India edge Mohali thriller

India edge Mohali thriller

VVS Laxman overcame back spasms and an Australia fightback to inspire India to a one-wicket victory in Mohali.

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Manoj Kumar says...

Tom Moody - you made a comment about Australia always having ''''struggled'''' in the sub continent, especialy against India. I''''m Indian myself, and let me tell you something - they have fought like Lions in every series they have played in India - and have always played their part in making a test series a memorable one. India and Australia in Cricket today isTHE biggest international fixture, at test level anyway. I only hope the rivalry remains friendly always without going soft - lets never lose that fierceness of it. The Aussie team of Gilchrist, Hayden, Warney, Gilespie, McGrath, Langar proved themselves out in India on many an occasion and gave as good as they got by the home side. Likewise, I can find many examples of where India went out to Australia and played some exquisite stuff putting the home side under pressure. Australia are the best in the world yes - because they work hard at their game, they want to be #1 and they have this inner belief that they are #1. There is a big difference between thinking you''''re the best, and knowing youre the best. Last 15 odd years the Aussies have shown they are the best - having been the most consistent abroad, beating many on their own patch and convincingly.

Posted 07:53 10th October 2010

Chris From oz says...

Unlucky not to get the last wicket, was easily out everyone knows it. But Sharma was given a shocking call, so i guess it evens out. Great to see Test match cricket still up there and well done to India, deserved the win with the way they fought. Australia still the best team in the world, not as good as they were but still can''t get beaten at home. South Africa did then got hammered at home by the Aussies. Hope England do get their hopes up watching this game, so when they got beaten all over Australia they will be demoralised once again. 5-0 i think again

Posted 09:27 6th October 2010

Tom Moody says...

Its worth remembering Australia always struggles in India. The same team who had Warne, McGrath, Hayden, Langer, Gilchrist used to go otver there and lose many a test series. Don''t get too excited Pommies. also someone tell me how Zaheer Khan got man of the match ahead of Shane Watson? 5 wickets in the 1st innings and 3 in the second compared to 126 runs in the first and 56 off 59 balls in the 2nd? I know which figures are more impressive.

Posted 01:22 6th October 2010

Tom Moody says...

Haha please all you people saying england will come down here and win the ashes based on this result have no clue. Last time i checked Australian conditions and pitches arent identical to India.A pace bowler like Johnson is much more dangerous in Australia with its quick and bouncy wickets, he always struggles in lifeless conditions. Aussies werent helped by Doug Bollinger having to sit out the rest of the day through injury, India were lucky to survive Billys crooked finger the last shout was as plumb as they come. It wasn''t our bowlers that lost us this test as many above have suggested, it was our 2nd innings batting effort, something we wont be struggling in at home. Michael Clarke im looking at you.

Posted 01:14 6th October 2010

Shuvra Bhowmik says...

This exciting test match between these two great teams once again proved the worth of test cricket. Both teams offered their best possible effort to make one of the most memorable test matches we have ever witnessed.

Posted 22:16 5th October 2010

Alok Ratnam says...

Chappelli and the gang should stop disputing who is the # 1 in test cricket. India wins when it has to win -- @ Perth, in Kolkatta, in Sri Lanka. Other teams just cant. South Africa could not against Australia, and England, Sri Lanka against India, and Australia in the Ashes. India''s bowling may not be dominant, but they sure get the job done. Batting -- based on stats, there hasn''t been a batting side as dominant as India''s in the history of test cricket. Go check it out. Since 2005, India has more AWAY scores of 550+ than Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, and England put together. Go dispute that Chappelli and other pundits.

Posted 22:07 5th October 2010

Pritesh Picko says...

i seen the match i was very happy to see india win, i jumped up and banged my head on the light,had a big lump but it was all worth it.the way they played was favorite player was little master tundulkur.they will wins agains no poblems

Posted 21:35 5th October 2010

Joga Sandhu says...

that was one of the most exiting test matches two evenly matched teams played with good spirit credit to both sides pity there had to be a loser but the clear winner is test cricket even the umpires got nervous thank you to both teams that was one hell of a match

Posted 18:48 5th October 2010

Sebastian Antony says...

This is really woderfull, amazing. This is the play, which tale end has play. Ishant played well as Laxman. Give good claps to both. Normally, tale end throw the wicket with out fighting. This is good example, how tale end can play and change the result of the play. Test cricket is really testing the players. Sebastian Antony Vithayathil

Posted 15:54 5th October 2010

Tashgif S says...

Billy bowden u cheter

Posted 14:02 5th October 2010

Kaushik Das gupta says...

this is not a win for India, this is a victory for test cricket. test cricket is very much alive, thanks to both india and australia for putting up such a thrilling edge of the seat encounter

Posted 12:56 5th October 2010

Charankamal singh Parmar says...

Yeeehaaa!!!- it''s about time they got a Commonwealth Gold!!Ha Ha!!!-Truly it''s the only sport that India are good at Forget Delhi- Mohali is theplace- Time for two Whiskies!!!!

Posted 12:17 5th October 2010

Roshan S says...

What a brilliant victory, I honestly closed my live scorecard page as I thought India would not make it, but VVS Laxman, what a fantastic cricketer! Extremely well done and test cricket is not dead.

Posted 11:58 5th October 2010

Prash Thakrar says...


Posted 11:19 5th October 2010

Barry Cashin says...

WELL DONE INDIA! Australia couldn''t fight there way out of a paper bag and without a team full of legends, all now retired, it just shows how ordinary Ricky Ponting is as a captain. A skipper is only good as his men and this bunch, well all I can say is roll on Brisbane. What a marvellously exciting test match and all credit to Sharma and VVS Laxman for a superbly entertaining match winning partnership. I was on the edge of my seat. Australia were bereft of ideas, outplayed, outmanoeuvred, outsmarted and didn''t know what to do to get out the last three wickets. In the past, they relied upon McGrath and Warne to snaffle up 9,10 Jack but not now. All they have is a weak spinner in Hauritz, an even weaker part-timer in North and spray gun Johnson. The only half decent bowler is Hilfenhaus. So there you have it, Australia''s much vaunted ''mental degradation.'' Trouble is, they are now on the receiving end. Psychologically, this was a great result for England as the Aussies will be thoroughly demoralised. A series win for India here will be just what the doctor ordered as a run up to the Ashes. What an exciting morning. Test matches dead and buried? My foot!

Posted 11:17 5th October 2010

Inderjit Sandhu says...

A brilliant test match, showing nothing is impossible. It took a brilliant effort from Very, Very, Special Laxman to perform despite a back injury. It shows England are capable of doing the same against Austrailia. Go on India and we are going to windia

Posted 11:05 5th October 2010

Imtiyaz Patel says...


Posted 10:44 5th October 2010

Sarvajeet Bodas says...

I think this is the magic of test cricket. 124-8, Impossible for India to chase 216,but they did it in great style. I think England will do similar stuff with aussies during Ashes series.

Posted 10:24 5th October 2010

Jaswinder Birdi says...

FANTASTIC!!! so much passion from laxman, it''s great to see, never thought i could enjoy a test match so much, can''t wait for the next match of india v austrailia, can''t wait for the england team to get the same result as well. These thoughts are from a 44 year old woman!

Posted 10:23 5th October 2010

Freddie Jones says...

Great result for India and also for England.... If india can win the 2nd test as well it will knock the confidence of the aussies... I don''t think this is a very good aussie team and England should go down under with the confidence to win there for the first time in years!!!!

Posted 10:02 5th October 2010

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