Duo recalled for Ashes

Duo recalled for Ashes

Chris Tremlett and Monty Panesar have been included in England's 16-man squad for the Ashes tour.

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Scott O''rourke says...

yes it is a good enough reason because there is not much tha seperates div 1 to div 2 and therefore bowling at a high sandard is required to pick up that amount of wickets

Posted 16:43 23rd September 2010

Ed Heywood says...

An absolute travesty that Tremlett and Monty have been picked ahead of Rashid and Shahzad, 2nd division cricket no longer compares, and these two young lads would have benefitted hugely from touring.

Posted 16:40 23rd September 2010

E F says...

Why is panesar in the team and rashid isn''t , Panesar has been getting his wickets in 2nd division , Rashid has been getting wicket in 1st plus he''s got runs with the bat to go with his bowling , Panesar just can''t bat .

Posted 16:29 23rd September 2010

Paul Booth says...

Is taking a bunch of wickets in Div 2 of the CC a valid reason to include Panesar & Tremlett when the Yorkie lads have been doing the same against 1st Div oposition? Joe, Mahmood is far too eratic to be considered in International terms. There are many times when he''s lucky to hold onto his Lancs 1st team spot. I agree about Bopara though.

Posted 16:13 23rd September 2010

David Sampson says...

What about Adil Rashid or Ravi Bopara in the squad. England selectors what's the problem?

Posted 15:54 23rd September 2010

R G says...

Can''t believe Jamis Harris isn''t in the Devolpment Squad. 20 years old. 62 wickets @ just over 20. Why isn''t he in the lions squad? because he doesn''t play his cricket in the South East?

Posted 15:40 23rd September 2010

Michael Longden says...

Why no central contract for Eoin Morgan when the likes of Cook and a few others have one? Morgan is easily our best batsmen at the moment.

Posted 15:35 23rd September 2010

Bob Smith says...

dont know how the hell panesar has made the squad, he has been sub standard in the 2nd divsion, the same with tremlett. when you have two great 1st division bowlers like shazhad and rashid left out there has to be a major problem with the selections of the squads. this is exactly the same as what happened in 2009 when we picked geraint jones over chris read for the first 3 tests, unfortunately i now fear that we have allowed the australians back into a series which i felt we would dominate.......

Posted 15:28 23rd September 2010

Tony Kay says...

well done selectors, seem to have got it spot on this time. will be there in melbourne and sydney cant wait to celebrate winning the ashes again.

Posted 15:09 23rd September 2010

Mike Bradley says...

Why no Adil Rashid in the performance squad? I''m shocked. Is this a mistake? With his excellent bowling AND batting performances for Yorkshire this year..... Sorry Adil. What a surprise.

Posted 15:07 23rd September 2010

Levi Crisp says...

The squad preety much went as I expected and wanted, especially glad about monty he is a good bowler, just don''t think bresnans got the pace.

Posted 15:05 23rd September 2010

Joe Atkinson says...

Saj Mahmood, Bopara where are they. Forget Cook he cant score runs and Finn wont cope in Australia

Posted 15:02 23rd September 2010

Kamlesh Sharma says...

i think this is the best squad to pick for the ashes and glad monty is back. england should forget the pakistan series and fight the ashes and good luck to the team.

Posted 14:55 23rd September 2010

Jj D says...

Ok, as a Yorkshire supporter I''m biased, but what are Ajmal Shahzad and Adil Rashid supposed to do to get in the squad?! Tremlett and Panesar took their wickets in the 2nd division, the standard is way below the standard at which Rashid has excelled. And Shahzad couldn''t have done more on his appearances for England. Ridiculous.

Posted 14:45 23rd September 2010

Stu Ashcroft says...

very predictable I`m affraid. Monty has done nothing to warrant a place says alot about the lack of quality spin bowlers around the counties or perhaps the lack of bottle to pick a youngster. Hildreath very unlucky must have been close althugh not sure who you good leave out. Fear for the pace attack once the shine has gone off the new ball. Swann will be doing an awfull lot of bowling if we dont make full use od the new ball.

Posted 14:39 23rd September 2010

Elliott Thompson says...

Good job from the england selectors bar a couple of choices. Glad to have tremlett in the squad hes a quality bowler however instead of bresnan and panesar i would have gone for Ajmal Shazhad and Adil Rashid, and instead of paul collingwood who i think is drifting away from the international fold i would have included bopara.

Posted 14:38 23rd September 2010

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