Wlad: Take it or leave it

Wlad: Take it or leave it

Wladimir Klitschko has reiterated his plans to fight David Haye in a unification showdown on July 2.

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Andrew Bozhko says...

Haye is a coward!!! He will not fight either one of them and IF he does, that is a big IF, he will not beat either one of them and it won't go the distance. Haye knows that, he is a big mouth nothing more. At least with true champions like Bruno, Benn and Eubank they have all fought the toughest fighters in the world. Haye will be forgotton within a year of retirement guaranteeed and this is his only claim to trying to get a legacy. 5 years time people will still name other fighters before him. Haye the conquerer of Audrey Harrison, that is his legacy.

Posted 18:59 7th February 2011

Matt Wall says...

David Haye really has no excuses now. So he says that it is impossible for Wladimir to fight him just 2 months after the Chisora fight? So what? Haye should call Wlad's bluff, then leave it up to Wlad to 'pull out' or whatever. I must admit that I first thought Wlad was scared of Haye, however since looking more into the situation I do feel that it is Haye who is letting the British public down. I just hope that Chisora can beat the odds and knock Wlad out, then we can just forget about Haye and all his publicity stunts and follow Del-Boy who is up for fighting anyone, not just a group of washed up 35+ year old fighters...... The boxing fans of the UK deserve much better.

Posted 18:57 7th February 2011

Jerome Murphy says...

july 2nd!!!! BRILLIANT,just booked flights to london david,hopefully the fight will be confirmed for wembley.Dont let your fans down now david,sure why are you so bothered if klitchko is fighting someone else first,just get on with it!!!!! sure your retiring in october anyways so LETS GET IT ON!!!!!

Posted 18:24 7th February 2011

Danny Richardson says...

Mat Furlong you're spot on, how does Klitchsko think he's gona fight Chisora in April, Haye in July and Adamek (provididng he takes the fight infront of Vitali) in September? From April to July, there will be 2 months, at least 6 weeks of this has to be a training camp. It is clear to me that Klitchsko thinks the Chisora fight is gona be over really quickly and an easy nights work, otherwise he would not talk about fighting Haye soon after. Has Klitchsko thought about promotion for the fight? Taking up more time? Plus, Haye needs to fight around May ish to keep himself active, he cannot afford to wait another two months. Klitchsko is saying something deep down he knows he cannot do, but he knows Haye will not take the fight, hence showing Haye as the coward. Corrupt to say the least, the fight could have happened in April instead of Chisora yet Wlad takes the easy way out. And Haye wont be able to fight Vitali until September anyway, cos of Vitali's mandatory against Solis. The Klitchskos have it all worked out, leaving Haye to take the blame. Cowards

Posted 18:22 7th February 2011

Rob Mud says...

I've never heard so much nonsense come out of someones mouth Haye! You owe the British fans after the Harrison comedy sketch that you put on last year! Klitchko has been a Champ for years and you should not disrespect him so much. Just agree to fight him on the 2nd and do what you have always said you would do. Why should boxing fans care that for some strange reason you have set a retirement date for this year, when most other boxers carry on into their 30's! You've got more excuses than Mayweather when it comes to arrangements but nowhere near as much talent

Posted 18:15 7th February 2011

Aaron Duffy says...

Haye is to fast, to quick for klitschko!!!!! He will knock out either one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 17:48 7th February 2011

Edward Rose says...

If this fight doesnt happen then both Klitschko's and Haye should be ashamed of themselves. They are exploiting loyal boxing fans who just want to see ONE heavyweight champ. At the moment (in my opinion) there is no champ because it's impossible to have more than one 'heavyweight king'. They all want a legacy but refuse to fight each other. Why cant Haye/Klitschko happen on July 2nd??? Haye says its impossible because of the Chisora fight. Why??? If there are no injurys from Chisora and Chagaev then why can they fight. Its nonsense. Joe Louis fought once a month at one time as did Tyson. It wasnt unreasonble to expect an active champ to have 3/4 fights a year now we're supposed to be grateful if they turn up at all. At the moment I feel Haye is the one causing the problems as he's saying July 2nd is impossible without an explanation. So what if Wladamir fights Chisora and Haye fights Chagaev. If neither is injured then they should be able to fight. I know the argurment will be that Haye need time to prepare but he's been dreaming of this moment for 20 years apparently and now he's got the chance would rather retire a nearly man than give it a go. Thats not a true champ at all. I feel the Klitschko brothers are the same. They both want a legacy but refuse to fight each other. VItali said the other day, I want to retire No.1 YOU CANT until you fight your brother and Haye. I'm praying for the next great champ to come along and sort this shambolic mess out. Ego and money are destroying our sport.

Posted 17:22 7th February 2011

Peter Redwin says...

I love all the sooo called boxing supporters who are on here saying Haye is the one Running and why doesnt he fight in July well its fairly simple if Wlad fights Chisora a fight pretty much everyone sees as being completely in Wlads favour (i hope im wrong but cant see it) then Haye has to fight Chagaev a fight that will be alot harder something most will agree with .......... so ofcourse Wlad wants to fight Haye shortly afterwards it works completely in his favour Wlad will have approx 2 months to rest fron a relatively easy fight and Haye will have approx 5 weeks to rest from a much harder fight .....if Wlad really wanted the fight he would fight Haye then fight Chisora ? .....all this he owes it to Chisora is rubbish if that was the case then why did he even start negotiations with Haye ? ...he expected Haye not to agree with all of his demands ..so as soon as Haye did he found another reason.........I want to see this fight as much as anyone and i also feel it is Haye that needs to fight proven heavyweights that are in their prime but i can also see Wlad trying to pull one also.

Posted 17:22 7th February 2011

Jake Smith says...

Why doesnt haye just fight him on july 2nd its there on a plate or like most people say vitali,he cant retire until he fights one of them if not he cant go down in history,hes runnin scared and publicing the fight and prelonging it.

Posted 17:14 7th February 2011

Karl Kaighin says...

After taking the joke Audley fight, I think Haye needs to open his eyes and realise he owes the british fans this fight! The Klitschko's can do as they please, and right now Haye's lucky enough to be offered the fight with a set date, he should be biting his arm off.........makes you wonder why he's not?

Posted 17:13 7th February 2011

Lee Edwards says...

It looks like this is a way for Wlad not to fight Haye, the only way Haye can fight Wlad is if he doesn't have to fight his mandatory challenger, and that's if he fights Wlad first, if not then Haye has to fight Chagaev, I think Wlad has done this on purpose to avoid Haye. Haye has given Wlad all he's asked for 50-50 split, second walk on, fight where you want etc etc and still Wlad decides to fight Chisora, no disrespect to Chisora but Wlad would rather fight him than Haye, where would Wlad make the most money, what is the fight everyone wants to see, yet Wlad want's Chisora and then turns around and blames Haye, there's only one person to blame here and that's the chicken that is Wladimir Klictscko. He's doing it on purpose to try and make it look like Haye is the coward and to make life hard for Haye after all the trash talk Haye did with the pictures as well. Wlad is trying to ruin Haye's reputation by doing this.

Posted 16:50 7th February 2011

Rob S says...

Haye and Klitschko are pathetic I have never seen so many excuses; this is not a boxing match this is 2 10yr olds arguing in a playground, if this is what the heavyweight division has come down to then they should finish it off and concentrate on the lower divisions. The arrangement is simple 60/40 to Klitischko, he enters the ring first and his name comes first on all advertisements, Haye is a challanger simple as, he has 1 belt while Klitschko holds 4 pretty simple to me????

Posted 16:32 7th February 2011

Joe Hill says...

Fed up of Haye dodging the Klitchko's now, He either takes this fight in July or he doesnt fight either of them since Hayes adamant hes retiring on his 31st. To be honest its not a question of why didnt the Klitchko's fight Haye, it will be why didnt Haye fight the Klitchko's.

Posted 16:28 7th February 2011

Leeroy S says...

Sort it out Haye people will ask more questions of you than of Klitschko. They will ask why did you retire without fulfilling your claims and dreams of being a reputable heavy weight. Some dis credit your win over Valuev, I disagree, I thought it was a fantastic technical win considering the hand injury, and the fact you shook him was impressive. John Ruiz came to fight and you dealt with him relatively comfortably. But you've gone and undoen all that hard work in hand picking a no mark for a pay day. Please re gain some respect of a fan and make this fight happen. Not at the cost of losing the title by not obliging the mandatory but please give up on this ridiculous idea of retiring before at least attempting to achieve unification and installing some pride in the fans. See the example set by Carl Froch for a true champion. Always looking to fight the best

Posted 16:21 7th February 2011

Denis Simpson says...

Haye is a pussy - simple as. He can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Vitali or Wlad would KO him in under 6 rounds - FACT

Posted 16:18 7th February 2011

Nick Plummer says...

it will be more like... "Once I retire, people will be asking who's David Haye"

Posted 15:36 7th February 2011

Christian Durham says...

The only way forward in my eyes and many boxing fans around the world is.... Let's make David Haye vs Vitali or Wladimir Klictscko negoations are live and to the public. Let's see the in and outs and who's offering who... In my eyes Mr David Haye is not at fault and the media and public are makein david at fault.... And in my heart I don't believe it is. Thank u 4 ur time All the Duzzi, Coalville, Leicestershire.

Posted 15:09 7th February 2011

Tom Davies says...

Why doesn't Haye fight Vitali instead?

Posted 15:07 7th February 2011

David Holdaway says...

You must be joking Haye. Your the one people will be saying "why didnt you fight Klitschko?"! He's had plenty of fights at the top level and has more belts. You just about scraped through the Oath to get the title and you've had laughable fights since then. Dont be telling Klitschko "you cant possibly fight me after Chisora". Stop messing around and just crack on with the fight him!

Posted 13:55 7th February 2011

Vincent Doyle says...

Just fight Haye. July 2nd. Done. Stop moaning.

Posted 13:53 7th February 2011

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