Fury tipped for the top

Fury tipped for the top

Legendary trainer Emanuel Steward believes that Tyson Fury has the potential to be the best heavyweight in the world

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Michael paul Wilson says...

Tyson fury is one big hype job - dominate like Lewis and Wlad ? Come off it Manny - It maybe boxing blasphemy to say it but the man who gave the world Tommy Hearns and the kronk stable is just way too wrong with this one. a Big awkward , lumbering novice - Fury makes the Klitshko's look as fleet of foot as Floyd Mayweather - I can see a hype job coming to elevate fury as big as the hype was/is around haye - the other 'saviour' of heavyweight boxing .

Posted 17:08 6th February 2011

Jamie Huntley says...

lee collins well said, tyson fury will never and should never be mentioned in the same breath as lennox lewis.. the man is a JOKE....

Posted 23:21 3rd February 2011

Drew Peacock says...

I reckon Tyson Fury should fight himself.... he has shown he can take a big uppercut from himself so could be an interesting fight!! Plus there would be no arguements about the purse because he'd take both cuts of it haha :)

Posted 12:55 3rd February 2011

Shirley Crabtree says...

Fury world champ ? Butterbean 's got more chance.

Posted 22:05 2nd February 2011

Gary Thompson says...

Fury?? ha ha he is well and truly a chump! He will struggle to get a belt a decent belt at domestic level. He is so one paced! Get him on against big pricey he will get knocked spark out!

Posted 23:42 1st February 2011

Day Seargant says...

Why don't Fury and Price get it on? That would generate a bit of interest. They're both so inactive (maybe due to lack of willing opponents) how are people going to take notice of them?

Posted 22:36 1st February 2011

Nick Times says...

Furious Tyson Fury!!!!!!!!! He is a fairly pointless boxer, but I will follow his career. I hope he fights Audley soon.

Posted 19:39 1st February 2011

Richard Morris says...

Has Steward lost the plot???!!Fury is terrible!! John McDermott was close to stopping him. The next big thing? Not unless he's going on Butterbeans diet!

Posted 19:05 1st February 2011

Matt Wall says...

Typical of the British public to shoot down our young athletes before they even get started. Indeed, it is true that thus far in his career Fury has apparently lacked all the skills required of a true great boxer, however at just 22 years of age he has beaten of the opposition of a number of more experienced fighters. I believe that Stewerds comments are probably relating to Fury's physical attributes, his height, reach and frame, which provide an excellent base upon which to build the skills. Remember people, he is only 22 and obviously has a long way to go, but I believe that with the right training, and the right fights, Fury may yet become a successfull boxer. So come on guys..... give this lad some encouragement.

Posted 17:42 1st February 2011

Joe Dorne says...

Good looking? really?

Posted 16:42 1st February 2011

Ted Baxter says...

that has got to be a wind up, Fury is terrible and should stick to bare knuckle fighting

Posted 13:11 1st February 2011

Lee Collin says...

For once I actually disagree with Steward and think Tyson is a complete and utter joke. Put it this way: I've never in the history of enjoying the sport seen any boxer uppercut themselves. Joke.

Posted 11:15 1st February 2011

Doug Clark says...

What the hell is he on about? Fury will not be the next Lewis or Vlad. He is seriously unfit and has not shown me the skills to get to the top. Euro level at best IMHO.

Posted 20:08 31st January 2011

Arron Baker says...

this guy aint going nowhere,he,s a joke and the first decent guy he comes across will turn him over.hes got no heart and aint got the guts to be no where near the best.

Posted 18:58 31st January 2011

Dwain Clark says...

'He's good looking guy' lol. About as truthful as the boxing related comments.

Posted 18:36 31st January 2011

Jamie Church says...

till he starts fighting better fighters he's just all hype, i mean any man that can uppercut himself in a fight has no chance, check it out on you tube

Posted 16:53 31st January 2011

Mr O says...

Are you kidding me.................. The guy who uppercut himself.

Posted 16:27 31st January 2011

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