Wlad: Take it or leave it

Wlad: Take it or leave it

Wladimir Klitschko has reiterated his plans to fight David Haye in a unification showdown on July 2.

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Stu C says...

haye would beat wladimar - speed kills, wladimar would not know how to deal with being on the back foot and being put under pressure constantly with no respite! he is trying to force the fight as it gives him more time than haye to recover aswell as haye having a much tougher fight to chagaev (no disrepect to chisora - i think he will do us proud) why should haye have to fight in may then july?? why cant it be arranged for september/october??? both fighters need this fight to happen!!!

Posted 10:02 8th February 2011

Paul Carmont says...

to call either of the klitschkos cowards is a joke and i applaud vlad for giving chisora his opportunity after pulling out injured i am also looking forward to haye v chagaev will be a tougher fight than many think if haye v klitscho either one does not happen (i think it will) then pity but for mine the brothers have heaps more credibility just in passing david tua continuing his comeback but think he has lost power

Posted 06:53 8th February 2011

Alan Neilly says...

This debacle has gone on long enough now, one of two things needs to happen. Firstly the WBC should force Wlad to fight Vitali, the IBF and WBO should force Wlad to fight Vitali or simply strip them of their titles. It is that simple I've never heard of a champion being able to come out and say "I will never fight xxxxx", if he is ranked by your belts council then you should be forced to do it. Next we get to the Haymaker, well what a dissapointment the new exciting heavyweight has been. Not one fight of any note, perhaps Valuev can creep in there even though we all know Tyson, Lewis, Holyfield would have not only beat him but stopped him, and done it quickly. Lets face it the heavyweight devision is a laughing stock now and has been since the end of the last great era (Tyson, Lewis etc). Even the welterweights are becoming a joke, all wanting the great record and are not taking risks. Mayweather vs Paquiao should have happened 2 years ago now it is getting to a point where they are too old for me to care. Boxers in general need to grow a pair and take on the best of the best!

Posted 02:05 8th February 2011

Jp Mcmanus says...

David Haye thinks he can knock out W Klitschko, because of WK's glass jaw like Sanders did. He was offered V Klitschko and would not take the fight as he knows he can not win. VK is twice the boxer WK is. David if your as good as you say you are take the V Klitschko fight.Its time to put up or shut up.

Posted 01:17 8th February 2011

Chris Cotterell says...

Why can't a boxing association step in to redeem the heavyweight division and make this fight happen? i think more power needs to be made to make fights fan want and have a fair system to sort out the payment details because boxing has become a joke, something needs to be put in place to make fights fans want not what fights fighters picking their fights to get an easy route to title fights.

Posted 22:47 7th February 2011

Saqib Ali says...

David haye isnt the one ducking out, its the klitchko's. David haye has emmence power as we all saw against valuev, even though he broke the hand he lashes out power with. Klitchko's should be thinking just about haye just as haye is thinking about klitchko's, they dont want to fight him and are going to put it off and fight some other weaker boxer to make out as if its not there fault and are just going to do that until haye retires, simple. If wlad wants to fight him then fight him now, theres nothing to stop it apart from himself

Posted 22:42 7th February 2011

Chez Simon says...

Am i missing something? isnt the only reason kiltschko is fighting chisora because he had to pull out before, if there is an issue haye should extend the time when he wants to retire, fight one of the brothers in july and then in september. if haye wants him to be proved a coward, like someone said he should call his bluff and accept july, on the condition neither party has suffered any serious injuries

Posted 21:38 7th February 2011

Ian Mcauley says...

if haye does not fight klitchko on the 2/7 2011 then it will be clear he is afraid of him and every time haye is mentioned it will just to make fun of him. i went to the harrison fight and paid a lot of money for very little the undercard was pathetic you owe the british fans haye sign up now or be a lauthing stock.

Posted 20:57 7th February 2011

Jimmy Noble says...

Klitschkos aren't going to fight each other. Chisora is a massive underdog against Wlad, Wlad obviously doesn't see that fight taking much out of him it's perfectly plausible he could fight again 2 months later. Haye should get the deal done then if Wlad does have to pull out at least ppl aren't going to think Haye is scarred to fight him or his brother which it looks like he is atm but then again who knows whats going on behind the scenes with these negotiations? It does appear that Haye somehow is the only fighter who has had this much trouble getting a fight with them and he has already pulled out of a fight with Vitali.

Posted 20:52 7th February 2011

Kieran Daniel says...

i would just like to say danny you certainly know what you are talking about and i couldnt agree with you more but then again, i agree with alot of other comments.......BUT i think if this fight does take place the end result will be either klitschko stops haye in the 8th round or i imagine haye could produce a lucky and powerful punch to rattle klitschko and finnish him with some fast and sharp punches till he hits the canvis and if he does get up haye will try too finish him.............tell me what you think ???

Posted 20:40 7th February 2011

Ryan Salter says...

i dont think either of them want the fight i think they only have an interest in hand picked opponents.theyll just keep taking the easier option .i think the general public are getting tired of the talk its got quite boring they are both a bit of a joke to be honest

Posted 20:39 7th February 2011

Dan Sherratt says...

Normally my patriotism would lead me to back the Brit but Haye is full of BS. Wlad and Vitali don't need the Haye fight, David needs to fight them to have a Heavyweight legacy at all. Haye is ducking them

Posted 20:22 7th February 2011

Matt Wall says...

@ Edward Rose.. I couldn't have said it any better.... If Haye accepts Wlad's offer for July 2nd, and if as the Haye fans believe that Wlad is scared of Haye, then if Wlad pulled out then we would all be supporting Haye. Like Mr Rose says, this fight is supposed to be the pinnacle of Haye's career and the reason he stepped up from cruiserweight and Haye should be ready. Furthermore, I am tired of hearing people defend Haye on the grounds that the fight needs longer promotion and that to fight on Juy 2nd would not generate as much revenue. So what? ..... Neither of these guys are desperate for money and last time I checked Boxing was a sport....NOT a business. Gone are the days when boxers fought frequently and against everyone posing a challenge, and just a thought for everyone..... look at the long list of fights and decent opponents Wlad and Vitali have fought, and look at the quality of Heavyweight opposition Haye has faced..... nothing impressive. I agree that Haye is a gifted and exciting boxer, however without accepting Wlad's offer (if only to avoid appearing cowardly in public, as he currently is) Haye will retire early without establishing any legacy whatsoever. Please David, shut all us doubters up and make the country proud.... accept Wlad's offer and give the UK the biggest heavyweight bout since Lewis-Tyson.

Posted 20:08 7th February 2011

Jeff Gold says...

lets all be honest wlad and vitali hav already got a legacy and they have beat 5 of the current top 10 already while haye has beat 51 monte barrett and 30 summit harrison and haye should accept the fight. it wouldnt suprise me if the fight was already set up and they are both just building it. like someone said back in the day world champs fought at least once a month so y cnt wlad fight 4 times a year and 9 weeks apart.

Posted 19:57 7th February 2011

Bren K says...

David Haye hasn't beat anyone in the Heavyweight Division worth shouting about. The division is a joke in boxing everyone know's that there is only two boxer's in the Division and that is the Brothers end of. David haye is scared to fight either one of the Klitschko's and should shut up or put up. The British fans are not stupid and know haye is a no talent in the Heavyweight Division. The America public know how bad he is and nobody even watched his last fight against the other joke in heavyweight boxing. Get real, lets just watch the lightweights and mixed martial arts, boxing is gone at this weight. David retire nobody cares!!!!

Posted 19:52 7th February 2011

Toby Lerone says...

BORING!! Sick of hearing about this, fed up with the pair of them, and to be honest i just dont even care about it now. The Heavyweight division is an absolute joke has been for years and these two clowns are just proving my point!! Worse than footballers!!!

Posted 19:48 7th February 2011

Jay Hand says...

haye is off his head if he thinks he has any sort of legacy in boxing. he has fought nobody at heavyweight. as much as i dont like the klitschkos at least since the lennox lewis reign they have been on top and fought all put in front of them. get real Haye and just fight in july. say yes to the fight and if Klitschko pulls out then nobody can blame you. sign on the line

Posted 19:43 7th February 2011

Aaron Murphy says...

Haye wont take the fight, he was never going to, to start with there has never been a mention of vitali when wlad negotions came to a hault, for one reason vitali would kill haye. Haye has never had a highly rated boxer who wasn't to old, loosing it, or some other problem. Haye could have been one of the best but just like many boxers nower day he is afraid to loose or take a risk and for that reason he is no better than the likes of audley harrison talks the talk but cant walk the walk, Haye is a joke and embarresment to British boxing

Posted 19:08 7th February 2011

Hector Mcgiblugan says...

Who had David Haye actually fought? ... Good win against that ogre to get the belt, but then, nobody noteworthy. It's a sad state of affairs that he believes he's achieved as much the Klits have in boxing. He's looking more and more ridiculous as this saga rumbles on.

Posted 19:00 7th February 2011

Chris R. says...

The Klitschko's are at the top of the Heavyweight Division and they have NEVER ducked anybody !!! ...., They have a GENUINE Legacy ...., and are prepared to fight the best ...., stay fit between fights and are extremely confident !!! ...., Wladimir is fighting a dangerous unbeaten Chisora ...., then wants Haye 90 days later ...., and has signed for Adamek 60 days after that ....., FOCUS ON CHAGAEV HAYE AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES ...., IF YOU DEAL WITH CHAGAEV THE SAME AS RUIZ ..., THEN YOU CAN EASILY FIGHT ON JULY 2ND !!!

Posted 18:59 7th February 2011

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