Cleverly aiming for the top

Cleverly aiming for the top

Unbeaten British, Commonwealth and European champion Nathan Cleverly is aiming for the top after completing his maths degree.

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Anthony Moran says...

Being a Welshman it is fantastic to see Cleverly aiming for the top backed with some great performances. However, he needs to stop believing that his performances will what he quotes 'improve by 50%' simply because he has finished his maths degree. He comes across a level headed, intelligent guy, but on the flip side maybe studying for his degree kept him focussed with his feet on the ground and away from the glamour of the boxing world. I just hope that he continues to develop in a patient, intelligent manner. I look forward to the future, it will be great to see another Welshman at the mecca of the boxing world!

Posted 10:01 3rd July 2010

Karl Hartley says...

Nathan Cleverley is a very exciting prospect in domestic boxing and definately one who can pick up a world title for Britain. His punching power as improved greatly in his last few fights. I can see him developing his potential Knock Out power even further.

Posted 23:02 2nd July 2010

Jerry Coughlan says...

Nathan Cleverly has a Major Future in Boxing ! His had some Great Fights and he has his head screwed on right !! I think in 4 Years he will be a World Champion!! Looking forward to sept 18th ! Excellent Night Frank Warren has put together, With Rhodes, Cleverly, Chisora, Brook, Macklin, Sexton, Jennings, Gavin and all the rest on the Bill !! Good follow up to the Mitchell Fight at Upton Park !! As Stated some greta Fights it will be a great event on Sky Sports, Will defo be coming over from Ireland !!

Posted 11:14 2nd July 2010

Welsh David says...

C'mon Clev! Hope you can dominate like Joe did. Good to see a welshman at the top of british boxing again! good luck!

Posted 10:23 2nd July 2010

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