Maidana next for Khan?

Maidana next for Khan?

Amir Khan will defend his WBA light-welterweight title against mandatory challenger Marcos Maidana, according to reports.

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Andy Jenkinson says...

I feel this could be the prescott fight all over again. Maidana is a wild man. Maidana has great power in his punches, and in the fight against Ortiz he showed he can get up off the canvas and win. Khan will get rocked more than once in this fight. Freddy Roach has got Khan`s defence tighter, but it is still not tight enough! I feel that after Maidana lands once Khan will not know how to deal with the power. Khan should fight Kevin Mitchell. Both claim to be better than each other.

Posted 19:50 19th January 2010

Roman Donnelly says...

I agree this has the potential to be an exciting match-up. Maidana could be a tough fight for Khan - he is strong, rugged and has a huge punch. However, my opinion is that Khan's tactics will be to get on his bike, ala 'chicken' Mayweather, and bore his way to a decision: sorry Sky but that doesn't make it of 'huge interest' to me. The key to this fight being worth watching for the fans, is if the slugger can catch the runner. Khan will do his utmost to ensure this fight is as dull as humanly possible: my only hope for the PPV public is that he doesn't get his wish.

Posted 19:48 19th January 2010

Lee Walker says...

If you saw Maidana's last fight you will have also noticed he is far from unbeatable. He got dropped several times by his opponent, and made silly mistakes. Whilst Khan isn't as stupid as he used to do. Roach has made him an aware fighter, as long as he keeps his hands up this should be an easy points win for Khan.

Posted 19:34 19th January 2010

Gian Singh says...

Maidana is a good puncher but lacks boxing skills, he was beaten to the punch by Kotelnik, who is very slow. But he is a threat so a step up in opponent for Khan before he fights top level boxers.

Posted 19:22 19th January 2010

Ian Cock says...

khan should fight paulie malignaggi hes not a heavy puncher plus hes a biggish name in america . He should keep away from the big punchers and make some big money then go for tougher tests.

Posted 19:21 19th January 2010

Lee Demain says...

Excellent, glad to see Khan aint duckin Maidana, talk of him relinquishing his belt instead of fighting him was ridiculous, Iike the look of Maidana though, his power is phenomenal, but he's very sloppy and one dimensional I can see Khan boxing his ears off, although that chin has already been exposed, if MM connects I think he'll be out cold, sayin that I can see it being stopped middle rounds.

Posted 18:56 19th January 2010

Alija Izetbegovic says...

This is Maidana's only chance to shine. After Khan wipes him out and makes him look like the silly and sloppy slugger that he is, does Maidana then get grouped with all the 'over rated bums and taxi drivers' that Khan has been fed or will Khan finally start getting some respect? Khan school Maidana en route to a lop sided UD.

Posted 18:53 19th January 2010

Joseph Rimmer says...

This will be a tough fight for Khan, I watched Maidana's last fight and he was very good and has a good punch on him. We all know about khan's chin but hopefully he has learnt his lesson against prescott and has looked impressive since that defeat i think Khan will win this fight but will be his toughest fight to date yet and has to avoid Maidana power punches

Posted 18:33 19th January 2010

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