Pakistan force decider

Pakistan force decider

Pakistan put the latest off-field distractions to one side to level the NatWest Series at 2-2 with a 38-run win over England at Lord's.

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Adam Beck says...

Let''s forget all the controversy, all the accusations and all the scandal and return to the cricket. This one day series has been superb. I was at the first ODI and it was a great game and so far each one after it has been as well. Lets hope for an equally good decider, somehow I dont thnk we will be disappointed.

Posted 10:22 21st September 2010

Saleem Memoon says...

Despite all the controversy which has clouded this great game of cricket for the past month or so, it has once again been shown that it is truly the game that always win, it does''nt really matter who wins or who does''nt but we must always play in spirit. I must appreciate English players & Pakistan players for giving us a great show in such tense situation. And as far as the people who are not in the best interst of this game wheather its PCB''s Chairman or an EX English Legend like Ian Botham, for them i should just not listen what is not so important.

Posted 09:29 21st September 2010

Barry Cashin says...

How many more Last Chance Saloons is Paul Collingwood going to visit before the selectors wake up and realise he''s a mid 30s, had-his-day spent force? Also, what the Dickens is Tim Bresnan still doing in the line up!? He''s overweight by international standards, doesn''t cut the mustard as a bowler and doesn''t really know how to bat! Time after time, England continue to pick losers and when they do and these losers underperform (in the case of Collingwood, all summer in the longer form of the game) then we too will lose. My money (and betting on cricket is always a risky business at the moment) is on a 3-2 series win to Pakistan. Only Strauss has been outstanding. Trott the Turtle bats so slowly he makes Geoff Boycott look like a pinch hitter and Stuart Broad''s bowling in this format is a gimme for batsmen down to 8,9 and 10. Come on England - give Shazad and Wright a go, get rid of yesterday''s man Collingwood and underachieving Bresnan and watch England''s fortunes change overnight.

Posted 07:04 21st September 2010

Adnan Akbar says...

Well done Pakistan, struss says that we do not prepare well due the Ejaz butt statement, my humble request to Mr Struss that think for a while how can Pakistan preparations in the whole series when wrong claims put by English media against Pakistan and that is not first time when Pakistan play in england the English media do that, and the role of ICC biased if ICC can take action by reading news papers then what is ICC anti corruption unit doing ?

Posted 06:54 21st September 2010

Reason Voice says...

Good answer by Afridi 11 to all the british tabloid sleaze. Another point, am i the only one noticing such disasterous decline in umpiring standards? I mean 3 LBWs not given, one wrong no ball all in one match - and against one team! As far as ijaz butt goes, Brits will be well served not to take him seriously - Pakistanis learn long time back that ignoring him helps.

Posted 05:48 21st September 2010

Hamza Ahmed says...

This is so funny, England can''t even beat a team who are in turmoil. And it s a bit funny how English fans were happy to beat Pakistan and gain some points for the ICC rankings, but now that Pakistan are starting to win games, its all of a sudden become a joke and they should be sent home and the tour should be cancelled. Lets not forget that its not only Pakistanis that are alleged to be involved in match fixing i.e Mervyn Westfield, an English cricketer.

Posted 02:58 21st September 2010

Tamoor Tariq says...

PAKISTAN has beaten england second game in a row.. I understand its too hard for English fans and English media to accept and to acknowledge but who gives a monkeys to what you lot think. You sure know how to jump like an idiot when you win but try and learn to accept your defeats too.. Looking forward to the match on Wednesday..

Posted 02:41 21st September 2010

Tieyab Hussain says...

Pakistan needs an immediate and complete change of the joke that is the PCB! Ijaz Butt and the remainder of this corrupt organisation are bringing tremendous shame to pakistan. As a life long passionate suppoter of pakistan cricket i am sick and tired of all the constant controversy surrounding the players. IF these allegations are PROVEN then i hope that harsh punishment is given, due to the embarassment caused to pakistan and the beautiful game. The PCB should be extremely grateful to the ECB for its efforts in recent times to help pakistan "host" matches in this country. The failings of Mr Butt are vast, "Butt" what annoys me most is his personal vendetta against younis khan, a fantastic player and captain who took the team in the right direction, only to banned from playing and representing his nation.

Posted 00:31 21st September 2010

Mo Parekh says...

WHAT A GAME !!! was their the best game i have seen !!.. full of lows and highs for both games.. Pakistan innings started of slowly but Afridi came in and lit it up !!.. AND WHAT a innings by Razzaq.. the 6 HE HIT WAS MASSSIVE !!!.. and the fours oh my all beauties !! I have lost my voice cos i been screaming so much !!! ahhh... Shoaib Akhter showed he can still be lethal at 36.. he needs to focus on line and length and forget bowling at 96mph !!.. Gul is perfect u cant beat his late swing at the end... OVERALL a great day out and throughly enjoyed the game cannot wait for the final game on Wednesday Series so evenly poised !!!!

Posted 00:09 21st September 2010

Farouk Azm says...

This match proved that Pakistan are a Better One Day Side than England, this WITHOUT their Front Line Bowling attack. this is Sour Grapes, all the comments being madeby England Supporters. The Better side won. Ijaz Butt is an idiot who will be gon soon. Pakistan are now proving they are the better side, all this without their bes bowlers.

Posted 23:15 20th September 2010

Muqqaddas Asghar says...

i think pakistan proved a point that they are a brilliant side.. i think the accusations made against them were totaly wrong its not fair that two of there best bowlers and a superb batsman have been suspended without any prove of spot fixing aswell as that even though pakistan win games the media are saying the games are fixed so i think the media are very biased.. therefore i think mr ijaz butt did the right thing of bringing it upon england making accusations against them because if you think about it how can a team lose 6wickets scoring only 18runs??

Posted 23:04 20th September 2010

Azfar Imam says...

Andrew Strauss should leave the crease because 4 times he has survived because of Umpire decision including today. It is not a gentlemen game but who cheats more. Also Trott has dropped 5 catches in ODI series so it is better to grab Ball than Wahab Riaz throat.

Posted 23:03 20th September 2010

A fan Fan says...

well done pakistan....and to all those accusing pakistan of match fixing and all just because of three players who still havent been found guilty this victory proves that we love cricket too and all players are not same so stop judging them. did icc or elite cricketers like ian botham commented banning south africa when hansie cronje was found guilty about match fixing.....then stop it...any one can predict a game and say that first 10 overs can produce so many runs.....ICC should first the authenticity of report and then investigate....shame on icc

Posted 23:01 20th September 2010

Chris G says...

So what excuse will we be given for yet another batting collapse? I find it very hard to understand how Gul is reversing the ball both ways and the England bowlers who''ve learned cricket on these wickets are unable. Eitherway it is one bowler who can only bowl 10 overs out of 50 and it doesn''t excuse or explain how we went from a dominant position in this and the Test series to barely holding on. Why was Collingwood brought back into the side? why was Bopara and Wright dropped especially after their recent form and scores? How did we go from bowling out the same basic side for less than 200 in the final 2 Tests to not being able to in the ODI series? If the allegations by Butt are false then why are they affecting this team? Wouldn''t you think that those comments would of inspired the England team to come out all guns blazing or are we just doomed to never being able to show any consistency in our cricket? Onething for sure K.P. must feel like sweet justice is being served!

Posted 22:57 20th September 2010

Rohit Khan says...

i don''t believe any of this match fixing stuff. I think Pakistan totally deserve the win over England the way the guys play. All credit goes to BOOM BOOM Afridi awsome captain. You cannot say the players fix every match and certainly think the media just chat alot of rubbish and want Pakistan banned from cricket. the fact that Pakistan have the world best bowling attack and are a dangerous side when on song.. BRILLIANT PAKISTAN bring back Mohammed Aamir the talented young gun of Pakistan.

Posted 22:55 20th September 2010

David Collins says...

Joke of an organisation? YOUR organisation is the one making ungrounded, knee-jerk accusations - and it''s the Chairman making them! How can you accuse the ICC of being a joke when Pakistan are the ones bringing the game into disrepute? The Pakistani team need to come clean and accept their wrong-doings, not start trying to pass the buck onto other people like a moody teenager. Ijaz Butt has made an enormous media faux-pas and needs to apologise for starting to stir something that isn''t there. We''ll win the series.

Posted 22:50 20th September 2010

Hamza Haider says...

Ripped apart England. Blown them away at THEIR home. Looking forward to Wednesday.

Posted 22:39 20th September 2010

Amna Ali says...

great match! pakistan played superbly! The comments at the eng of the match about how england may have been under pressure due to the ongoing issues is completely ridiculous. If anything pakistan should haved been under stress due to allegations then 3 of their players suspended! but they focused on the cricket and the better team won. Also the recent claims by the Sun are absolutely and utter nonsense! Please people open your eyes.. as soon as pakistan win a match the most ridiculous allegations come up! lets just hope there isn''t something in tomorrows papers otherwise the credibility of British media is in serious doubt not that it isn''t already.

Posted 22:38 20th September 2010

John Smith says...

ECB send Pakistan home. We opened doors for them to play in England and cricket has been ruined.

Posted 22:09 20th September 2010

Nick Shaw says...

When will the selectors ever learn!Once again they picked the wrong batting order.Putting Trott,Bell and Collingwood next to each other, completely negates any good start we make.Morgan is left down the order and we see the runrate decrease from over 7 an over to less than 5.Look at Trott''s scoring rate in ODi''s and Collingwood can''t get the ball off the square,at least Bell tried.Morgan is wasted at six and should be in at 4, at least he can rotate the strike and have the chance to build on a good start,not try to rescue a sinking ship.We should have learnt from the second ODI.If Collingwood plays he should bat no higher than 6,and how can anyone say that Trott is a better one day player than Pieterson.We won T20 playing aggresively now we going back to the old steady tried and failed play.Will we ever learn ?

Posted 21:57 20th September 2010

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