What future for Pakistan cricket .. A Sad Pakistani fan

Posted 15:46 21st September 2010

Usuf Ali says...

Donot say we were in the pressure...pakistan team really deserves that win they played well and they were awesome. Ijaz Butt said what our media said couple of weeks ago. there isnt any xcuse for that . the best team won the game

Posted 15:18 21st September 2010

B D says...

i like how in the oval in 2006 pakistan got accused of ball tampering, refused to take the field, took so much criticism, then eventually took the field only to have an arrogant umpire not want to carry on the game. yet when england have been accused of cheating they were STRONGLY thinking of cutting the series short n not even playing yesterday, and nobody has even mentioned it. Im sorry, but england accused of anything = legal action against the accusor, pakistan accused of anything = legal action against the accused. do u not see how unfair the ICC are? do u not understand a typical Pakistani fan''s plight? AND the fact the ICC refused to tell the PCB and simply had to find out via media.

Posted 14:39 21st September 2010

K Abdulla says...

First of all we Pakistani have a real sense of gratitude to the Brisith people who donated money to the recent floods and also to the previous earthquaqe in Pakistan.. more than any country per population in the world.. Secondly a developed country cannot understand the scarcity and the lack of law and order of a poor country.. cheating can and does happen in every sport.. its more so in a poor country and thats all.. we should all try to calm down and enjoy the sport and make ways in which cheating does not pay..

Posted 12:57 21st September 2010

Sara Sara says...

thanks ECB for opening the doors but what about your media what they did to us. Even after winning the 3rd ODI they called us the fixures

Posted 12:45 21st September 2010

Ifty Ifrahim says...

Hi All A very big thank you to both England and Pakistan for a very exciting series so far. Can we please for once not argue amongst ourselves over a game of cricket, let the people who are running the show do their job to the best of their ability. i have never agreed with any sort of match fixing or so on, just like the rest of you, but would like to say that who ever is alleged of spot fixing should, if proven guilty, get the maximum punishment. if iwas the one making that decision, then i would personally ban the players for life, just to show the rest of the world that there is no tolerence in sport or any way of life when it comes to cheating. i want to congratulate both sets of players for their professional behaviour during the course of this series, win or lose is part of the beauty when it comes to any sports. i just hope these guys maintain their mental strength and show us that what ever happens they are going to put on the best performance in Wednesdays Final. by doing so will bring back the credibility this sport deserves and also have hope for the future. remember one thing, these games last a day, but the anger could last longer if you allow it to. always look on the bright side of life!! i dont want to make any comments about people who have accused players of wrong doing, and those people who want the Pakistan Team to get banned for life, thats their own opinions!! its simple, innocent until proven guilty.. and if you have one rotten apple you dont throw the batch away!! good luck to both the teams, and my request to all people on this blog, please do not get personal with anything, it will only spoil your day. :-) have a great life..

Posted 12:32 21st September 2010

Irfan Mahmood says...

Who do england think their kidding? When allegations were made about pakistan they took it on the chin and carried on doing their talking on the pitch! England middle order is so rubbish the aussies will eat them up! They need to find replacements for collingwood, bell, it all ECB fault for dropping Pieterson , Thinking their better off with out him what a joke! All England have played for getting ready for the ashes was bangladesh what a poor decision! Know their playing quality they are coming up short against the big boy''s! WELL PLAYED PAKISTAN!

Posted 12:03 21st September 2010

Lin Murray says...

Come On England-Lets show em hows its done.We beat pakistan in the T20 and we''ll do it again. Ian Botham got it right, ban the lot send them home as shamefull cheaters.It will come to the stage where no-one will play pakistan because they CANT be trusted....England All The Way :) :) :)

Posted 10:34 21st September 2010

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