Cut scuppers Holyfield

Cut scuppers Holyfield

Evander Holyfield's curious quest to return to the top of the heavyweight tree has taken another downward turn.

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Tomo Woodward says...

In response to Brian Linehan, I agree wholeheartedly, however it shouldn't be the case that the heavyweight division should be the main source of entertainment, not to imply that was your message. Watching the trilogy of Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward or Hagler vs Hearns, have provided some of the best action I can think of. The problem with the heaviest boxing division at the moment is there doesn't appear to be enough hungry up-and-comers to write home about, and if we're to see a legacy left by David Haye I think he will need a few more convincing defences under his proverbial belt.

Posted 18:48 24th January 2011

Anon Ymous says...

Time to leave it alone mate!

Posted 09:16 24th January 2011

William Gumble says...

Please Holyfield retire before you get hurt!!!

Posted 18:55 23rd January 2011

Brian Linehan says...

Such is the decline of Heavyweight boxing that 48yr old Evander is still a top draw. Full respect to the guy who is a true ring legend and unlike David Haye does have a legacy. The reality is that guys like this should retire in their prime but the heavyweight and light heavyweight division is so full of poor fighters that it gives guys like Jones, Hopkins and Holyfield plenty of incentive to stay on past their sell by dates and be competitive. When i think boxing now i think of Mayweather, Pacquiao, Khan, Marquez, Cotto etc... who give the crowd excitement and generate worldwide appeal. The heavyweight division is finished. Can't see where the next crop of talent is going to come from.

Posted 18:23 23rd January 2011

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