Malignaggi: Hatton's limited

Malignaggi: Hatton's limited

Paulie Malignaggi has delivered a damning indictment of Ricky Hatton's talents ahead of their big showdown on November 22.

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Craig Disco says...

This fight will have everything, Ricky Hatton will find it hard in the first 5 rounds but he will come threw it and win in the 10 round with a knockout..And this will set up a rematch between Floyd mayweather and it will be explosive.. come on hatton

Posted 13:29 17th September 2008

Mr. Edge says...

Ricky Hatton really needs to look out for left hooks to his chin. I've not seen many of his fights, but I do know that I've seen him really hurt and both times I witnessed this, it was the result of a left hook. What would have happened to Ricky if the ref would not have stepped in to allow Ricky to tie his shoelace in the Juan Lazcano fight? In my opinion Ricky was hurt, tired and out on his feet. Floyd's in a class by himself I thought Ricky did well. Don't get me wrong. I like Ricky as a fighter because he's got heart! If he stays focused he should have no problem with Paulie.

Posted 01:53 13th September 2008

Dave Bolter says...

I agree with Gary King's comments. Ricky Hatton has lost only 1 fight to arguably the Worlds Greatest Boxer of the modern era! And yes he didn't box very well in that fight. And yes he struggled against a strong and awkward Collazo. But thats about it, out of how many fights? He also does seem to have lost a lot of his lateral movement and body punching that we all loved to watch in earlier fights. Some of this I attribute to the level of apponent no giving him time to work in close. However, to say he hasn't fought anyone world class apart from Mayweather we all know is a nonsense. In fact probably the only guys he hasn't fought at world class are Cotto and PACman and thats mainly because of the weight differences! Ricky is NO DOUBT a great fighter and probably will retire in a couple of fights. I see this fight going one of 2 ways, Hatton to stop MM middle rounds, or Hatton to win on points. Then i see 1 more fight against (hopefully) PAC-man or Cotto and then retirement for Ricky.

Posted 09:33 12th September 2008

Adam Khimji says...

Hatton is a good fighter, he loves his fans and gives em what they wanna see a brawl, hatton fought the GOAT mayweather and he got out boxed, hopefully mayweatehr sr will teach hatton how to put his hands up and give him back his dimension, we all loved the hatton with the crunching body punches coming left and right not just the straightforward bully punching style. Mallinagi has lost to cotto who i highly rate he made it a good fight as he walked forward reminiscent of our boy hatton but as cotto did he just had too much power for the skinny mallinagi i see this going three rounds just like the castillo fight mallinagi gonna get his ribs broken

Posted 01:36 12th September 2008

Ben Thomson says...

People say Hatton fought people when they were over the hill, well that is exactly what Mallignagi is doing here. Htton hasn't got the same heart and desire that he used to and he doesn't hound his opponents like he used to. Mallignagi is just a Prince Naz wanna be.....he will only win because this is the biggest fight of his career and he's more in his prime than Hatton. A younger Hatton would knock this fool out.

Posted 18:05 11th September 2008

Jonathon Illingworth says...

I agree with what everyone is saying about Hattons age, he isnt going to be sprinting around the ring like mallignagi is, but one thing u cant take from ricky hatton is his ability to give thunderous body shots, like mallignagi will be able to cope with that, i dont think so. Im gonna say Hatton to TKO him inside 5rounds, had this fight bin before the mayweather fight i would have said inside 4, but he hasnt bin the same since, he looks a bit overcautious. Oh and another thing, i would love to see if Amir Khan still wants to fight Hatton, i would pay any amount of money to go an sit ring side for that fight. Come on Ricky lad

Posted 13:48 10th September 2008

Liam Mclean says...

I think this will be a really good fight. Both fighters didn't perform brilliantly in their last fights at the COM, although Hatton won every round of his fight, where as to me Malignaggi should have lost. Both of them have got something to prove and both of them should be really up for this fight. The contrasting styles should make for a good fight. Malignaggi may have a good chin, but it will be the body shots that put him down.

Posted 11:40 10th September 2008

Charles Kears says...

It is of course a mistake to under-estimate The Hitman, as he is still one of the best fighters in the world. To be honest I don't think Malignaggi does, he'll know exactly how tough this fight is going to be. It's unfair to consider Malignaggi an easy opponent who has never proved himself though. He's a great boxer, lightning fast, and has shown considerable heart in fights where he had severe problems with his hands. At this moment in time I can't see him beating Hatton. I doubt anyone in the division could do so. Nevertheless it will be one of the year's great fights, with neither fighter letting up. Let's hope Ricky stops him with a rib-cracker a-la the Castillo fight.

Posted 18:02 9th September 2008

Clinton Mccutcheon says...

Mallignagi is a better boxer than his showing against lovemore n'dou (who i thought won that fight). This will be a great match up, the only way hatton could be beaten by the magic man is by being out pointed, as his punches don't really carry alot of power, but he also has a very good chin, so i can't see hatton KO'ing him either. Unanimous over 12 rounds for hatton for me.

Posted 16:18 9th September 2008

Vaughan Jones says...

If PM doesn't think RH is any good... why has he been describing it the "fight of his life"??? If Hatton was a nobody then he wouldn't be so worked up about it. I think RH has got under his skin with something - watch his frail little body sink into his insides fairly early on.

Posted 12:49 9th September 2008

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