Breakthrough batting

Breakthrough batting

Chris and Stuart Broad hope their six-a-side fundraiser can help to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

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prof d mark Cato says...

Chris As a long-time member of the MCC and an MND sufferer I was interested to read your page about your dear wife. Good luck with the fundraising event. Very best wishes Mark

Posted 08:51 31st May 2010

Andrew Mcaney says...

I saw the wonderfully dignified interview Chris Broad just gave to David Gower and was directed to this website. I want to make a donation, like others will, so you need to set up a direct link to 'Chris and Stuart's MND charity' website.

Posted 13:36 29th May 2010

Greg Chalmers says...

This is a great cause. Diseases like this need more publicity so that people understand how the victims feel. Kudos to Stuart and Chris for their work.

Posted 13:33 29th May 2010

Derek Mcdonald says...

Have just watched the interview with Chris Broad and son Stuart and hearing about his wife and her battle with MND, I wish you good luck with your awarness drive and fund raiisng. As a fund raiser myself for a local cancer charity it is not easy to raise funds and never ending, but Chris has some useful contacts, once again good luck

Posted 13:19 29th May 2010

Tom Sawdon says...

I have big respect for Stuart and Chris talking about their mother and wife respectively. I wish all the best to them and their 6 a side. Keep going Stu and work hard.

Posted 13:15 29th May 2010

Noel Cosmo says...

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Posted 09:20 28th May 2010

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