Duo recalled for Ashes

Duo recalled for Ashes

Chris Tremlett and Monty Panesar have been included in England's 16-man squad for the Ashes tour.

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David Way says...

Unfortunately players like Rashid, Shazad and Hildreth dont play for the fashionable counties in the south east. I am going to suggest that Yorkshire get relegated to the shambolic division 2, where even i could take wickets, and i am sure we would then get a couple in. Obviously the old guard at the MCC insist on having their quota of Middlesex players in the squad !!!!!!!.

Posted 22:16 23rd September 2010

Mike Hawkins says...

Tried and tested. Thats the reason these players have been picked. Not one of them is on debut and are all reasonably experienced test players bar possibly stephen finn who australia have already said they will target. You simply cannot send youngsters like stokes and rashid into a full blooded ashes series and expect them to perform match winning performances when they have no experience of test cricket whatsoever. The chances are if they did play their confidence would go plummeting E.g bopara after the tour of west indies was in the form of his life, first game of the ashes and he''s a nervous wreck. Panesar and tremlett for me are simply interesting choices. Panesar has shown he can rise to the occasion, however they will be playing on only one real ground which requires two spinners, the SCG, and since swann is in the form of his life, i can''t see the need for panesar anywhere but there. Tremlett for me is interesting aswell, he is a similar bowler to stephen finn in which he hits the pitch hard, however he is more experienced and therefore gets the nod ahead of him. I believe that Kevin Pietersen will go to the ashes and hit form. This may only be due to the fact he got dropped against pakistan, by the ECB to show him that he''s not indespensible, this means he will now up his temprement and possibly play with alot more determination Overall i think the Ecb were spot on with their decisions good on them

Posted 21:56 23rd September 2010

Roy Hayward says...

i think it''s a good solid squad,no suprises, really only Monty who bowled well for Sussex this season.I know all his wkts were taken in divison 2 but Sussex got more points than div 1 teams.Lets get behind the lads and briing the retain the ashes.

Posted 21:49 23rd September 2010

Adam Cloonan says...

This is rediculous, it really is i mean leaving Adil Rashid out of the Ashes tour itself is a crime but leaving him out of the performace squad as well? What are the selectors doing? The performance squad is meant to be giving players on the fringe of breaking into the test, one day or twenty twenty side the cricket they need incase a player in the ashes squad is out of form or injured. Can they honestly suggest that Danny Briggs is worthy of playing a test match in one of the toughest countries to play in? A serious misjudgment i''d say

Posted 21:25 23rd September 2010

Ian Roberts says...

How on earth has Adil Rashid not even made the performance squad? He takes wickets, as well as quite a few runs down the order. To choose Panesar over Rashid when he has very little variation seems a strange choice. Also Panesar has had his chance at Test level and has lost his place, Rashid deserves a chance and is a good all round cricketer. Ajmal Shazad would be handy on dry flattish pitches where Anderson might struggle without the ball swinging around, hopefully he will be called up to the main squad at some point in the series. Will be interesting to see how the out of form Pieterson and Cook play in Australia.

Posted 21:22 23rd September 2010

Dave White says...

RE: Barry Cashin. what planet do u live on? I know what we will do lets send a team of ''new blood'' to play their 1st tests against australia, in australia. (That wont ruin their careers before its started will it?) Ooh i also know lets break up a successful unit thats winning matches for the sake of ''new blood''.

Posted 21:21 23rd September 2010

Mark Harris says...

Personally I would want Anderson Finn and Broad in the team for me what the selectors have failed to do here is look at the options, if we are chasing a victory we may need 5 bowlers and with Anderson and Finn in the team Monty cannot be used in a dual spin attack as that tail is too long. Rashid could have been used and I always think a touring side should have the option of playing 2 spinners. Sharzad adds more for me than Tremlett when you have Broad Finn and Bresnan is there much point in Tremlett

Posted 20:37 23rd September 2010

Dan Meaki says...

God help us if Graeme Swann gets injured because Panesar is NOT up to the job! Why pick a man, who can not bat? I realise he isn''t opening the batting, but he might just might be required to hang in at the end of a test...if that is the case we are done for. They''ll come home losing 2-1.

Posted 19:53 23rd September 2010

Lee Ayre says...

Embarrassing, no rashid or shahzad yet panesar gets in. Absolute joke. He will get hit all over out there.

Posted 19:37 23rd September 2010

Chris Quinn says...

At the end of the day, I feel the selectors have it spot on. They have gone with the wealth of experience which is going to be required to win the Ashes on Australian soil. Yes they have gone with Cook and Collingwood, ok, not in the best of form, however they are proven Test batsmen with runs in their lockers. You can''t take too many gambles when selecting against Australia. That was proven with Ian Bell back in 2005. I think they have used the same mantra when selecting the bowling attack. Monty has wickets under his belt, and is likely only to feature in perhaps one or two matches, IF we choose to go with two spinners, as Graemme Swann Has already shown at present he is perhaps the best spin bowler in the world. Tremlett has been selected for his style of bowling, but again I dont think he will play in front of Finn who I think will be everything Steve Harmison should have been. As for the comments regarding the two county divisions, I agree with an above comment when they said that there is not as much of a difference in standard as people seem to be making out. I think it would have been too much of a gamble taking Rashid, and could have easily had his confidence knocked and had a massive effect on his career if he was to have a bad series. If we are going to win down under, this will be the squad to do it. England to win 2-1, Swann to be Man of the series and Trott to score most runs.

Posted 19:34 23rd September 2010

Scott Hind says...

Why on earth have they picked Panesar? He''s an one-dimensonal bowler and can''t bat at all. Surely if they wanted a left arm spinner then why haven''t they took Yardy? I find it highly amusing that the selectors have picked him over some real english talent. Otherwise the squad is a winning one aslong as KP fires and they actually play Morgan.

Posted 19:33 23rd September 2010

Nazam Hussain says...

Broad, finn and tremlett are very similer ballers and ausies play bounce well. Ajmal would have been handy reversing the old ball while swann spinned it at one end. Anderson may struggle if there is no conventional swing with the kookabura. Adil is a leggie, and leggies get wickets as proven throughout the county season and to not even make it into the performance squad suggests that he''s not in englands plans for the future. Seems to be a great injustice to both yorkshire players.

Posted 19:24 23rd September 2010

Waheed Nazir says...

I am really disappointed that Ajmal Shahzad and Adil Rashid have not been chosen for the Ashes tour. I think the selectors have made a big mistake not to choose them. Adil Rashid can bat and bowl well so why choose him over Monty Panesar. Ajmal Shazad has also bolwed well so I would prefer to have him over Tremlett.

Posted 19:00 23rd September 2010

Conner Karvaski says...

Panesar is a good spinner although Yardy can take wickets when needed allso Panesar is not on the best of form so Panesar would not be in my selection also Tremlett can hit the deck but Shahzad is a nice fast bowler Im a Worcester fan so i cant be biased but also we beat sussex and surrey at new road and Panesar and Tremlett are division 2 bowlers and Panesar moved to get into the england squad but hardly attention has been on him.

Posted 18:43 23rd September 2010

Declan Mason says...

i do not no at all why they put tremlett in when he has only been in the frame for 2 days where as bopara has been in the for over 2 months

Posted 17:25 23rd September 2010

Alan Swithenbank says...

I just cannot believe that Adil Rashid is not in one of the squads. I stand alongside the many commentators who point out that Panesar has got his wickets in div.2. What has Adil Rashid got to do - presumaby move to a southern county?

Posted 17:19 23rd September 2010

Bob Jobs says...

Great to see bresnan in the squad.. hope he can get some good experience and develop into a quality bowler!

Posted 17:13 23rd September 2010

Steve Royle says...

I really think that James Tredwell of Kent should have been taken as the extra spinner. He''s hardley been given a chance by England, but I feel he''s the best we''ve got behind Swanny.

Posted 17:00 23rd September 2010

Barry Cashin says...

Quite what mental state the England selectors are in I do not know! How the hell can they pick yesterday¿s man five minute wonder Panesar when all he¿s done is shift down a division and taken wickets against second rate batsmen! I can understand Tremlett¿s inclusion, perhaps, but what about blooding Woakes!? No baggage, no yesterday¿s man reputation, no fear ¿ and he could have been the perfect foil for Andersen and Broad. On the batting front, we¿ve failed again, choosing age, poor form and loser¿s experience over youth and hope in selecting Cook and Collingwood. Cook¿s confidence is shot and he has been found out as a batsman (rather like Hughes and Australia - and look what they did to him) and as for Collingwood, his inconsistency and continued poor form is legendary. No wonder he''s suffering migrane headaches at the crease! I also think it was a big mistake to select Pietersen for this tour. A bold judgment I know, but what better way to curb the ego of someone who Twitters more about attending photoshoots, his celebrity lifestyle and knocking the selectors who have actually allowed him to live the lifestyle he does than his determination to be the great batsman he once was. What about blooding more youth like Hildreth or Ben Stokes! How the hell is this country ever going to assume the mantle of Number 1 in the world when we constantly look backwards in terms of selection in search of future glory. 3-0 to the Aussies - that''s what I reckon!

Posted 16:53 23rd September 2010

Kevin Lohse says...

I don''t agree with the inclusion of either Collingwood and especially Cook on form grounds. Bresnan needs to lose a couple of stone and gain a yard of pace and a bit of nip off the pitch. In test cricket, trott is the perfect No.3 who breaks bowler''s hearts and lets the stroke makers play round him. Pity theres no one similar at 7 or 8, to hold up an end. Not certain about Anderson - if there''s no movement in the air, he can give away a lot of runs. Hope Broad keeps his temper, he''ll get a lot of verbal from the wind-up merchants.

Posted 16:47 23rd September 2010

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