Maidana next for Khan?

Maidana next for Khan?

Amir Khan will defend his WBA light-welterweight title against mandatory challenger Marcos Maidana, according to reports.

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Abdurahman Shozi says...

why is there a few people saying that maidana has got a good chin? he was knocked down a FEW times by ortiz and he was schooled by kotelnik. remember amir khan BEAT the guy who beat maidana. maidana is fast and a powerful puncher but amir khan is faster and his power is developing by each fight. it will be a close fight but i think amir khan will win this tactically. good move by khan to go to golden boy promotions, atleast we can see how good khan really is.

Posted 11:02 21st January 2010

Stuart Bibby says...

I think that Kahn will do what Hamed did in the US. Look like small fish in a big sea. He may be good fighting has beens, little men and non hitters (Prescott aside-and we now the result there) but against rock hard fighters who want to win and will do what it takes to win, he will come up short. I know this is going to be a fact, either Maidana or the next fighter in the LWW division will KO him. If they don't then we are looking at a handful of fights over 12 rounds boring as paint drying while Kahn does everything possible to run and hide from an oncoming Predator. He should not be world champ anyway he hasn't deserved the shot despite the win!

Posted 09:41 21st January 2010

George .e Pearce says...

Prescot was the best thing to happen to Khan, I cannot see him beaten in the next five year's

Posted 19:36 20th January 2010

L H says...

Khan is stil learning but is getting better and more confident plus he has a world class trainer and tactician in Freddie Roach. Khan has blistering speed and is learning to pick shots rather than throw endless combinations that sometimes land and sometimes don't. His defence has improved as well as his pacing, I think it's a tough fight for anyone in that division but I think khan can win it on points maybe even late as lomg as he sticks to the gameplan and doesn't lose concentation. Reminds me of when Ray Leonard fought Hagler everyone expected him t get destroyed the first time he got hit by hagler but he dazzled with his speed and educated boxing game and got the split decision. Neither are in that class but it's a similar scenario. So many Khan knockers out there why do people want to see him fail? Get behind him or don't follow him but just stop the knocking. Carl Froch good fighter but come on he knocked out Jermain Taylor who had already been knocked out at middleweight by Pavlik then beaten again in the rematch. Froch knocked him out with seconds to go after being floored himself and well down on the scorecard. All I'm saying is get behind all British boxers instead of sitting their waiting for Khan to get beat. I for one will be supporting him and for the record I believe Khan would beat Hatton if they fought now. Too many miles on Hattons meter these days and Khan is too young, too fresh too fast for him.

Posted 19:10 20th January 2010

Dee Verma says...

British boxers get hyped up to much. Ricky hatton is the prime example. Khan is very talented but I feel he's rushing his career, which could be the downfall. Its all about the learning curve.

Posted 18:47 20th January 2010

Danny Wilson says...

I Think that Khan should Fight Timothy Bradley - but to be honest theres soo many great fighters in the division so it wouldnt really matter, Plus if you think about it he is still young he's got loads of time to fight all the great fighters in this division - One at a time.

Posted 07:55 20th January 2010

Arnold Trouserhampton says...

let khan fight this maidana sooner or later he'll embarass himself against one of these contenders!!! He hasnt got what it takes to beat the top fighters!!! bradley will smash khan to pieces, if khan fights malinaggi he will get schooled!!! I think its about time we got behind a proper lion heart british champion somebody will bottle, courage!! CARL FROCH!!!

Posted 07:49 20th January 2010

Adam Whiteley says...

Derek Larner how in gods name can you say maidana isnt fast? did you see him against ortiz? both them guys were lightning fast and very accurate, and on the same note glass chinned themselfs, khan will face tough oppersition hear in maidana, he, like khan as an agile little so and so, i do think khan hits harder, and is that little faster, so he should come through, but maidana is fast, and he bangs too, an exciting fight on the cards hear

Posted 06:44 20th January 2010

John Beadnall says...

the big question is can amir keep out the way of a ko punch for 12 rounds,cant see it,marco for me the first time he lands flush,

Posted 06:05 20th January 2010

Rudi Neff says...

I have to say i think its a joke when someone considers a fighter world class even when that fighter makes it clear that he will avoid any boxer with punching power because hes got a dud chin. To be world class you have to take on all comers! to be honest in his division Tim Bradley, Juan Diaz and Ricky Hatton would all beat Khan. Maidana is ranked number 2 in the division and i think it will take a miracle for Khan to keep his strap imagine he won his first world title and going by the report above he was actually thinking of handing it back just to avoid a fight this boy aint no world class champion hes a bum!!!!

Posted 02:29 20th January 2010

Faisal Mahmood says...

for me khan will not be successful in america why cuz its a completely different fight over here....he says he ready but i dont think so....he has no my point of view is he aint going to be successful

Posted 23:57 19th January 2010

Janz Kampalzi says...

maidana is not as good as one might think, iv seen him box for many years, any skilled boxer can easily beat him, you have to use your jab against him, and watch out for his hooks and right shot he throws over the top, he has been troubled in many of his fights, against kotelnik he was out of ideas for most of the fight, and kotelnik is not the most skilled boxer in the division

Posted 23:26 19th January 2010

Aaron Avery says...

Amir Khan got banged out by the unknown Prescott and the same will happen here. Maidana is'nt as skilled as Khan but hits twice as hard and Khan Khan't (joke) take a punch. I hope Amir takes this fight so people can start seeing him for the bum he is

Posted 23:04 19th January 2010

Zk Lfc says...

this will be a great challenge for khan. he gets so much stick about not taking a punch etc.. this fight if he wins will silence all the critics and shows khan maturing as a true fighter since leaving warren and fighting the best out there

Posted 22:51 19th January 2010

Derek Larner says...

Amir Khan has said that he wants to make it big in the States so he must beat Maidana and do it well. Maidana does have heavy hands but is not particularly fast and I believe that Amir has to start very quickly and try stun him early on, with hand speed being his best weapon. I do not think this fight will be boring because Khan will believe he can be the first man to stop Maidana. Amir Khan stop him in five!!

Posted 22:45 19th January 2010

Lee Jenkinson says...

very bored of everybody putting khan down.since joining the wild card gym under freddie roach this lad has come on leaps and bounds,his defence has improved as well as his unbelievable natural speed and power,they have taken some of the muscle out of his upper body and put it in his legs.his chin wont be a problem now.the problems will be for whoever they put in front him,god help them.sparrin with manny all the time is going to make him even better as time goes on,you are all witnessing a legend in the will all be eating your words.and if any of you idiots out there actually knew anything about boxing you wouldnt be making theses ridiculous many times did manny get put on his arse!!!!yet you all calling him the best pound for pound fighter on the planet,REALLY GUYS GET A GRIP and let the poor lad prove himself and give him the british support he needs and deserves!!!!!!

Posted 21:58 19th January 2010

San 1 says...

Martin Lathbury i absolutely disagree coz maidana has a suspect chin too look at him in ortiz fight coz it didnt look good there. and also maidana lost to the fastest fighter he ever fought. khan gonna school him like kotelnik coz maidana is very one-dimensional.

Posted 21:44 19th January 2010

James Lutaya says...

Guys we should be more positive - yes this guys a banger and yes Kahn has a bad chin but plenty of boxers have made it far enough without getting tagged. When was the last time you ever saw Floyd or someone like Hopkins get hit with a big shot? If you are good enough you'll stay out of reach of the big shots and Maldana is not the fastest and I dont know too many faster than Amir. Besides if Amir goes past round 7 without getting hit with a hayemaker unless he has supreme stamina Maidana's strength will be neutralised by his tierdness. There's nothing more tiring than hitting thin air. I'm going with Kahn by KO in rounds 9 to 10 on a tired Maidana. We know that Roach does usually gets his analysis spot on and I'm sure he'll draft up a plan to get the job done. Other than Marquez I cant actually think of anyone more dangerous for Kahn to face in the lightweight / light welter division...

Posted 21:40 19th January 2010

Adam Leak says...

This is a big fight, I have to say Khan has become world class beater after beating Barera,Katelnic and Salita. I think Khan will win this fight and dont forget his only 23 his got alot to learn so dont rush him for big fights yet its a tuff division.

Posted 21:35 19th January 2010

Martin Lathbury says...

This will be a defining fight for Khan, I'm not a big fan of his but he has developed a good style with quick hand speed, I just don't consider him a big puncher though and Maidana has a rock solid chin and combine that with his unquestionable punching power I can see only one outcome, and that is Khan getting sparked out as soon as he gets tagged, it will only take one shot and his legs will disobey his wishes and he will be flat out, he may be able to stay out of trouble for the early rounds but he just won't be able to stay out of trouble for 12 rounds.

Posted 20:55 19th January 2010

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