Roach - It's down to me

Roach - It's down to me

Freddie Roach says it was HIS decision to fight Marco Antonio Barrera - and admits it is a gamble for Amir Khan.

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Josh Adams says...

I don't think it was 100% his decision. I think he spoke to Khan on the subject and they realised that Khan will never be able to live down allegations of him having hand picked fights, and of course the one 'true' fight against prescott where he was demolished. This fight will make or break Khan. If he wins I am sure he will go futher on in his career and enjoy success. But a loss and I think his morale will be at an all time low and he will receive lots of stick for trying to prove himself against a legend. I think Khan will get knocked out, I just hope he lasts a good distance this time.

Posted 07:09 13th March 2009

Russell Thomas says...

Why can't Khan win? The beauty of boxing is there are no 100% certainties. Khan has a lot of advantages... height, reach, strength, speed and a trainer who basically is the man! Although he must resist the urge to charge in, so if he keeps his defence tight and keeps moving he can win. This is despite the undoubted skill and experience of Barrera. i can't wait till saturday I think it will be awsome. then Khan needs to train hard and settle the score with a certain Mr Presscott!

Posted 20:46 12th March 2009

Oliver Miles says...

I think Amir Khan will lose by knockout, would be great to see him win after all the high expectations for him, but he has too much of a suspect chin, he was knocked out by Bredis Prescott within 54 seconds, and that was Bredis Prescott! this is Marco Antonio Barrera, the guy who ended the princes career! No chance im afraid!

Posted 17:57 12th March 2009

Benjamin Hudson says...

We will see how well Khan has progressed I just cant see him winning if Barrera has brought a punch with him.... Its going to be down to how much either boxer has changed over time, Khan growing up..... And Barrera growing old....Who gets there 1st we will see on the night

Posted 16:42 12th March 2009

Khalid Hussain says...

Just because Khan got knocked out doesnt mean he has a suspect chin!! He was caught totally cold that fight and that can happen to anyone. And has for the other knockdowns he has never been hurt(apart from prescott). He throws a lot of punches and moves constantly so there is always a chance he might get sucker punched as hes off balance a lot. But he is young and hungry and he will win this fight if he sticks to his gameplan.

Posted 15:38 12th March 2009

Pep Peppard says...

I think Roach is the best trainer in the world, but all of his skills will not make Khan's chin any stronger. Khan has unbelievably fast hands, and good movement, but his chin is suspect in the worst way. Prescott's knock out victory made that clear, but there had been signs since Khan turned pro. Willie Limond dumped him on his backside and he has far from knockout power. Michael Gomez had Khan shaken as well. In my opinion, Barrera won't need to land as many punchs, he will just be looking for the the perfect opening to land flush on Khan's chin. I expect a Barrera win inside four rounds. Being British I would love Khan to win, i just can't see it happening.

Posted 14:28 12th March 2009

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