England crumble in the desert

England crumble in the desert

England collapsed to 72 all out as Pakistan won the second Test by 72 runs and clinched the three-match series.

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George Staples says...

Change this ridiculous selection policy. Have Pieterson and Bell deserved selection ? Will they play next time? Of course they will. Flower and Strauss have a list of the favoured few and thgey will always play regardless of form. England were hammered. Learn by it. George

Posted 20:19 28th January 2012

Imran Khan says...

Where is English team Fans!!!! Congratulations #Pakistan for a spectacular series win against England We Are the Champions

Posted 19:06 28th January 2012

Farouk Ally says...

During this match I sent a comment to Dave. I indicated that KP should never have been picked for the test. I say it again, send him back to SA to face the racism music for which left in the first palce. Bopara will be a far safer bet.

Posted 17:02 28th January 2012

Bill Mclean says...

All hail the no 1 side in the world! Well done, chaps. You showed such grit and determination. Application of the highest order, what. What a pathetic bunch of prima donnas. Shame on all of you!!

Posted 15:28 28th January 2012

Abhijeet Karnik says...

Mr Nasser Hussain who are the donkeys now?

Posted 14:50 28th January 2012

Ihtesham Kayani says...

Where is Bob Willis? He should now report Abdur Rehman for illegal bowling action.

Posted 14:03 28th January 2012

Haider Kanji says...

Just one comment. Broad in conversation to Taxi driver, I hope in future he should think twice before commenting. Yes, with new ball things changed but what happened aftermath. let him talk to the taxi driver. cvricket is very unprectable game. one mistake and you had it.

Posted 13:42 28th January 2012

Stan Turner says...

PATHETIC !!!! back to the good old days of the mystery of spin batsmen prodding around feet stuck in glue no idea which way the ball will turn shows our number one ranking was luck positive not reckless is the way to play spin watch the way the Aussies played Ashwin !!!!

Posted 13:04 28th January 2012

Adam Shaw says...

As a Cricket lover, what a great Test match played, this is the beauty of Test Match. What a victory for Pakistan, amazing what one day can do to undo 3 days of hard work. This Pakistan team totally embarrassed and brought them crashing down to Earth. England Batsmen simply got humiliated, nothing else can be said. To be a top test Cricket team, chasing a score of 145, is done without any hiccups or problems, just look how Australia when they dominated use to brush of that sort of score in 15 over! In that same 15 overs England were on 21/1, how negative can you be when Victory is near? However lets not take anything away from Pakistan, what a great team unit, although the batting is not the best on paper, their bowling attack and team spirit is on a different level to England. After the controversy in the Last 15 months or so, to come out and destroy England like this, has to be ranked as their best ever Test performance and result.

Posted 12:52 28th January 2012

Haider Khan says...

Hey Bob Wills, What about Abdul Rehman, Any insight he bends his elbow as well......

Posted 12:48 28th January 2012

Imran Awan says...

great display from the worlds number one haha

Posted 12:42 28th January 2012

Rehman Minhas says...

Best in the world? We're having a laugh!

Posted 12:32 28th January 2012

John Mcgarvey says...

Absolutely diabolical, each of the players need some sort of punishment for such a cowardly, spineless display. This is like going back to the 90s watching collapses of an epic propotion. BUT and there needs to be a 'but' this is only one series and it should not destroy what has been built up over the previous few years. It's been wonderful being an England fan these last 8 or so years and this is perhaps why this hurst so much and makes me so angry. Nothing sort of an innings victory in the 3rd test or cancel the flight home!

Posted 12:31 28th January 2012

Karl Tebb says...

Good lord, what a disgrace, in all my 52 years l`ve never been so sorry to be an English cricket fan! The players should hang their heads in shame, except Monty, who was magnificent, oh how the batsmen let him down! World ranked No.1 team is looking a joke. Well done Pakistan, you clutched victory from the jaws of defeat, England come home.

Posted 12:23 28th January 2012

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