Pakistan seal series sweep

Pakistan seal series sweep

Pakistan completed a 3-0 series win over England with a 71-run victory in the final Test.

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Harry Shortland says...

.... and to think I got up at 1 O'clock to watch this debacle! The cricketers have now joined the footballers in getting an 'A' for talk, and a 'C' for performance! Ah well ..... back to bed. p.s. I hope the selectors have the guts to clean house (like the Rugby guys) and start again, the footballers haven't, so far.

Posted 14:01 6th February 2012

Steve Ben says...

I thought, after last summer, in Messrs Bell, Cook and Trott we had the best batsmen in the world. What is plapably evident is that our batsmen are the best in the world on English wickets where seam is king. Put them on a slow turning strip, they are lacking in technique. When I i used to play, not so many years ago, the mantra was always 'get a big stride in', tack your bat behind the pad and nullify the chances of an LBW. Watching the English front line batsmen, the number of times that they shuffled back and across in front of their stumps, was crazy - they invited the LBW. With the current side, England will continue to win test matches on seamy English wickets but until our batsmen are prepared forget about playing back against the top class spinners, we can write off any chances of of winning on the sub-continent or in Dubai

Posted 13:44 6th February 2012

Carl Whiteley says...

dear mr andrew strass and 10 other idiots, dont bother coming home, stay out there, your a disgrace to the england shirts you wear, worlds best test team?? not on this showing, complete and utter rubbish,turn up ,play and run away with the money, pathetic

Posted 13:44 6th February 2012

Shakir Hussain says...

Great Win, Excellent Performances through out the series, Well Done Pakistan. All we need now is Mohammed Amir back to complete this team and please don't change the management, Mohsin Khan is doing a great job. With 1 eye to the future maybe they should look at giving Umar Akmal a game next time the series is wrapped up, Emense talent but needs experience. Bring on the next challenge :-).

Posted 13:43 6th February 2012

Mohammad Khan says...

England are shambles, they do not have a right to be the No 1 Team in the world. They are a complete joke all the players are nearly pensioners. Pakistan is the best team in the world and so as for you boys go back to practice and use a soft tennis ball as you can not play with a real cricket ball

Posted 13:21 6th February 2012

Rohit Kalra says...

Lions at home..Lamb's abroad.....No.1 Test nation, Must be kidding.

Posted 13:01 6th February 2012

Walter A says...

What an awesome performance, but for Pakistan the real est starts now - Can they maintain that level of performance and repeat it in overseas environments. There is no question talent is there in Pakistan maybe now this "new" approach will instill a togetherness which will help maintain momentum. As for England not too much wrong really, just an inability to bat against spin in non familar conditions more - fact they lost 3-0 down to inertia. Big test for them will be Sri Lanka - ie next series can they learn from this. Final word - thsi series was less about England's bad performances than Pakistans good performances

Posted 12:58 6th February 2012

Hammad Babar says...

What a contrast of 2010... A down & out side.. A Thumping win!! English Batsmen look like lambs against Ajmal & Abdur Rehman.. Who bamboozled England with their bowling.. Not to forget the innings of the series by Azhar Ali... Way to go Pakistan Cricket!! Arguably the most talented side in the globe...

Posted 12:52 6th February 2012

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